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Eye of the Kraken™

Eye of the Kraken™ is a non-download Play’n GO slot machine that is compatible with mobile. Featuring 3 reels, 3 rows and 8 pay lines, this online casino game offers its audience a plunge and it is the least we can say in a universe dominated by a creature straight from the abyss.

Is a slimy, repulsive, deceitful and calculating monster that leaves no chance for its prey when the latter are attacked by these countless tentacles equipped with breathable venom hooks. A fearsome substance that leaves meagre hopes of survival to those who have inadvertently tasted the flavors.

is a giant octopus that according to the medieval Scandinavian legend bears the name of Kraken. This living being would have stolen and safely placed in its localized territory hundreds of meters deep, which boils down to a very cold area, deprived of brightness and where the pressure is unbearable of the chests whose contents identify with very rich coveted by humans.

For centuries, tons of gold were looted by this evil octopus. So much to say that the creature of Eye of the Kraken™ is immortal. As a result, it saw the beginning of the first explorations by sea of men to discover new Territories and new civilizations.

Having over the years of hunting a well oiled strategy spiced up by an unusual malice, this creature of darkness goes back very often to the surface. Most often to take pleasure in capsizing the ships it sees offshore. The ploy is always the same. She presents herself suddenly and takes care to hug the masts with the help of her large tentacles that act as a powerful arm.

After taking enough time to terrorize the sailors of the ship in full attack, the Kraken put an end to this spectacle of horror by sinking the liner, stealing its riches and taking some time to devour some members crew and let others swim aimlessly for when purpose they drown because of exhaustion.

In the history of Eye of the Kraken™, the events will take a new turn in the life of this Kraken who seems to rest on his laurels by dint of meeting again and always victory. Sinking cargo freighters to steal the contents has become a routine pastime for her but one day she will fall on a bone.

This is what the gameplay of the video slot Eye of the Kraken™ wants to address with its audience by developing a reversal of situation. The slot machine is made up of 3 protagonists who decide to break the mysteries that lurk around this creature of the abyss. No one saw it yet because all the sailors who went through the Kraken’s mark never came back to bring their respective testimony.

From where this lingering rumor announces with conviction that there would be in this place of the ocean a beast that would take pleasure in destroying all those who dare to cross the heights of his habitat. As with the Bermuda Triangle, the hunting area of this fearsome tentacle octopus is no more than a graveyard of all kinds of boats and submersible gear.

It is therefore with energy and enthusiasm that the players of the casino game Eye of the Kraken™ will embody a captain of a submarine of the most sophisticated logistic and defensive level using torpedoes of deadly firepower.

The other extras will be a man and a woman who will have each of them missions to fill to ensure the backs of their steel shell in full decent and navigating the remaining oceanic depths still partially mysterious to the human kind.

The game of Eye of the Kraken™ will be packed with action sequences with perfectly calibrated soundtracks to generate in the advancement of the gameplay highly loaded moments in suspense. Eye of The Kraken™ will offer during this long journey, where the chances of survival are slim features like simple and random wilds (Joker tentacles of the Kraken), free spins to the number of 9 with new symbols to always win more money (Dive Mode!), a bonus game (Master the Kraken!) with an opportunity to multiply up to x500 the total prize obtained during the latter.

In these waves of adventures, this 3-reels online slot developed by Play’n GO will offer a betting range based between £0.20 and £100.00. A range of fairly extensive bets that will certainly meet the expectations of many players.



The video slot of 3 reels Eye of the Kraken™ but at the disposal of its audience a Gameplay that is boosted by a trio of features. I’m going to start this enumeration by heading towards the simple wilds whose represent function bears the name of Joker tentacles of the Kraken.

These jokers are symbolized by the nimble tentacles of the Kraken. In an unpredictable and totally random way, a cinematography will suddenly live in the game by presenting the actions of this fantastic monster hiding behind the interface of the game to let see only its many and scary tentacles.

