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Football Champions Cup™

Netent is reputed in the online gambling industry to offer games with multiple horizons crossing in addition to the cultures as for example for the titles of Pyramid Quest for Immortality and Subtopia. Today is the 27th of May of 2016, this is a first with Football Champions Cup™. A mobile-compatible game of chance that is guaranteed just from its cover to be rich in emotions, suspense and action.

Netent has taken the risk of putting on foot this three-dimensional video slot that is composed of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 frozen lines. In the gameplay of this very exciting game, players will have the first task of selecting a country’s flag from a horizontal drop-down menu in order to define their membership in a football team.

Once this choice has been validated with a single click, the users of the Football Champions Cup™ slot machine quickly enter the subject’s vividness. They will be in the middle of a football stadium where the grandstands will already be crowded with footballers.

The song of the Marseillaise will be heard in a lively way. Players in front of the 5 reels will be presented as the captains of their respective team and their goal without making a pun will be to represent their team and bring them to victory. Features will be anchored in the gameplay of the game so that players can achieve their goal that is to figure in the final and win!

In this atmosphere overwhelmed by adrenaline, users of the online game Football Champions Cup™ will be able to enjoy the attraction of the free games that will allow them to evolve in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals with a chance to win juicy prizes.

A bonus game will also be present on the field with the involvement of two players one of which will be a football player and the second will be a goal. A fierce struggle maintained by a series of penalties is born between these two opponents. The users of this mobile slot machine will embody these two protagonists in an alternate way to try to win a maximum of money.

A wilds overlay feature will also be part of the game with the goal of acting in a totally random way to deliver simple wilds. To top it all and most of the Netent games of chance are equipped with it, a fixed jackpot worth £210 350 will hang in the players’ noses. In addition, large as well as mega win will be able to find birth during the course of the game options.

The interface of the 3D slot football Champions Cup™ is formed by all kinds of icons that relate to the lexical field of football. In addition, there are protective gloves very useful for the goalkeeper. Football shoes, a whistle, jumpers of different colors but also own icons features like a solid Gold Cup, an icon dedicated to the bonus level and a football to represent the two wilds features (the simple and the overlay wilds option).

On the sideline will present several buttons to allow players to program a bet between £0.20 and £100.00. A fairly flexible scale that can vary through two adjustment buttons. The first is to fix coins on the 20 fixed lines and the second will be the principle of setting a denomination value. With each new launch and as for all Netent slots, the final value of the bet can be reduced to the further increased.



Now it’s time to get right to the point! I’ll start with the feature description that bears the name of Overlay Wilds. As can be expected, it is a substitution feature but with a well-featuring style.

This Overlay wilds option will present itself in a totally random way in the gameplay of the game so that no icons will be able to cause its activation. During its sudden entry into the Champions Cup Football game, the function will preferably be presented on reels 1 and 3.

Following this first wave, on reels 1 and 4. Overlay Wilds will result in its interventions on the reels to replace all the illustrations it touches in wilds. All symbols can be replaced on the field except the bonus game items, free games and the simple wilds already present on the interface.

In each passage with the task of transforming illustrations to activate pay lines, the Overlay Wilds feature will be able to run between 2 and 5 times. Right-to-left paths symbolized by large-sized footballs that will crush the squares they want to change in wilds.

In addition to this option that can easily be described as Joker, simple wilds will be active. They will have the same functions as Overlay wilds but in a lower degree. In addition to greatly assisting the video slot Football Champions Cup™ to free prizes, the simple wilds will be able to offer lots of chips. By getting 3, 4 or 5 times the simple joker, players will be able to accommodate in their cashier and in their respective way the equivalent of 50, 200 or 2000 chips.


The bonus game really deserves a peek and I hope wholeheartedly that many will be able to find out. To make a pass in this special level, players will have to get anywhere on their screen three bonus icons.

Once this is accomplished, the players will suddenly find themselves on the football field. They will be facing a cage well guarded by a goal. The grandstands will vibrate to the center of the football field. The fields and the howling of the supporters will be felt.

A lot of weight will be on the shoulders of players at this precise moment in the gameplay of the casino game mobile Football Champions Cup™. Despite the incessant noise, we will have to disregard all these disturbing elements and find a source of concentration to achieve victory.

Small victories orchestrated by a series of penalties. The bonus game will be divided into two parts. The first will allow players to plunge into the skin of a football player to score penalties. The second sequence will give a chance to plunge into the body of a guard to try to seize all the balloons that will be sent to him forcefully.

Each game will give rise to five tries and the latter will alternate so as to entertain with the player to score goals and then to protect the cage by embodying the goal so that no ball can pass through the nets. Each part will be accompanied by a power gauge.

A marked goal or a protected goal will bring a green notch in the gauge. Conversely, either by missing a goal or failing as a goalkeeper, a red notch will be addressed. These different green and red states will calculate the final amount in coins.

To play the principle is very simple. Strategic areas are located at the four corners of the cage. Just click on it so that the game Football Champions Cup™ launches a very realistic cinematography. Each zone offers a lot of random tokens in case of victory. In case of failure, the part pack is also revealed but without making a total of malus already won.


To activate free spins, the video slot Football Champions Cup™ is set up by collecting three icons of a solid Gold Cup.

When this scheme takes shape in the gameplay of the slot machine, it will take a new turn to allow players to participate in a free spins tournament based on elimination phases in a football championship. At the outset, the slot Football Champions Cup™ will offer a total of 12 free spins that are divided into three equal parts. The first will be four free spins that will allow you to enter and play in the quarterfinals.

Four other free games will then run to image the final half and finally the four free spins remaining to entertain in the final and try to win an extra prize in case of victory.

During these three phases of play, football Champions Cup™ will reserve unexpected events so as to completely immerse players in a football stadium invaded by tens of thousands of footballers who came to support and encourage their favorite team.



Football Champions Cup™ is a mobile casino game that is a deep realism. This is a first for Netent publishers with this new theme that focuses on this sport so beloved by the French and other neighboring countries. I enjoyed the gameplay of the game that has the principle to really enter into the details with characteristics specific to this sport.

The bonus game is very well developed with a sustained user experience that asks us to choose between four strategic locations before playing. In addition, the bonus game is set basic to offer five games in-house and knowing that others can be added along the way.

This special level is quite long which is appreciable and thanks to this lengthened time value, it is possible to pocket very comfortable gains that often translate into big and mega win. In other words, very substantial winnings.

The free games are also very original in their operation with this challenge which is to progress to the final to win a special prize in chips.

In general, the idea of design is very good. I recommend the online game football Champions Cup™ for its good graphic quality, its theoretical redistribution rate of 96.82%, its gameplay far from being caricatural but very focused on the characteristics of football.

A very good job of the Swedish firm Netent which will probably make all the happiness of the footballers through this mobile slot game.

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