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Frankenslot’s Monster™

Betsoft Gaming adds to his library a whole new kind of slot machine that is inspired by the famous repulsive creature and both scary in the name of Frankenstein.

The publishers of the brand Betsoft Gaming have developed after a hard work a slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines of gain that illustrates with superb three-dimensional graphics the crazy experiences of Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

To make a little history before entering into the features of this new slot machine, Frankenstein is a character of pure fiction that was born in 1818 through the novelist Mary Shelley. Without knowing that his book was going to be a real success at the world level, she published it anonymously. Known by a good percentage of people in the world, Frankenstein has traveled the decades with multiple adaptations for the audiosual landscape.

Notably with James Whale who in 1931 put this story of science fiction on videotape for the first time. A few decades later, other directors with new short film ideas were presented as Terence Fisher in 1957, Kenneth Branagh in 1994 and last year on November 25th of 2015 with the title of film Doctor Frankenstein directed by Paul McGuigan.

Today is on March 29th of 2015 Frankenstein once again to meet the public with a slot machine under the title of Frankenslot’s Monster™. As with its great habit and why change after all, Betsoft Gaming presents us a virtual slot that is definitely worth the visit. They are also accompanied by a graphic quality that many competitors can not allow themselves to merge with the features of their own creations.

Betsoft Gaming makes a lot of shadows to those who would like to dethrone him. This firm is reputed to be in the online gambling industry to add slot machines with graphics, characters as well as ever more advanced soundtracks in the course of its editions in order to offer a growing user experience. Every novelty is always a surprise with a visual quality and a level of gameplay extraordinary

Frankenslot’s Monster™ embarks his players in a rather murky laboratory that is illuminated by a bluish neon that is concealed behind the 5 reels of the slot machine. However, its brightness field is powerful enough to bring a sufficient lighting force to the front of the scene.

The game Frankenslot’s Monster™ is inspired by the creature of Frankenstein and it promises to make strong moments for those who want to put it into service. The left side is essentially devoted to this creature that ended up taking the family name of its creator who is Victor Frankenstein.

A monster of an absolute ugliness that is composed of different parts of human body and that possesses life with about 30 IQ. This does not really leave any hope for the opportunity to start and maintain a discussion that is supposed to be with him. Far from being smart but still unpredictable in his uncontrolled gestures, this foul creature is patched from all ends by coarse surgical staples.

Standing constantly on the left side of the video slot Frankenslot’s Monster™, this foul-smelling creature at the decay stage is kept tied on a mattress by solid strips. No opportunity for her to be able to escape from this laboratory where she was born. This living creature inspired by the creatures of Hell is tackled on this pseudo bed by being held in a vertical position so that players do not miss a crumb of his strange attitudes and there will be a good series.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is not really far from his masterpiece that he finally finds increasingly pushing over the days to the point of wanting to reject it to expel him definitively from his spirit. This is the story of the science fiction novel by the novelist Mary Shelley.

This pretty crazy scientist will eventually do it but it will cost him feathers like the loss of his brother, his best friend and his fiancé Elisabeth. This second character stands constantly standing on the right side of the slot machine with an eye on the game interface of the Frankenslot’s Monster™ slot machine and the second posed on this hideous protagonist forming a perfect duo with the forfeiture.

Consists of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines, Frankenslot’s Monster™ is a no download slot machine that offers a wide range of features. At each moment of the game, it will be possible to activate wilds substitution, scatters that give birth to free games and a bonus game that is able to multiply up to 25 times the total prize!

With features to win massive chips and discover all facets of the protagonists of Frankenslot’s Monster™, this slot is programmed to offer a space of bets between £0.01 and £100.00. A slice of Paris that remains quite suitable for a game of money of the lineage Betsoft Gaming.

Before each new rotation, it will be possible to be able to Influence The level of coins (from 1 to 5) and denomination (from £0.02 to £1.00). On the other hand, the 20 lines of this virtual slot are fixed, which clearly means that they will be automatically played for each rotation and that it will be impossible to be able to decrease in number this value.



