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Flexepin is a means of payment that is in charge of its main service objectives to maintain a complete anonymity for its users.

A method of payment that also opens the opportunity to make purchase regulations on the internet from e-shops but which also gives way to deposit funds safely in the online casinos English. Of course merchant sites of different natures that beforehand are in collaboration with this ambitious actor of the good prepaid which is Flexepin.

An online payment system that remains free by default and which compared to its rivals only imposes low management fees when it comes to opening options such as renewals or cancellations of payment procedure. Mainly competitors of PaySafeCard and CASHlib, Flexepin is a prepaid ticket that originates of Australia.

Flexepin sees itself as a full-fledged technological revolution that is exploited by the company Flexewallet Pty Ltd. A firm that is very far from being afraid of the unknown and therefore does not hesitate to jump into the water when opportunities arise to it in order to be noticed the public

To prove its motivation to become a leader in the good prepaid sector and for more and more customers to give it confidence, Flexepin has the project to conquer the world by offering its internet payment services very advantageous. A payment system that makes it possible to disclose no personal information to prevent consumers from having good prepaid Flexepin from being a victim of fraud.

Flexewallet Pty Ltd translates to be a subsidiary owned by the company Novatti Group Ltd. In a nutshell, a high-flying company that has been largely involved in the foundation and integration of technologies coupled with advanced systems that offer sophisticated and particularly powerful software. Various technologies that have the common point of providing effective payment solutions for a host of successful businesses across the globe and since the year 1996.

Novatti Group LTD figure to be a group that has solidified and in this same track honed over the years by playing the map of versatility. This challenge of everyday life is worth it today to be an active and recognized actor in various banking sectors as for example the payment of bills, voucher management systems, electronic coupons, digital wallets, etc.

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How to appropriate a good Flexepin?

Flexepin is a young company that has dreams full of brains and it intends to achieve them. Originally from Australia, Flexepin began by deploying its wings in Canada where its use has not been kept waiting by hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis. In the near future, Flexepin aims to conquer Europe by gradually introducing itself into the states members.

A project which on the theoretical plane will take shape in the course of the year 2017 with this deep desire to establish itself in France and take advantage to make the shadow to many competitors by playing on the map of the management fees diminished compared to these last who we have to say well don’t go with the back of the spoon.

For example and by resubmitting to the general conditions of use of Flexepin, it is imperative to pay the sum of £4 in case the vouchers are not redeemed before their deadline (Use Buy) and a fee of £30 enters into force in the case of a request of refund following a 14-day delay. In terms of its use, which we can call simplistic, Flexepin does not impose any form of tax. The service remains free except the fact of having to barter money in cash or in digital form to obtain its equivalence in a ticket Flexepin.

Flexepin has enjoyed since its launch a meteoric ascent that is due mainly to its side of use which rest relatively childish. To take advantage of all the advantages of a prepaid Flexepin card, simply go to a retailer of its choice which can be a tobacco shop, kiosk, grocery store, bar, mini-mart, bookstore, service station, etc. To refine the places where the Flexepin are over-the-counter, the official website of the brand offers a powerful tool whose mission is to locate by country the different points of sale Flexepin.

How a ticket works Flexepin?

The Flexepin system relies on a purchase voucher in paper format which has the peculiarity of being accompanied by a unique PIN code that is composed of 16 digits. A simple and efficient way to be able to credit your online casino account safely while sheltering the looks of sensitive data related to your private life.

In addition to being able to play on online gambling sites, consumers can make use of them by making purchases from various backgrounds using a multitude of retailers on the web such as e-commerce shops. In a concrete way, the use of a good Flexepin remains very simple to run.

It is enough at first to go to a point of sale (office of tobacco, petrol station, kiosk, etc.) and convert money in the form of a good Flexepin with a pin code of 16 digits. Following this to connect to the internet using its mobile phone, tablet or computer to go to a merchant site in partnership with the payment solution Flexepin (Top-Up voucher). In the specific case of an online casino Flexepin, log in using these account identifiers (password and username) and then join the cashier of the casino.

Following this action, select the Flexepin deposit means and fill in the 16 digits that make up the unique PIN code on the ticket Flexepin. Once this step is completed and confirmation of the deposit is made with a mouse click, the funds are instantly available. Good to know, the Flexepin system does not offer the possibility to reverse machine. In other words, the ability to cancel an ongoing transaction is impossible.

The funds are automatically accessible to play in real mode and the transaction takes place in a perfectly secure environment while protecting the players by avoiding them to mention information about them as identifiers of credit card, postal address, etc. With Flexepin it is conceivable to credit its casino account under different currencies while taking into account that the euro is part of the family.

What is the daily spending limit of Flexepin?

Every day, Flexepin users can accumulate vouchers Flexepin up to a limit of £5000 or its equivalent in another currency. These £5000 correspond to a cumulative purchase of £10 Tickets Flexepin with a value of £500 each. In the event of failure to comply with this stipulation in the terms and conditions of the mark, criminal penalties may be found. The cancellation without reimbursement of vouchers exceeding this limit of £5000 fixed for a daily cap will have great probabilities to be enabled.

Is it possible to buy Bitcoins with Flexepin?

Yes indeed, Flexepin users can easily and quickly obtain Bitcoins via this anonymous online payment system. For further information, Flexepin prepaid vouchers can be purchased via cash or through a credit card of any kind (VISA/MasterCard). The Flexepin card purchase formats are £10, £30, £50, £100, £250 or £500 capped at £5000 per 24 hours.

The purchase of virtual money in the form of Bitcoins can be operated anonymously by having a web account Bitaccess. Good to know, the system is limited to a purchase value of £250. To convert a good Flexepin in Bitcoin currency, simply log on to the BitAccess site and fill in the 16-digit PIN code mentioned on the ticket. Following this ultra-fast episode, the Bitcoins are ready to be used.

For more information about this online Bitcoins buying platform under the name BitAccess, this firm is located on 3 continents. It covers to date (January 2017), more than a dozen different countries and intends to deploy its tentacles to new markets even more flourishing than those already conquered. Based in Ottawa in Ottario, BitAccess is a privately owned company that was set up in November 2013.

the customer service of Flexepin:

Flexepin responds to both companies and consumers by making available to all these people from their website a contact form. Various subject areas of application are already formulated in order to increase the speed of execution of the replies knowing that the administration of Flexepin stipulates on its contact page that it ensures to provide a reply in less than 24 hours and this by including the weekend as well as the holidays.

Is a support that is known to a large number of internet users for the quality of its replies with personalized messages but which remains to date only in English language. A detail that may be problematic for some users. Only the future will tell us if Flexepin is on the way to strengthen its support by having agents speaking French or other languages because to this day only English is practiced in their offices.

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