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Enchanted Crystals™

The slot machine Enchanted Crystals™ opens an access to a fairy world maintained by the comings and goings of cute fairies. A world where gold has very little value but where crystals are considered a divine source. Enchanted stones of which the most imposing of all rests in full nature on a mat of Lily-leaves located in the center of a pond at frog.

A small point of water that is far from being like the others since it is constantly checkered by beautiful fairies who spend most of their time moving from one point to another with the help of their small transparent wings. They take care to leave as traces of their passages magnificent sheaves of glitter of a rare and intense brilliance.

Feminine beings filled with sweetness and kindness known to be part of the imaginary world. The universe of the game Enchanted Crystals™ exposes with simplicity the life of these fairies to the number of four who on the physical plane absolutely nothing comparable.

On the other hand, what they have in common is their power of seduction with their different ways of exposing their silhouette and especially their piercing gaze which few people could resist. In this magical world where thriving vegetation under a spring sun lurks a being that would go well and that in addition to this is more repulsive.

It is the king of the goblins who lives holed in countless underground galleries where moisture, spiders, and dirt coexist protected by beings in armor as unearthly as he, this master of the Goblins with globular eyes, the excessive dentition letting see every time he grows cries of hysteria of the drool escape from his big lips has for project to steal the Crystals Enchanted belonging to the fairies.

Not having a highly developed IQ and not really able to rely on his personal guards, the Goblin King has developed all kinds of booby to reach its end but to this day without success of course. Greedy for money and seeing no other way to enrich himself, the king of the Goblins has dreamed for years to steal the Enchanted Crystal™ present in the territory of the fairies. A sacred crystals with a benevolent energy that is well guarded by these fairy beings reflecting only tenderness, protection as well as love.

One day not like the others, the fairies made a serious mistake by being distracted by the wildlife that surrounded them. This led to these fairies moving away for a short time where they used to come and go. The king of the goblins was watching them from a hidden door on the surface of the earth just under a small carpet of wild flowers.

Unfortunately the fairies had not noticed this anomaly they saw absolutely everything from the air. It was then that the plan of the Goblin king could be set up. He had to take advantage of this flaw and time was counted. He had to be quick and therefore act in a lightning.

This was his only chance to steal the Enchanted Crystals™ of the fairies. For months he had dug with his own hands a gallery leading just below the frogs. A watertight door, improvised and located just in the center of the water point which was only waiting to be opened to allow it to seize the crystals which was only a few meters away from its landmark.

It was then that he took his courage with two hands to open this trap and to steal without the least scruple this famous dazzling crystals nourishing all day long from the rays of the sun.

Being on the side of the fairies, players will have to add a share of themselves in this disruptive element. It is through a rather perilous bonus game where the pitfalls will be many that players will have to progress to try to recover with strength and determination the Enchanted Crystals™ to hand it to its place.

In addition to offering a bonus level to the multiplication power of x500, the Enchanted Crystals game enriches its gameplay with expandable wilds, free spins giving an opportunity to activate extra spins free, re-spins or progressive Jackpots to the number of four.

In this magical atmosphere, users of the Enchanted Crystals™ slot machine will be able to entertain themselves with 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to earn money. Speaking of profits, this Play’n GO brand casino game leaves an opportunity before each new 5-reels launch to activate a bet value among the following £0.20, £1.00, £2.00, £10.00, £50.00.

In other words, the mobile video slot Enchanted Crystals™ offers an opportunity to entertain from £0.20 and maximum with a £50.00 banknote. I must say that this is a fairly flexible range of bets that will most certainly satisfy a good number of players.



Enchanted Crystals™ is a mobile slot machine Play’n GO which features in its wilds gameplay. Jokers that are equipped with a complementary option called expandable. In other words, it is an improved wild that has the advantage of being able to colonize the whole height of the reel where it will make its apparition.

In this context, it is as if there were three wilds on each other. With such a configuration on the interface, the wilds are therefore three times more likely to release profits if we compare it to a basic wild that can only have substitution power on its space unmarked by a single case.

