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FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™

During its integration in October 2016 in the set of toy libraries of casinos online Netent, video slot FairyTale Legends: Red Riding Hood™ had placed the cursor well up to everyone agree on the fact that this new variant offered a turn at 180° to focus on a new horizon experience user.

A way to entertain on a slot machine 3D significantly improved by the omnipresence of an extraordinary and unknown graphic quality for all lovers of slot machines together so far by of bluffing footage film.

Not the trace of a doubt with such a level of achievement that getting into the players in a magical world where a little girl was tirelessly looking his way through a strange wood releasing bundles of color purple.

One of the peculiarities of many examples of FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ was to have this expertise to merge in his movements this young female protagonist with the actions carried out by the actions of the players. At the same time in operating the slot machine using the spin button, but also during the course of the so-called special features which attraction common to involve the player, giving him the opportunity to be an actor and therefore to find a real involvement in the development of the actions of the game.

Each propulsion of the slot machine gave green light to the character so that he can be able to move forward a few steps. As if the complicity between the imaginary appearing and the player allowed in purpose to this fabulous story inspired by the finest fairy tales to go forward.

Today, or to be more precise on May the 2nd of 2017, Netent developers presents in an ocean of pride that I grant them a second part of this wonderful story. The relay is so taken with the intervention of a new 5 reels and 10 lines video slot machine to the title of FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™.

A money game which is likely to be very quickly counted as a hit of Netent. A map of very brief summary, this variant will be responsible to ship its audience with 2 children in a dense, moist and light forest in the moonlight leaving hundreds of craters from meteorites in its surface lacquered.

The biggest challenges will be to provide assistance to these 2 trafficking astray so they can leave the guts of this forest asleep by the coldness of the night. Their trace a path secure in this interminable thick haze which has the gift to conceal many traps and buried secrets that are about to emerge at any time of the night.

On the way enabled by a host of features will be present of the fireflies and fairies of incredible sweetness and a fine gesture. Agile creatures with this ultimate quality to settle down the 5 reels of this video slot. Charm them in depth so that we are under their best night to finally agree to pour tons of chips.

Already too familiar from the first episode, these beings came from the garden of Eden will give a significant boost to the inner workings of this slot machine Netent so that they would reveal through enigmatic symbols or the representations of pigeons cooing in the silky plumage whitish being quietly peck grains of wheat all the splendor and originality of the special features.

Game options that are held captive too long and who crave that one thing. Have the right moment to unload their power of redistribution under jets incessant lights emanating from chopsticks dazzling magic.

But also an amazing game bonus which will lead these 2 protagonists inside the forest where the habitation of a witch. Contrary to popular opinion, a character living a hermit but who wouldn’t hurt a fly. As strange as it may seem, his residence is mainly made of biscuits and candy.

Some of them will have a big chance to make happy all the players who will have this incredible opportunity to reach these places very remote FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™. Also promises to emerge at any time during game of free spins sweating juicy prize, re-spins as well as a variant of extremely lucrative wild!

FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ is a machine under mobile Netent which offers its public the opportunity to raise prizes more or less attractive by launching 5 reels. They are supervised by a superposition of 3 rows with as a final adjustment a whole bunch of features with this common attitude to pay sums of money without really count.

A strong habit of Netent which for the creation of its new variant to the title of FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ has implemented a setup based between room and name values. In the end, each player will be in the ability to play for real money from £0.10 and for those who want to be entertained with more money, they can perfectly apply this requirement because with the game of FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™, it is possible to burn up to £200.00 per spin!

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As this was already the case for the first part, with the slot machine video FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ there will be action and to make it truly takes root in the gameplay of the game, he needs to arm themselves at any price to features.

This is a fact but features that have the chest with this intention to travel its audience through various supernatural spaces. Connected this Netent online casino game, there will be sport because the features available are not easy in their own way of working.

To start this list of features, to find pure moments of distraction and take advantage of this time to so swell little by little his bankroll, FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ offers an option named Stacked Wild re-spin.

A name that at first may seem to be quite barbaric, but in reality, its principle of operation is simple enough to understand. As a first step, it will be easy to locate this Stacked Wild re-spin feature since it is illustrated by a piece of slab that could clearly use it as room to proceed with the construction of a terrace.

In the context of the video slot FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™, this icon will have a real involvement in the gameplay of the game only on reels 2 and 4. Others 1,3 and 5 will be completely indifferent to him and therefore will not allow the Stacked Wild symbol in the main game.

