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Casino Extra and its March bonus program 2019!

The Casino Extra offers us every day during the month of March 2019 a daily bonus with special conditions whose major ambition is to repay the profits collected by playing in real on Yggdrasil slots. A daily deposit request is required to be able to access these daily bonuses for the purpose of attempting its own chance to try to win the maximum of each video slot in question. It will be enough to have a little luck and a wallet full enough.

The Casino Extra offers an incredibly ample range of play which allows an countless number of players to find shoes at their feet. In fact, they can choose practically any casino game modality. Online slots fun, free or also to play with real money one has the choice between more than 1000 games and among the best providers such as NetEnt, Play’n’Go, Yggdrasil and others ones.

Casino Extra, a well established casino offers apart from slot machines, Roulette games, Blackjack, Coin flip… In short, to enjoy an unparalleled experience with the best games on the market. Casino Extra is operated by MTM Corp. A company licensed and regulated by Curaçao under the main game license CEG-IP/2014-0112 and it was not born from the last rain. His ethics is also flawless with responsible gambling practices that try to keep the playful side without falling into the problems that are combined with the pathological behaviors.

Fair play is also one of the priorities of Casino Extra. The games that are used on the casino offer random results precisely through the use of random number generators (RNG) that are always used to generate the results of games. Confidentiality is also one of the main concerns of both the casino and the players, so the accounts of the players, the transactions, etc…All Casino Extra customers will never be accessible to third parts, and the games have been created against fraud and manipulation and if the organization of the casino discovers a problem of such a nature then it reserves the right to block the account and expel the players.

Casino Extra bonus of the day terms and conditions:

This campaign (bonus of the day) is available from the 1st of March 2019 at 00.00 CET to the 31 March 2019 at 23.59 CET. In fact, these are 28 different campaigns, a new offer will be shown every day in the section, and the page will be updated every day before 10:00 am. Each bonus will be available only once for the first deposit of the day and it will have to be claimed by the player in the section of bonus.

The free spins bonus (bet value €0.10 per round) activated with a minimum deposit of €20, the winnings that will be generated free spins will have to be wagged again 30 times and they will be eliminated after three days if they are not used. Super spins bonuses (value from €0.20 to €0.30 per round) are activated with a minimum deposit of €20, and the winnings obtained by its Super spins will then be eliminated if they are not played within 3 days and will have to be wagered 30 times in order to be withdrawn.

The mega spins bonuses (bet value from €0.40 to €0.60 per round) are activated with a minimum deposit of €20, the profits obtained by mega towers must be wagged 30 times and will be eliminated if not used within three days. The ultra spin bonus (bet value €1 per round) is activated with a minimum deposit of €20, the winnings obtained by the ultra spins must be wagged 30 times and will be eliminated if not used in the three days.

Deposit bonuses will be activated with a minimum deposit of €20, and players can have a maximum of €100 per bonus. The deposit amount + the bonus will have to be replayed 30 times. The bonus remaining on the player’s account will be eliminated after 7 days. Cashback offers will be available only on the campaign page. Payments will be credited based on real money losses and real winnings (losses-winnings) during the campaign days. You will have to withdraw the cashback before you finish the 48h since it is put on the account otherwise it will be lost. In addition, Casino Extra reserves the right to modify or cancel the campaign at any moment.

Opinion on the bonus of the day promotion presented by the Casino Extra:

Casino Extra offers us during the month of March 2019 a daily bonus campaign or rather 28 different campaigns because no bonuses seem other ones. The bets will be packaged at Yggdrasil slots and under conditions that I find a little exaggerated for a campaign. To be able to withdraw money from a bonus you will have to replay the value of the bonus win plus the bet 30 times to be able to withdraw the win value of the bonus.

I call it a scam, because that’s how we call home when the Bank never loses. For example, we bet €20 euros, the minimum and we earn €20 extra, we bet 30 times the sum of €40, a total not negligible of €1200, for what? To withdraw the amount of €20, seriously? I find it really exaggerated, except exceptional cases and High Rollers I do not believe that a normal player can complete this condition to withdraw his funds.

You have to be very careful about this point. Often one does not read words that are written in small or general conditions and that is where the problems derive most of the time. In addition, we are offered free spins, mega spins that each time increase in bet value, and this is not done for players who do not have the wallet well filled. It’s a pity, because this kind of tournament is very appealing to a good number of players. Here we do not see any jackpot, nor prizes only free spins and unaffordable withdrawal conditions. I was really disappointed by this bonus of the day tournament that could have been great because the idea is excellent but the conditions are not.

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