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Finn And The Swirly Spin™

The editors of Netent return more fees than ever with a new title which very likely to make a sparks in the circle of the eGaming industry. What have we here as a refresher for the huge toy library of Netent which for some time has more successive successes with players from around the world? A slot machine Finn And The Swirly Spin™ described as unprecedented by writing because composed of 5 reels, 4-rows and a new service offering features more than exciting.

The symbols do not follow a standard path on the faces in relief of the high-powered coils as met through the machines of Netent slot so far. No, the Finn And The Swirly Spin™ game items are rhythmic and lively by numerous operations through a well-oiled mechanism of spin. Not the shadow of a possible trace of a proper name to this new way to allow items to travel on the game interface and to this end encourage the generosity of the game by the order of features wild!

However, it is quite nice to observe its excited icons follow a trail to the letter by moving spiral. They begin their journey distinguished near the outside corner of this kind of black hole and then to make progress in fits and starts on the inside to eventually be absorbed by the décor at the level of the central point of the interface of the machine under.

A chance to see there where you expect the least explosions of similar symbols with backup battery of features for book big moments for all the players of Finn And The Swirly Spin™.

Once again, the artists of Netent did not go now dead on the sets of Finn And The Swirly Spin™. From their connection to the game, players will find themselves completely embedded in a landscape of Irish nature where presumably it is good to settle down for a time. Do not get lost along the way, an experienced guide will be present for participating enthusiastically in the obvious adventures that take place at different intensities for this purpose to establish a logical chronology to all its constituent options the gameplay of Finn And The Swirly Spin™.

Freshly landed on the Emerald Isle, it will be inevitable to make the friendly meeting of an Irishman who knows the area as his pocket. Top as three apples, look bluish, chubby face mixed with childish airs, it will cease to accompany actions orchestrated vigorously for the game to play pleasant melodies by blowing a flute to beak.

The red hair is being grown legs along his chubby redheads cheeks to add artificially age and wearing a suit Irish set colors by different shades of Greens, Finn will be sitting in the thick grass leaning back on a rock.

Posted facing the imposing interface of the slot machine built by an impressive stone building showing by deep wakes the perfect trace of this spiral that will guide to a multitude of items, Finn will not miss a single Crumb to encourage players to progress through the game by being the referee of a whole bunch of facial expressions.

The graphics are sumptuous, worthy of one of the largest game history Netent. Dumped on an island where nature abounds and a joy to dominate the scene, ruled out any form of pollution where everything seems to be dependent on the actions of this slot machine which likely to many secrets to reveal.

Its gameplay conducive to big surprises for the user experience of each unveil probably more on the issue with a basket filled to the brim of features. Two variants of wilds are registered in the table doing a work of substitution items with simple wilds but also the Sticky Wild much more aggressive in their ways to serve the prize. The equivalent of 4 Random Features including Starfall Wilds, Dragon Destroy, Irish Luck and Magic Transform. An assortment of free spins that puts the finger on The Star Bar, Lava Lair, Lucky Mug and finally Golden Pot.

Understand when choosing to entertain with the Finn And The Swirly Spin™ online casino game, players can expect to be in front of a carnage on both a work of animation graphics and sound at the level of capabilities of redistribution of this 5 stars slot machine.

During throughout the session as short or long as it may be, it will be possible to make a few changes at the level of the value. A fairly large range remains with this opportunity to adjust a number of room and name at least to a bet of £0.01 up to £200.00 per spin!


Is no longer a surprise, because now we have in mind that the slot machine Finn And The Swirly Spin™ is literally bursting at the seams features of any kind. His wealth begins with oneself in this way by spreading the word that if players want entertainment, they’re coming for their rank with features that provide splendid cinematography in 3 dimensions where almost each of its exports its small world in a unique universe. This is the case for example for the Random Feature we’ll see in detail following this table of the earnings of Finn And The Swirly Spin™.

But begin this enumeration of Features which is going to be particularly significant in the light of their characteristics with this bet in mouth illustrated by the intervention of the wilds. Symbolized by a star with 5 points in the face of an Angel, this item will be the role of substitute. He will be able to complete this brave mission on all icons except the keys of activation of different modes free spins.

These simple wilds can cross as cover an entire row or column. Their goal will be to program outputs of room to allow players to meet more or less close victories. It was then that 2 forms of price will be able to see thanks to the intervention of this famous drawn simple wild of a yellow star to 5 branches.

Earnings with a wild icon where in this case this item trigger will take the path of a brutal explosion in this will destroy the symbols adjacent vertically but also horizontally. Sometimes, prizes will be able to see the day, but without the direct intervention of wilds. It was then that a wild symbol will be created for the occasion in order to take the place of other items that have just exploded.

