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Fa-Fa Twins™

Following the smashing release of Sin City Nights™, Betsoft Gaming returns the bulging torso to mark Iron Red its latest game creation in 3 dimensions. A title on behalf of Fa-Fa Twins™ which is equipped with 5 reels, 3 rows and which offers up to 243 ways to accumulate prizes in it Bankroll!

The configuration of the mobile slot machine Fa-Fa Twins™ offers a solid foundation to allow online gambling enthusiasts to spend wonderful moments in the presence of this new video slot that promises to make a cardboard at the level of its hearing. A game of money that offers a unique world of its kind by integrating users into a theme inspired by the culture pan-Asian.

A world of shiny colors that is destined to offer a maximum of surface to red and gilded. Warm colors that are based on the area of wood pieces suggesting to the formation of clouds which have for common point to be interspersed so as to draw a compact sets offering in this juxtaposition many visuals plans.

These vivid colors bring mainly the importance to red, orange and yellow suggest that they are only the outcome of the radiance of the sun which having beforehand crossed them from the side left by way of signature these magnificent dyes.

In the magical world of Fa-Fa Twins™ cavort 2 high twin sisters like 3 apples. Children full of malice who do not miss an opportunity through their enthusiasm to repeatedly congratulate the lucky players or even encourage them again and again until they reach a good level in the game of Fa-Fa Twins™ for then unlock features!

On their physical plane, these inseparable twin sisters have both black hair and wear united colored garments. One of them had a hair for the occasion, having made 2 duvets tied by elastics in the shape of red flowers and the second opted for a so-called square hairstyle by wearing ahead.

For the rest, their dress is almost identical. Their shoes are varnished but their colors differ with one of the green and the other of the red. These 2 beings alike like 2 drops of water will be ubiquitous to accompany to 100% the players in their future adventures.

One will be positioned on the right side while the second on the left side. They will not hesitate for a moment to put the atmosphere by tapping in their hands or hopping with joy when gains will escape from the mobile slot machine Fa-Fa Twins™.

With their new Fa-Fa Twins™ title, Betsoft Gaming publishers have taken a step further in innovation by setting up a brand new feature that bears the name of Dual Reels! For add chili pepper in the respective sessions of the players, simple wilds will not hesitate to come crashing and encourage the formation of pay lines.

At the level of its betting range, Fa-Fa Twins™ is a casino game that offers this opportunity to start playing from £0.50. For those who wish to have cold sweats by taking risks to play big, they will be able to realize their intimate wish by having this possibility to be able to align bets up to £125.00!

To allow users to increase or decrease the amount of their bet, they will have denomination and coin values within their reach. Regarding the lines, I prefer to mention a first reminder about the fact that the Fa-Fa Twins™ does not have payment lines but as a substitute for many ways to earn money. These possibilities amount to 243!

As references in this way to work with 243 opportunities to get gains, Betsoft Gaming also holds in its toy library money games Alkemor’s Tower™ and Weekend in Vegas™.



Fa-Fa twins is far from Alibaba’s cavern featuring. I understand this perfectly but Fa-Fa Twins™ symbolizes the pillar of innovation in terms of a new game option at Betsoft Gaming. Indeed, the latter bears the name of Dual Reels and its principle of featuring and certainly very childish but has a force of redistribution!

A power such generosity that with the Dual Reels featuring, all cards are presented to give this unique chance to win up to £810 000 in one rotation! A feat especially since it is easier to quickly earn money with Dual-Reel feature than if we take care to compare it to all other Betsoft gaming slot game featuring. It’s not me who says it but the designer himself from his site Official.

Dual Reels is a feature that finds its excitement in the game from the moment the reels 1 and 2 have identical icons. It is then that increasing probabilities come to life in the game of Fa-Fa Twins™ to transmit the virus to reels 3, 4 and 5. The more the number of reels is affected by this striking likeness at the level of the items and the more the chances of winning the jackpot evolve in this sense.

All the symbols of the game of Fa-Fa Twins™ are concerned with the Dual Reels featuring and therefore they can be all actors during its operation thus avoiding possible barriers of progression of this feature at least special.

Dual Reels is equivalent to fast and very high large price!

As quoted previously, the Wilds will be the part to add their grain of salt either during the advancement of the Dual Reels feature or during the process of running the main game. Illustrated by Fa-Fa Twins™, the simple wilds of this mobile video slot will be able to find an activity on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and will of course have free area to act in group.



Fa-Fa Twins™ is a game Betsoft gaming that immediately gave me the urge to discover its warm colors and the superior quality of its graphics featuring these 2 twins very amusing to observe. Multiple gestures the animated and I find which perfectly fit the context of the game.

Sometimes smiling, biting her lips when the Fa-Fa Twins™ game is getting ready in a short moment of suspense to release chips, hopping when accessing an explosion of chips, etc. We will probably have understood it, protagonists who are very far from comparing themselves to green plants that in contrast to it perfectly fulfill their mission which is to continually enrich in actions the game by being enthusiastic from the beginning until the end. Fa-Fa Twins™ is therefore roughly well framed and therefore offers good moments of play for its players.

About his strength of generosity, I can’t really say any harm. Well, the number of features to entertain is quite limited but as mentioned in this table of earnings, Fa-Fa Twins™ is a game that opens a new door in innovation. Betsoft Gaming takes advantage of this new title available in English online casinos in collaboration with this renowned publisher since February 21st of 2017 to present the feature Dual Reels!

Is an option that consists of uniting reels that have the same structure at the level of their symbols. According to the cases, the prices that result are more or less advantageous with this supreme power of being able to pocket up to £810 000 in a single round of machine!

So I can only recommend the online game Fa-Fa Twins™ for players who are not necessarily looking for a video slot in 3-dimensional feature rich but which rather project on an internet game that puts everything in the open to offer very beautiful sums of money following the shutdown of a rotation.rotation.

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