The jokers of the Enchanted Crystals™ money game are able to replace all the icons that form the game except those that open access to other features that are the bonus game as well as free spins. During their presence because the expandable wilds can very well manifest themselves in several places during a turn, they will offer at first time prize.

Following this, the jokers will leave room for a re-spin that translates into a free spins. By getting 1, 2 or 3 wilds expandable on the screen, the latter will offer on a respective plan 1, 2 or 3 free spins. At the end of this or these spins offered, the game Enchanted Crystals™ will resume its normal course to export the players concerned in the main game.


The bonus level of the video slot Enchanted Crystals™ can be activated in the event that 3 icons of the hideous portrait of the Goblin king will appear anywhere on the 5 reels of the slot. Once this step is successfully completed, players will have to show courage to land suddenly in a world less pacifist than that known until here.

They will be plunged into the mark of the king of the Goblins. Players will have to show distrust by walking through their underground galleries. Meandering passages and traps with not very convenient guards but while keeping in mind that the purpose of this presence in these humid, dark and cold places is to recover costs the Enchanted Crystals™ of fairies.

To carry out this mission that is not impossible to complete, players will initially be in a room with four doors made with tree roots. Players will embody one of the fairies and they’ll have to guide them through these steps of the bonus game enough hostile.

To order the actions of the fairy, it will suffice simply to call on his computer mouse and select one of the four doors. Following this initiative, the fairy will perform this action by opening the door. Behind the latter can be concealed red gems that will be counted in a gauge visible in the upper left of the interface of game.

This short scenario will allow the fairy to progress in a new room with a door in less and therefore with the presence of 3 doors. On the other hand, if from the outset it is the king of the goblins who is discovered, the latter will shout of hysteria to intimidate and frighten the fairy so that she leaves from where she comes and especially without the crystals enchanted under the arm.

This will have the impact of finalizing the bonus game prematurely. If gemstones are discovered before this unfortunate episode, players will leave the bonus game without really completing it but with profits in pocket.

To complete this enchanted crystal recovery mission, players will have to make a flawless play for 3 consecutive games. The last room will leave them the pleasure of resuming the crystals and then leave as soon as possible these places of morbid nature with the key a very important discount with the knowledge that this option is able to multiply up to x500 the total prize obtained.


Let’s go back to the light with the free spins of the 3D slot Enchanted Crystals™. In the heart of this feature, butterflies will be masters of ceremonies. They will be present to significantly increase the probabilities to pocket the money.

These colorful insects and very pleasing to the eyes will have the feature of being simple wilds. They will move throughout the free spins activity period and will randomly arise at the end of each spin on icons. To activate this feature, the mobile video slot will need to see on its 5 reels at least 3 scatter icons represented by a butterfly foraging in a flower of water lilies.

The free spins feature of the Enchanted Crystals™ game will give players an opportunity to entertain themselves for free with 10 spins. During its operation, this feature will be in full capacity to release extra free spins that can in groups of 10 reaching a climax of 50.



Enchanted Crystals is a fantastic game that traces peaceful fairy life in perfect harmony with nature until the day when a disturbing element comes to upset the course of their daily lives. The king of the Goblins, a repulsive and greedy protagonist who wants only one thing, steal by any means the Enchanted Crystals™ present in the world of light.

Enchanted Crystals™ is a slot machine that has a good screenplay with very complete gameplay in terms of its features. By translation, Enchanted Crystals™ offers an unforgettable game experience with graphics to perfection. This Play’n GO online game is perfectly well framed with options like for example the bonus game that is set up so that players can be completely absorbed in the content of the story.

The decision made must be created by users so that they can progress in the bonus level. I really like this kind of feature that can not be more playful and gainful than that. Indeed, the bonus level does not go with a dead hand with a multiplication power at the end of the course that can reach a level of x500!

A very important coefficient that collects great odds to bring players to mega win. For those who like to play rather fairy games with internal overturns leading players to become heroes, I can only recommend the title Enchanted Crystals™ Play’n GO because it is really worth the detour knowing that it is at the moment ranked among the popular games in a lot of English online casinos.

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