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Foxin’ Twins™

The Provider Nextgen Gaming brings us this new free slot machine with no download Foxin’ Twins™ with a construction all the more original because we have 2 times 5×3 grids instead of one. 25 lines will be played on each of the two grids! The winnings will count separately except for the scatters that will accumulate. Lots of features that will make us have a great time with these foxes who will make us see all the colors!

At Wrinkler’s Castle, there was a robbery that night and the Foxy Twin brothers were called in to solve the mystery. Indeed, Marc and Missie are the best detectives in the area. They’re two smart foxes and they’ve got that in their blood because they come from a large family of detectives.

When they arrive on the scene, the Foxin’ Twins™ as they are called, begin to question everyone about the disappearance of the Lord of Wrinkler’s necklace. Everything was ready for tonight’s ball but someone had come in and stole the famous necklace.

Nothing was forced so they were professionals or someone from the Baroness’s staff. The Foxin’ Twins™ were soon to discover because no mystery resisted them, they were really the best and what one did not discover was the other who did it!

Our two Foxin’Twins™ are starting to question all the staff but no one had seen anything, it was really too weird. In addition, the more they questioned the staff, the more complicated it became: no noise, nothing broken, in short things became more and more difficult with regard to our two fox detectives.

Missie was going to question the Baroness, she was a little more tactful than Marc. She goes up to her room and starts talking to her. While they speak Missie understands that there is something wrong: the words of the Baroness are not very consistent…

At that moment, Baroness Wrinkler’s doctor arrives and tells her that he has the results of the tests: she has Alzheimer’s disease! Meanwhile Missie continues to look for the necklace and suddenly… She finds it! In a box that the Baroness had kept and she could not remember.

To celebrate, Baroness Wrinkler invites the Foxin’ Twins™ to have a glass of pink champagne from her latest vintage to thank them. In fact she had stored the necklace in another box and she had completely forgotten about it, but thanks to the Foxin’ Twins™ she had found it and the party would go as usual.

Features Foxin’ Twins™:


Superbet is an additional bet that can be adjusted to offer the following improvements: the Reveal Wild (blue) foxes can randomly turn one or more symbols into a wild before the winnings are paid.

Foxes reveal blue wilds unless random features (A Little Wilder or Gone Wilder) are activated, and in the case the Green Wilds will be revealed. The reels where the foxes can change the symbols into wilds and are determined by the following bets.

Superbet level 2, the wilds will be able to appear on reels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. For the level 1 superbet the added wilds can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. And if the Superbet is not activated wilds added will be able to appear on the reel 3 only

The Multiply Wild Green Reel Set, all winnings in one or more Green Wilds will appear randomly multiplied by the value displayed on the screen. Green Wilds multipliers will be determined as follows. The Superbet Level 2 winnings with the Green Wilds will be multiplied by x5, x10 or x20.

In the Superbet Level 1 the winnings with the Green Wilds will be multiplied randomly by x3, x5 or x10. And when the Superbet is not activated the winnings with the Green Wilds will be randomly multiplied by x2, x3 or x5. The cost to play with Superbet will be as follows: For Level 2, 100 coins, for Level 1, 50 coins and if it is not activated 25 coins.

Random features can be triggered at the beginning of any turn. Only one feature can be triggered by purchased game. Foxin’ Twins™ random features cannot be re-triggered.

The random feature A Little Wilder on the Reveal Wild (Blue) will become Green Wilds in the current round. Any additional wilds revealed by the foxes during A Little Wilder will become Green Wilds.

The multiplier values available on the Reveal Wild (Blue) are determined by the activated level of Superbet. In the event that the winnings are multiplied in both grids at the same time, the revealed multiplier will be the same on each of the two grids. Foxin’ Twins™ will be paid only after the value of the winning multiplier is revealed.

The random Gone Wild feature will be triggered when the foxes change one or more symbols on the Multiply Wild (Green) in the Green Wild before the winnings are paid. The reels on which the foxes can change the symbols to Green Wilds on the Multiply Wild (Green) will be determined by the active level of the Superbet. Earnings will be paid once Green Wilds symbols and the value of their associated multipliers are revealed.

Foxin’ Twins™ Team Pup Free Games feature will be triggered if 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 scatter symbols appear and offer 10, 15, 20, 25, 25, 30, 50, 75 or 100 free games, respectively. Both random features can be triggered simultaneously on each round of the free game.

All pay lines from left to right starting with the most left reels of each grid and from right to left starting with the far right of the respective grids. The highest payout from each management will be paid.

Each genre will pay in both directions on each pay line of the game Foxin’ Twins™. The feature of the free Team Pup games can be reactivated during the feature of the free team pup games. The free games are played on the same value of coins, and Level Superbet that triggered the game.

Opinion about Foxin’ Twins™:

I’m taking my hat off to the provider Nextgen Gaming, which introduced us to its new slot with no download Foxin’ Twins™. A set of 2 grids of 5×3 reels with detective foxes who entertain us with their little shouts and make us win us many prizes. We have two grids including two ways to win.

The first one where our charming foxes parachute and make weird but friendly noises to change the symbols into wilds and offer us lots of winnings and will reward us in a very generous way. On the other the reels will also rotate, the random features can be triggered and that’s where we’ll get the payout multipliers!

The feature of the Superbet is also really great, we bet more so the gains also go accordingly. Volatility is average but the return to the player is slightly higher than most games which makes a good mix to please all players. Bets range from 0.25 to €25 which is not huge but with the features and random games it goes well.

The interface is very nice, well built, with its two grids which is very original, the cartoon ambience decor but well done. The foxes fall by parachute, there is atmosphere it is not soft, you can change the bets with the Superbet. We have payout multipliers, free games, random features. In short, it’s a pretty complete Nextgen Gaming casino game and I’m sure it’s going to appeal to a lot of players.

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