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Foxin’ Wins Again™

Foxin’ Wins Again™ is a slot machine with 5 reels and 50 lines of payment that invites its players in a place where the calm is the most absolute. Finally almost because this relaxing atmosphere will very quickly be upset by the sudden appearance of foxes and it is necessary to add to this that they are in sufficient number. The story of Foxin’ Wins Again™ takes place aboard a yacht that has anchored in the midst of this turquoise water of the Pacific ocean.

The interface of the video slot is installed more precisely on the side of the bow of this luxurious boat more than 13 meters long. This area has been arranged in order to receive the guests and allow them to relax as it should. Of course, the place reflects pure lust with a solid oak parquet that has just been freshly glazed as a floor. White cow leather seats that adorn the entire periphery of this site which in its center has a spa. Yes, Foxin’ Wins Again™ bathes in lust up to the smallest detail. With a place and an atmosphere of this nature, the moments of pleasure and conviviality will be able to run without great difficulties.

But how did we get into these places? This is actually an invitation that few people can receive and allow themselves to refuse. The owner of this floating boat is a fox that has been fighting a pretty fortune over the years thanks to this raw material that is coal. Loving a lot of travels and having a faint notice towards the feminine, this fox flirting and showy is always as dynamic. He is even the father of five foxes who constantly make antics in order to amuse everybody. By implication, we can quickly understand that the latter are also on board. They will not miss a crumb to let it know by bringing their overexcited presence through all the features of the online gambling Foxin’ Wins Again™.

With its 50 fixed payment lines, this 5-reels variant of the NextGen Gaming brand offers everyone the opportunity to set up bet levels that can range from £0.50 to £200.00. Note that this is a very wide set range for a game of this software. To set up a specific bet value, The slot will leave the choice to select a denomination value. Then, the calculation of the bet will be achieved with the multiplication of the 50 lines and the total bet appears on the top left of the interface. A split or double feature will also be present and the yacht navigation bar indicates the place to launch the 5 reels of the slot machine.

Features :


It will be impossible to miss the wild because on the one hand the latter is represented by Mr Fox in person and in addition, the word wild is written on it in capital letters. On the other hand, this feature of the game of chance Foxin’ Wins Again™ will be able to intervene during all the features! Therefore, the wilds will therefore play a huge role in dealing with earning which to go straight to the goal sometimes bring big win as we can see it on the illustrative image that is present in the paragraph of my personal opinion concerning Foxin’ Wins Again™.

The wild also named joker is represented by this poser Fox who is the captain of the boat. The latter wears a sailor’s hat and he holds with a relaxed attitude the helm of the ship. Its role will be to help the game to finalize a winning line so that the latter is able to distribute coins. With this joker option, it will be possible to win a maximum of 2000 coins per spin if it appears 5 times on the interface. Yes, as we can clearly guess now, the wild will be able to appear quite well several times during the same game. Its power of substitution can extend over all the illustrations of the money game Foxin’ Wins Again™ set to by with the scatters bells.


This slot machine NextGen Gaming has a special feature. This one has the name of (Super bet) and it can be made active before each new spin. To go in that way this is very simple. The special Super Bet feature is on the right central side of the video slot. The latter is built in three levels. The first one allows to disable the feature with the status Off, the second is 1 and the last is the third level is 3. The principle of this feature will be to increase the chances of getting jokers on the screen. It is the little foxes that will take care of this aspect of the game.

In addition to additional gain training, you will have to expect beautiful representations of the animations of the extras of the game of Foxin’ Wins Again™. By logic, the higher the level of the Super bet will be and the higher the chances of obtaining prizes will be substantial. At the level said Off, these are 50 coins that will be credited with the presence of foxes on reel number 3. With Level 1, it will be 75 coins with foxes on reels 2, 3 and 4. Finally with the maximum bet of the Super bet is Level 2, it will be 100 coins with the presence of foxes on all the reels of the slot machine.


Foxin’ Wins Again™ is a NextGen gaming game that offers its Players the opportunity to collect prizes through free spins that will be numbered 10. Before entering this stage of the game that will not fail to offer a graphic chart and a different soundtrack, it will be asked to collect 3 scatter icons anywhere on the 5 reels of the online game. These scatter representations are clearly identifiable by golden bells. As with the wild feature, they will take advantage of their presence to credit lots of tokens.

It will be possible to win at most with the scatters the sum of 5000 coins in the specific case where the scatter is presented 5 times on the screen. Once 3 illustrations are presented, the free spins will open automatically. During the process, the foxes will once again be part of the game to convert a maximum of icons into jokers. A way for them to add a deep dynamism and we must say that this is perfectly successful. To the end of the feature of the free games, the game Foxin’ Wins Again™ will ask to make a choice among two. It will be a question of accepting the winnings freshly won or taking the initiative to replay everything for the purpose of starting again with 10 extra free spins. In choosing this second case, the profits made at the first free session will be cancelled and future pocketed prizes benefit from an index earning multiplier 2.



My opinion concerning the slot machine Foxin’ Wins Again™ is generally quite positive. I particularly appreciated the atmosphere of the game with this neat graphic charter and this staging orchestrated in large part by the foxes. The atmosphere is restful with colorful and meticulous representations at the level of their representation. From the outset, I had the desire to make a few spins to realize that the wilds were the dominating symbol of the slot machine. They are present inside all the features! With a fairly large number of features, the money game Foxin’ Wins Again™ has in my opinion an asset not negligible.

It offers special features that are for the first Super bet. The latter can be turned on and off as desired and that and for my part is quite advantageous. In addition, compensation is very quickly noticed. I also appreciated the fact that the end free spins, the game offers us to pocket the prizes that were generated or then to replay them again with a game set with 10 new free spins. This is a pretty rare aspect of slot machine games and I take this opportunity to underline this in this opinion.

Certainly, the features are in good numbers with a redistribution rate of bets based between 95.17% and 95.86% but there is always a but. I would have liked to have fun with a bonus game or have the opportunity to play in (Bet Max), maximum bet (£200.00) to try to win a jackpot. With such a design and a theme without limits on the level of ideas, I think that NextGen Gaming publishers could have pushed the game Foxin’ Wins Again™ in terms of the opportunities of earnings that it can offer to its players.

That being said, Foxin’ Wins Again™ remains in my eyes a very good online casino game that contains playful content with clear graphics and beautiful finishes. To conclude this criticism, I recommend this game with animals to the greatest number of players.

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