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Finn’s Golden Tavern™

The elf Finn that we knew in a previous adventure (Finn and the Swirly Spin™) returns to train us on a scavenger hunt with wild symbols, free spins that will have a multiplier counter, a bonus game and two random features that will allow us to test its spiral-spinning reels. Exciting combinations that will offer us a limitless journey with our friend Finn!

Finn the Irish elf had just received a very important mission: he had to find the treasure of his majesty the Queen of England who had just been robbed by the mischievous elves who worked for the secret service. The mischievous elves were tired of doing all the work and not getting paid enough according to them. They had agreed to steal the treasure and share it with each other.

When the mischievous elves of the Secret Service learn that Finn has been told to recover the treasure they are not frankly happy: it is the best and the most cunning! They’re going to have a serious problem keeping the treasure out of its reach. There was only one problem with Finn, which is that he loved beer above all else!

So the mischievous elves had come up with a plan to leave our great elf Finn out of order. A good beer party in a good tavern and the trick would be played! They send an invitation to Finn who starts to jump for joy when he sees it: a party! He’s too happy!

Finn is getting ready as if it were for a wedding! He is very pretty! When he arrives in the tavern the beer flows and Finn does not stop chop and catch comes (symbols of Finn’s Golden Tavern™). After a while he drank so much that he fell to the ground and the mischievous elves took the opportunity to tie him up and take him to their secret cave.

But Finn is a lovely person and the mischievous elves offer him a deal: He doesn’t sue them and they share the treasure with him. After listening to all the arguments, Finn deduces that this is not a bad idea and that he wanted to think about retiring and enjoying life anyway!

Features of Finn’s Golden Tavern™


Symbols of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ will follow a pattern starting in the bottom left corner of the reels and ending in the center position. The bet value is set with the arrows next to the Coin Value section. BALANCE shows the amount of money or coins available to bet. Winning combinations and payments are made in accordance with the winnings table.

The payment values of the symbols of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ displayed in the pay table are dynamic and change with the bet value selected. The bet is the number of coins or the cash bet per rotation. A winning part in coins is equal to the value shown in the pay table multiplied by all applicable multipliers.

Only the highest payout per winning game is paid. At least 3 assorted symbols in a row, horizontally or vertically, appearing anywhere on the reels, is a victory. Simultaneous wins over different games will be added. The free spins of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ will be played on the same mechanics with 25 spaces as in the main game and on the same bet than the turn that activated them.

The winnings of free spins and random features will be added to all the winnings obtained since the round that triggered them. In each of the 25 spaces 25 separate symbols appear and are independent of each other. The winning symbols will be destroyed and other symbols will replace them in empty spaces. The symbols will move clockwise.

Winnings with wild symbols can intersect or overlap in the same row or column of he game Finn’s Golden Tavern™. There will be no wild symbols that will appear during the first round. Wilds can replace the coin symbol. Wilds can substitute all symbols except wild symbols of the chest.

Any vertical or horizontal line of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ of 3 or more identical symbols is a winning line. A single row can hold more than one victory. When 3 or 4 wilds are adjacent in a vertical or horizontal line they can only be substituted by symbols on both sides of the line which means they won’t be able to claim a victory between them.

Each coin of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ has an assigned value and each part of 3 or more coins will pay the sum of the value of the coins in the game. Winnings with wild symbols are counted only if there is no possibility of winning horizontally or vertically. When this appears the wilds will be treated as random coins and they will have the same assigned value as the random coins that generated the victory.

After all winnings have been assessed each symbol of the game Finn’s Golden Tavern™ will be part of a victory will explode and disappear. Once all the symbols have landed, an evaluation of victory will be made based on how they appear on the 5×5 grid. There are different types of winnings: winnings that contain wilds and winnings that don’t contain one.

Each victory will trigger one or two things depending on the type of victory. Victories of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ that contain a wild symbol that will contribute to the victory that will explode and destroy the symbols vertically and horizontally and adjacent to the wild. Victories that don’t contain wild will create a new wild symbol in place of one of the symbols that exploded and disappeared.

After all the explosions have passed and the new wilds in place the symbols will fall to fill the empty spaces in the game Finn’s Golden Tavern™. This process will be repeated until there are no more victories. The new wild symbols will be positioned in the middle of the winning game where there will be room. Avalanche victories will be added to the balance with the winnings of the main game.

