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Table of exclusive bonuses in the Avis Casinos guide !

The digital casinos are starting to take place on the Internet to the point that this will make so many of the users of internet lose their head. It is kind of difficult to find a casino that completes these own search criteria. Avis Casinos is a guide that was founded in January 2015. This treasure where notice sharing is important has been set up in order to help and guide players so that they are able to rub shoulders with trustworthy virtual gaming houses.

This is already a first step in this jungle of the Internet that constantly updated because the web is constantly renewing. The second objective of this comparison of English virtual casinos is to follow the recommended platforms to the loyal public of the website by means of news of all kinds in order to satisfy a large majority of person. A unifying of new ones with different horizons to fight against a certain routine because I do not like all this.

Casinos Normal Bonus Exclusive Bonus Review
cozyno-casino Welcome bonus pack 200% up to €400 welcome + 30 free spins on slot machines of his choice. (AVISCASINOS activation code) Review
magical-spin-casino 100% up to €1000 at first deposit no wager + 50 free spins 100% up to €1500 at first deposit no wager with the bonus code MAGIC500.
(support request)
venetian-casino 200% up to €2000 + 10% cashback 200% up to €2000 + 30% cashback no wager + €10 no deposit Review
rivieraplay-casino N/A 30% cashback bonus with no withdrawal condition Review
clic-casino €300 + 30 free spins on the Sweet16 game against a deposit €300 + 30 free spins on the game Sweet16 without deposit required with special code TURBO Review
magikslots-casino 100% up to 1,500 euros on the first 2 deposits 200% up to €300 welcome plus 30 free spins on Betsoft Gaming 3D slot machines. (AVISCASINOS activation code) Review
golden-lion-casino 100% up to €500 400% up to €1500 Review
machance-casino 100% up to €250 or 300% up to €60 100% up to €300 Review
vegas-plus-casino 100% up to €200 100% up to €300 Review
unique-casino 100% up to €200 100% up to €300 Review
casino-extra €350 on the first three deposits €350 on the first three deposits + 100 free spins Review
paris-casino 100% up to €250 at first deposit 100% up to €500 at first deposit
(request support)
winward-casino N/A 25 euros free bonus valid on all games Review

This page will focus mainly on the exclusive bonuses of the english online casinos. These promotions do not fall from the sky to be carefully stored in the table below.

Having regular contacts with all the administrations of online casinos, present in the contents of the Avis Casinos website, I thought it would be a pity not to be able to make my bonus readers enjoy more comfortable and under several Formulas like (free chips to play on slots, high roller bonus for VIP casino players, free credit without immediate deposit, etc.) in order to satisfy once again all types of player. Other than these different formulas, some offers of this nature allow players to benefit from reduced withdrawal conditions compared to a basic bonus.

Before entering the lively topic that is dedicated to the exclusive bonus, it is important to know that these different exclusive offers mentioned in the contents of the above table are not available anywhere else on the vast web that builds the current web.

To enjoy it, it is imperative to follow the special links present in the visit buttons. In the event that a player has already completed the registration steps in a casino by having been pre-written through the Casinos Notification Guide, he or she must not be alarmed as he or she will be able to fully enjoy it.

To go further…

How can I take advantage of one or more exclusive bonuses ?

What is essential to be able to enjoy one or more exclusive bonuses present above is that you must have already created an account in the casino concerned without being passed by the website of Avis Casinos. This table is a group of special links that will lead either to a transition page describing the exclusive offer (landing page) or directly to the home page of the game show. Once present in the platform enclosure, the procedure of obtaining will be filled in exactly the same way as with a bonus called normal or standard.

The only difference is that players that are going through a special link topped by an exclusive bonus will be lucky and for the shot of the privileged compared to all the other players present in the virtual casino. Players who will not be passed through Casinos notices to register on a platform would benefit for example for the casino magical Spin an exclusive bonus of 100% up to €500 activable with the bonus code MAGIC500 instead of 100% up to €200 offered by default.

To return to the procedure of obtaining one or more exclusive bonuses present in the content of this page, players will have to go to the casino which will have seduced them through the website. Once redirected to the official casino, it will be necessary at first that they proceed to their registration that requires no more than 5 minutes.

For more information on this subject, I recommend that everyone take the time to fill in the information requested from the membership form so that you do not have a problem in case of withdrawal. I write this line because in my opinion still too many people fill in very quickly their registration form by filling in everything and anything. A completely understandable attitude because the desire to play actively with impatience and little lead to give false information.

If registration is for the sole purpose of being entertained for free it can still pass but if it is for more serious by having a willingness to play in real money and to show fidelity during an indefinite period, it is crucial to go through the box conscientiously to avoid unpleasant surprises when requesting money withdrawal.

In case of inaccurate information in his account, the administration of the online casino may in rare cases but this has already happened suspend or see downright banish the member of the online casino. Some brands warn against this bad behavior since their general conditions of use. A passage that all players have to borrow before embarking on a money transfer process. Certainly, a moment that can prove to be annoying.