These will take place to reach icons present on the 3 reels. This will have the advantage of substituting these items with other symbols which in this new configuration may leave room for pay lines where the richest in terms of price redistribution will be retained. In this series of action orchestrated by the Kraken, the wilds will have a complete power to replace icons except those that represent the scatters.


A short while ago, I was talking about scatters and here’s the time to talk about it. These symbols are illustrated by divers.

To enter the heart of free spins because actually scatters are the key to this advancement in the game, it will be necessary to obtain at least 5 dive helmets designed to descend in steps in the great depths of the ocean.

In addition to being able to entertain for free during the time of 9 spins, the gameplay of this feature will challenge players by inviting them to find as many treasures as possible in order to earn even more money in the form of tokens.

To carry out this perilous mission, the feature of free spins will welcome 2 new icons. The first symbolize the Eye of the Kraken™ and will act as a simple wild. In addition to promoting the formation of winning lines and by this way give a boost to get more prizes during this free spins sequence, the jokers will be able to replace all items except the scatters.

The second icon that will only see the day during the session free spins is a safe. The higher the number of chests filled with gold will be on the 3 reels and the higher the total prize at the end of the free spins course will have the chance to inflate at the speed of light.


In the main game, there is an element that will undoubtedly intrigue the users of the online game Eye of the Kraken™. A tool that is visible at the bottom right of the slot machine and takes the form of a submarine torpedo loader to ensure its defense where it is used as a weapon of attack.

Formidable missiles that will number 50 at the beginning of the game. The more players advance in the game Eye of the Kraken™ by injecting bets and more this torpedo counter will be diminished. To go in this direction, the goal will be to discover torpedo icons on the 3 reels.

Each occurrence will decrease the gauge by one unit. When 50 missiles are collected on the screen, the charger will be handed and the bonus level will be able to engage. In this level that we can describe as special, a splendid three-dimensional cinematography will come to life to export players even deeper into this body of water.

The end of this journey will lead straight into the lair of the creature of Eye of the Kraken™. Comfortably installed in a ship wreck dating from several centuries to see its architecture, this monster far from being intimidated by the coming of the players will stand proudly in front of the goal by holding with the help of its large tentacles of chests filled with gold.

The goal to progress in the bonus game will be to untie these powerful arms the famous vaults with high value content. In order to do this, the use of force will be the only solution and it is therefore with the help of powerful torpedoes that the players will have to operate.

In total, there will be a number of 6 chests knowing that the players will have a number of 3 torpedoes to complete this mission, it will be asked to use the mouse pointer which will be changed to target to select 1 of the 6 chests visible on the screen.

Each selection will have the project to launch a torpedo in the direction of the newly chosen chest. As explained earlier, the latter explodes to release or not a gold equivalent in chips. Following these 3 shots, this special level will be finalized by offering an opportunity at this precise moment to be able to multiply up to x500, the total prize obtained.



Eye of the Kraken is a video slot that really charmed me. For a 3-reels slot machine, Eye Of The Kraken™ offers a very toned gameplay. Whether in terms of graphics, sound effects or even at the level of possibilities to get profits in regularity, this slot fulfilled all the criteria necessary to build a quality game.

A Play’n GO casino game that is far from stingy with a redistribution rate of 97.3% which I think will offer an additional user experience as has been the case for me. I really liked the concept of the game with this destructive Kraken that plays a role in all the features.

Eye of the Kraken™ is a game very focused on its disruptive element with incredible chances of gain as is the case in the bonus game with an opportunity to multiply up to x500 the total prize won. Eye of the Kraken™ is a slot machine that is absorbed by strong moments of suspense with long series of action maintained by 3-dimensional cinematography of a profound realism even if the game is based on facts of pure fiction.

For those who like this kind of theme with a gameplay quite rich in twists and turns, I can advise them in addition to the online slot Eye of the Kraken™ Subtopia machine edited by Netent. In a few words, a video slot that deals with an aquatic theme with a crew that is also present in a submarine.

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