Once all the explosions have taken place, the game will cause an avalanche of icons system accordingly to fill the empty spaces. If new explosions are held, earnings will be derived and this process of replacement of icons by the action of falls of symbols from the top of the interface to Finn And The Swirly Spin™ will be repeated until there is no trace of explosion anywhere.

A second variant of wild will also be able to act only when a free spin option is in working condition. One named Lava Lair Free Spins. This new figure of the wild will act in the same way as a simple joker. The only feature that will differ is the fact that it cannot be the object of destruction and there the cards in hand to have this legitimate right to destroy the gravitating around him where icons an earning intervenes directly with him.


Finn And The Swirly Spin™ is a 5-reels slot machine which has a portfolio of 4 random features. There is the Starfall Wilds, Dragon Destroy, Irish Luck and Magic Transform function. These options may be the result of a trigger after an initial launch once all the symbols have stabilized on the infernal spiral.

Starfall Wilds is symbolized by a trio of stars for tender eyes. His goal is to place at least 2 wilds in different locations of the spiral. Random appearances that still mark the discipline not to approach a Free Spins Key symbol. As a result of an investment of wilds and that no form of gain emerges on the horizon then another wild will continue to be added randomly on sites until a price deigns to unfold on the screen…

The Dragon Destroy feature cannot be enabled if the previous spin is without price. His goal will be to destroy a random number of symbols that eventually these actions of destruction will lead to an avalanche of items. A true catastrophe on the reels that certainly guarantees 100% obtaining a price.

Represented by 2 pints of beer, Irish Luck can be activated only if start starting is not the owner of price. This feature has the peculiarity of act in force vertically or horizontally by promising each pass to release a prize.

Magic Transform is represented by a cauldron filled with colorful and magical objects. His intention will be to transform all of spades and heart symbols so that they can become symbols more powerful and liberating prize greater than at the start. With a variety in the fruit of his actions, Magic Transform will be able to create 16 possible transformations since each symbol stings and heart can be turned in 4 ways possible.


As for its random features, the Finn And The Swirly Spin™ casino game has a panel of 4 modes free spins relayed by some Random Feature very attractive and lucrative both emerging players in unknown worlds. Once all prizes are awarded, that avalanche show more signs of life, and that a Free Spins Key symbol can be found in the center of the spiral then some free spins is assigned on the field.

To put at ease the players, the configuration of the Finn And The Swirly Spin™ slot leaves the choice to select a free spins mode among 4-scope of click or pressure index for mobile users. These modes or appointed Random Feature turn to Star Bar, Lava Lair, Lucky Mug and Golden Pot.

Star Bar, illustrated by a fitted pink mushroom of a telescope and other cosmic observation objects requires a key to activate it. Once in operation, the latter is based on the principle of operation of the random feature Starfall Wilds freely accessible from the section initial.

Lava Lair is illustrated by a tower of fortress of Castle of the middle ages where the drawbridge is represented meanwhile by the head of a dragon who opens his mouth wide. To enable this feature, must necessarily have 3 Lava Lair and have previously collected the sum of 4 keys. During its operation, a Sticky Wild will systematically appear instead of the Free Spins Key symbol in the main game.

Lucky Mug is recognizable by a pint of beer showing a sublime sparkling foam hat. In order to access the contents of Lucky Mug, it will get 4 items the representative and hold 9 keys. Lucky Mug works identically to the Irish Luck Random Feature in the main gain. If by luck there is no manifestation of gain, then each of the 6 options of symbol is drawn according to the code of the number of times that it is in the game zone. This selection has been without its control since it acts randomly.

If Golden Pot Free Spins is turned on then 2 Golden Pot Free Spins are awarded with the Magic transforms Random Feature. On the other hand, the Golden Pot require their 16 keys to be unlocked. The Golden Pot work exactly in the same way as the Magic Transform feature in the main section.



Finn And The Swirly Spin™ is a slot machine Netent which has an impressive array of features with this touch of innovation showing moving in spiral symbols associated with waves of explosions close together. Options for collecting money abound with reminder, simple wilds, a Sticky Wilds, 4 random features and 4 free spin game mode!

In this warm company, there is much to spend a pleasant moment of entertainment with games modes who reserve exclusive surprises to each entry. Each Random Feature opens in a particular universe by keeping this spiral mechanism that allows to many items to move on a trajectory sets in advance and subject to regular explosions of symbols.

Finn And The Swirly Spin™ is a Netent casino game that has a great ability to put on feet lots of adventures that converge between them so as to establish a compact game to the level of its features. Interconnecting options or almost common motivations under explosions close together taking care to inject hundreds of chips inside the bankroll of many players.

This is a robust gameplay supported by an elegant graphic that change of pace as the magical progression that establishes this game by offering proof of discipline of amazing graphics featuring a fun character Irish name Finn.

In short, Finn And The Swirly Spin™ is a remarkable slot machine signed Netent who deserves all the players intend and contained amongst the internet casino games the most spectacular and stunning year 2017!

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