On a beach with a few cases of figure and by the force of attraction surrounding other icons, the Stacked Wild will be able to complete the entire height of a reel. This would lead first to greatly favour the formation of prize. An instant short later to trigger a suite by activating a re-spin that will result to be a free spin.

While the Stacked Wild will remain frozen leaving so the coil on which he cohabits remain such what while the other 4 reels of the slot will be spin to reveal other items later and maybe bring out new prize.

With the casino game FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™, the so-called special feature will fully parts of the walls and they have a certain charisma to appear at the time when awaits them least.

All the subtlety of the game will be operating in the heart of this trio of features that are called Fairy Wonder Spin, Fairy Surprise and Fairy Wild Spin. Special options that will taste to react to chance in the game. Regarding the featuring to the title of Fairy Wonder Spins, it will have this feature to intervene in the gameplay of the slot machine in the form of a cluster of identical symbols ranging from 5 up to 9 times. To be more precise, the logo assigned to FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ appearing in overlay on the reels during a spin.

The second special feature of the title Fairy Surprise will be real involvement in the game when a spin will have not wanted to give reason a prize development. That’s when the Fairy Surprise feature will be for major role of selecting items randomly in order to cause the creation of gains. This little game that will select random symbols will last as long as an award obtain will not be produced.

Fairy Wild Spin is the last special feature of FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ and its purpose in this fabulous story rocked by fairies who came straight from the divine will be manifest in the form of 2 whole batteries of wilds on the reels 1, 2, 4 or 5 when a throw. Once the spin is stopped and prizes that will result from this first intervention will be paid then a Stacked Wild re-spin will strongly position to be started.

A bonus feature can quite subject to activation. It takes root in the game, the goal will be to find on reels 1, 3 and 5, 3 wooden chests. Once that happens, it will be asked to show courage and cross your fingers fall on the long-hoped feature. In the content of these large boxes will be stored 3 bonus features. The first will be the Candy House Bonus, the second free spins and finally the last is the third of the corner Win.

The Candy House bonus level will aim to redirect players the who have activated in the depths of the woods to go meet the witch who, according to local legend, haunt the premises. But in reality, it will be something else because there is not the shadow of a magician to the strange potions in these woods remote of all civilization.

In contrast but true will be the presence of a house. This pavilion of quiet appearance will be as a characteristic to be built entirely of sweets. One of the facades will be put forward and it will contain treats will be asked to select to move wisely on the fastest way to this game bonus.

It will be allowed up to 3 choices by appealing to that computer mouse. These manual actions will have immediate impact after each selection to assign a gain multiplier which to control the element of surprise will not immediately reveal itself to the screen.

After consuming these 3 options, the game of FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ will pose serious an ultimatum. Having a preference for receiving the average between the 3 gain multipliers obtained or to choose an eyes closed hoping that it will be the largest in terms of volume.

Regarding to the free spins that result to be free games, these last will rise to a height of 10 units. If however it is Win’s corner that will be discovered in one 3 chests then a gain in the form of parts will be awarded and the latter will be then multiplied by an index of x 15 for sure this opportunity to wake up big win!



I agree with this last creation made from the hand of Netent. Without hesitation, I hoisted FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel or rather this masterpiece in the section of the favorite casino games of AC. For those who are looking for a game of pure entertainment, they don’t feel the need to poke around in the corridors of the web because FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ holds a varied source of features that make him a game Netent money off standard.

For example, the sum of the 3 bonus levels that are a real force of inspiration through a winding path to allow the public to travel in the spongy depth of this lush forest bordered by countless fairies and fireflies benevolent.

Especially do not miss the episode of free spins that are part to the players at a free sequence consisting of 10 spins with a profile of compensation converging towards each other and this bag of coins, symbolized by a corner Win who has this ancient art at the end cycle to multiply x 15 the amount of freshly earned!

To understand when having such a Netent game, which by the way is compatible on mobile devices in the hands, the odds of winning money hit almost at all spins with graphics at the forefront of technology that perfectly distill the different stages of the game designers Netent tried to shine through.

FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™ gradually shows its wealth as graphically as the profile of its features as one of the most innovative games of chance from the library of the Swedish publisher who is far likely to see even very far to have use all its sources of inspirations and imaginations. The best is therefore to come!

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