Frankenslot’s Monster™ is a video slot that offers a Bonus game and attention this one is original and it is not inspired by any other slots Betsoft Gaming.

To be able to penetrate this special level, it will be necessary to obtain anywhere on the reels 3 icons of a panel with 4 sliders of color adjustment red, green, yellow and blue on its face and an imposing red joystick fixed on the right side. Once these 3 symbols show up on the screen, the Frankenslot’s Monster™ game will take a new turn.

The players will be exported very quickly in a place still unknown to the laboratory of Victor Frankenstein. Small in size, this scientist will stand on a space of work.

It will be present a few meters before the creature. The latter will always be in a standing position and securely tied to the torso and ankles so that she cannot escape to go and hurt others because she keeps a spirit of revenge.

The goal of this bonus level will be to click on one of the colored sliders so as to adjust the radiant buttons and then press the red lever to see what will happen with the overall setting done. In any case, this will initially have the effect of sending a high-intensity discharge of electricity into the brain of the creature of Frankenstein.

Following this three-dimensional staging that has the merit of being visualized because it exudes a deep sense of realism, an electrifying plateau will present itself at the gate. There will be a great chance for it to be filled with chips knowing that the feature will be able to multiply up to x25 the profits it get out.

It will also offer free games to be established in a random number. During my test in demo mode of the video slot Frankenslot’s Monster™, I managed to this stage of the game to win 90 Free Spins!

Free Spins will be at the appointment as I have just stipulated. They will be able to present themselves through 2 origins.

The first is the one I just detailed in the feature of the bonus game and the second is oriented on scatter icons. The item that represents this feature is quite strange. It lets think of a kind of tank containing a green fluorescent fluid that is constantly moving by the kiss of pumps.

It will be difficult not to be able to spot the scatters on the game interface because a large scatter in indigo-colored capital letters will be mentioned on the icon that is responsible for representing this feature. By getting 3 symbols of this type on reels number 2, 3 and 4 of the Frankenslot’s Monster™ online casino game, 8 free spins will be activated.

The wilds will be able to present themselves at any time to increase the chances of victory during the free session. These replacement icons will do a remarkable job with the advantage of being able to replace all the illustrations of the game except the Scatters.

But this will not prevent him from having a large field of action in the game so as to offer more regular victories and with prizes more juicy than normal. Extra free spins can be perfect in the only case where 3 scatters are once again on the interface.



Frankenslot’s Monster™ is a virtual casino game that has no took a long time to make a place in the Favorite games section of Betsoft gaming Casinos reviews. This is a title of exemplary graphic quality with a theme that should be very much appreciated by the public.

In any case this is my opinion because Frankenslot’s Monster™ releases something unique in its way of working with for example very expressive characters who take care to accompany the players in their session of game.

When obtaining prizes, the 2 characters react positively and they each have very peculiar emotions and this is also the case when a loser throw. I liked the many details of the body expressions of these two protagonists. The places are quite disturbing and I really like to play in this genre of atmosphere.

The features are in sufficient numbers. They offer good gameplay. Not the best I have known at Betsoft Gaming but Frankenslot’s Monster™ is a slot machine that remains largely above average compared to this evaluation criteria. The insertion in the features does not wait too long. I can say that once we are there the game literally changes face with much more dynamic characters and slot machine chips that keep flying in all sense.

In the gameplay of the bonus game, I managed to get 90 free spins which is huge and therefore earned me a big gain at the end of the free session for an amount of 3597 credits! It’s just huge knowing that the bonus game can easily multiply up to 25 times all the prizes it triggers and this at the end of the course in order to offer a redistribution optimal power.

To conclude, Frankenslot’s Monster™ is a three-dimensional video slot that features playful gameplay and quite addictive with features that can afford to carry the status of remunerative. A very good online casino game Betsoft Gaming that I recommend to discover.

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