After all winning combinations or avalanches are completed in a round, a Random Coin feature will be enabled in Finn’s Golden Tavern™. For this to happen the symbol of the trunk of the free spins will not have to be in the central position in the reels but in the next round at the central position.

After the feature is triggered, 1 or low symbols will be randomly chosen in the central position of Finn’s Golden Tavern™ or in the surrounding positions and will change it into a coin symbol. The value of each coin will be randomly selected. If the added symbols create a victory the victory will be paid as normal and there will be as a consequence an avalanche and will generate wilds in such a way that there are no more victories.

If after these avalanches the symbol of the free spin chest reaches the central position of Finn’s Golden Tavern™, the free spins will be triggered. The Random Corner feature will not be able to activate more than once in the same round. The bottom left position will always begin with a free turn chest that will progress towards the center when there are victories and avalanches of other symbols.

The Free Spin Chest symbol cannot disappear during the main game or free spins of Finn’s Golden Tavern™. Free Spins are activated if the Free Spins Chest symbol is in the central position when there are no more winning combinations and all avalanches are over.

After all the victories or avalanches have occurred, if the free spins chest symbol is in the central position, a free spin set is awarded with 5 free spins. Free spins in Finn’s Golden Tavern™ work in a similar way to the main game, with the exception of adding a multiplier counter that can increase the winning.

The multiplier goes up a notch for every Wild generated during avalanches in Finn’s Golden Tavern™. For every 5 steps of the counter, the multiplier increases by 1, with this new multiplier applied to all subsequent winning for the rest of the free spin session. When free spins begin, the multiplier is at 1.

The same random coin feature in Finn’s Golden Tavern™ that is in the main game can also be active during free spins with the same activation and payment conditions. The Random Corner feature can only be activated after each individual free spin.

In Free Spins, the chest symbol of free spins works in the same way as in the basic game of Finn’s Golden Tavern™, starting in the outermost position and moving inward save when avalanches occur.

But, during free spins, if the free spins chest symbol is in the center position on the reels after the avalanches end, it will activate the bonus feature of the coin in the game Finn’s Golden Tavern™. This feature places a number of coin symbols in the reels with random values assigned to them.

The symbols of the coins replace the random low winnings symbols and, once the initial placement of the coins is completed in the game Finn’s Golden Tavern™, a winning evaluation is made. If no winning occurs after the initial placement of the coins, an additional position is chosen from the remaining valid positions until a win occurs.

Once all the coins have been placed, all the winnings are created and then paid, including multiplied by the current active multiplier. Places and avalanches are created in the random gaming Finn’s Golden Tavern™ until no more wins occur. The coin bonus feature can happen on any free spin, even if it occurred in a previous free spin.

In the main game on a winless rotation, Fist Slam can be activated at random and move a coin symbol so that a win is generated. Once the victory is paid for, the remaining symbols avalanche and eventually create new victories. The Free Spins Chest symbol cannot be moved by this feature.

Opinion about Finn’s Golden Tavern™:

The Finn’s Golden Tavern™ online gambling game is another little wonder of the provider NetEnt. It takes us in search of a treasure and as in the previous game Finn and the Swirly Spinn™ the player will be able to take advantage of his good humor and his funny ness. This nice little elf will remind us to order if we stay too long without playing! He’s really great!

The Finn’s Golden Tavern™ online gambling game offers us original features with the famous Swirly mechanics, avalanches, exploding symbols, wilds in short everything is there to ensure a game session that will catch us in its spiral and make us forget everything else for a while.

Usually all of the NetEnt giant’s games, there is also a mobile towards the game that will be as impactful as the one on the desktop. Nothing lacking, all the features are adapted to maximize the space and not forget anything, it’s really magical and everything is exactly like in the desktop version. A huge job that will find its reward!

Bets will range from 0.10 to £500, which is amazing! There the player really sees that the software wants to encompass absolutely everyone. From the small player who has a budget a little limited to the big player who bets hard to win bigger. In this random money game there will be no limits, the limits it is the own player who will place them as he sees fit!

The return to the player will be 96.1% which is a little below average, but the volatility ranging from medium to high the player will not be too long to see the features trigger and to enjoy all that the provider NetEnt offers on this game that has just come out but to success assured!

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