Once the inscription is completed in the rules of the art and it remains simple as say hello, it will then come time to discover the games of the online casino in free mode or take the initiative to make a first deposit. In this case, 3 options will be presented to the players concerned.

★ The first is that this money deposit will associate with the exclusive bonus activated in the special link of Avis Casinos that will have allowed the casino membership. Once the money is transferred, the exclusive offer will be credited instantaneously and players will be able to start entertaining in real game condition.

★ The second scenario is that a bonus code must be filled in to be able to activate the exclusive bonus. This coupon is available from this page or also as a reminder of how to get to the relay page between the casinos review guide and the gaming room.

By having noted or kept in mind the secret code to activate the exclusive bonus, you will have to go to the cashier in a first step to deposit money with the means of payment of his choice. Once the desired amount is visible in the balance, it will be imperative and through the cash system fill a field named usually promotional code, voucher or even bonus coupon by mentioning the exclusive code which is in the vast majority of cases formed by capital letters and numbers.

Following this last manipulation, the basic credit will merge with the exclusive offer to inflate the total amount in cash. The players will then be ready to try to seduce Lady Chance.

★ The third scheme to be able to graft one of the exclusive bonuses offered by the Casinos Avis website is to go to the platform that is open-minded to review its offer of welcome upwards by clicking on the visit button. Following this brief transition, you will need to open an account and then go to the online casino instant messaging.

From there, wait a few moments to get in touch with an agent and explain his willingness to want to take advantage of the exclusive bonus offered by the house from the website of Avis Casinos. The operator will then ask for a bonus code in the table above, in order to prove in quotation marks that the players come from the casinos notification website. After providing their username and crediting their account before this brief discussion, the operator will manually credit the claimants accounts using the amount offered by the exclusive promotion.

Are the exclusive bonuses subject to terms and conditions ?

The answer is yes and they apply to the case by case depending on the casino in which the players are located. To accompany this page, I will state in a clear and precise manner the different terms and conditions that espouse the exclusive offers.

★ It is important to be aware of the terms and conditions of the exclusive bonus looking from its validity period. Some brands have a 24-hour validity period for this kind of rebate. This varies greatly from one establishment to another and depending on the type of exclusive promotion made available.

Frequently and this is what I have noticed in most casinos that offer exclusives to the deposit, the strong enough weight bonuses are valid for 1 day see 2 to the maximum. The lower the exclusive promotion and the longer its period before expiration is long without ever exceeding a number of 15 days.

★ To avoid the effects of surprise and this is not an isolated case unfortunately, it is in my opinion very important to be aware of the setting conditions that apply on the exclusive bonus. Whether it is a special offer on a welcome bonus or a bonus without deposit of money and immediate, it is essential to take a few moments to read with concentration the general conditions of use because there will always be.

To comply with a fair play measure, a casino has to impose withdrawal rules. It offers advantages to its customers but on the other hand it must have equivalent chances of gain which seems to me to be in normality and quite logical.

Provided that the latter is not abusive and therefore between x20 and x40 the amount of the deposit and/or the amount of the bonus allocated. That is a general average. In the case of a condition of this higher kind, players must in my opinion not agree to play with the exclusive bonus.

By this opportunity to take their legs to their blow to leave as soon as possible the casino without ever coming back to him. What for ? Because in this case it really does not a good thing for the rest of the events. This hypothesis is discarded because all online casinos referenced in the casinos notification website are approved by the players and myself.

These institutions are connected to a continuous monitoring policy to ensure that their respective seal of approval (serious, promising, scam) can retain their status in the long term.

These gaming rooms respect their customers by imposing reasonable and non-abusive terms and conditions that would have the main motivation to significantly reduce the chances of withdrawal for players. For those who are looking for unconditional online casinos before being able to withdraw, they can follow this link that perfectly responds to this survey.

★ Some exclusive bonuses are dedicated to a specific category of games and therefore these special offers may disappoint some customers. This depends on the type of exclusive bonuses that players will have chosen to use with their bonus. By logic, an exclusive free Spins bonus is dedicated only to slot machines because they are free spins.

It is therefore impossible to be able to consume this type of exclusive offer on table games like roulette or even scratch cards. It is when one chooses an exclusive bonus of For example 300% up to €600 that one can fall into the trap if one does not take care to read the terms and conditions before depositing a sum of money within the enclosure of the casino in question.

This is why it is very important to consult them because some signs will give the green light to use their exclusive welcome bonus on their one-armed bandits but not on their table games and vice versa. Others will be able to play on all the variations of their library without the slightest exception on the horizon. There are multiple cases where the importance of reading the rules before making a mistake that one might regret bitterly.

★The exclusive bonuses that can be discovered throughout the year in this content because the latter are constantly updated according to the internal news of the online casinos concerned, are only valid once per connection IP and per home.

It is pointless to want to play the smartest with the administrations trying to deceive them and therefore create several accounts whose sole motivation is to benefit several times from the famous exclusive offer. Sooner or later, this bunch of players will get caught in the bag and risk being kicked to the buttocks by the fraud department because yes it is a mirror of cheating.

As a result, heavy penalties will begin to rain leaving low hopes for these customers to continue to be a part of the casino’s real players.

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