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Emerald Isle™

As usual, game developers who are part of the organization of NextGen Gaming are keen to take the lead in innovating again and again in the realization of their titles. Today, on October the 12th of 2016, NextGen Gaming paints another painting by moving towards a new horizon which is that of Emerald Isle™.

Is a mobile casino game of a new kind that is projected somewhere in Scotland in a remote area of atmospheric pollution and completely protected by a dense forest of particularly dense oaks. These places give off at first a magical atmosphere where a goblin at the usual to make her morning walk to the edge of a Fed frogs that is far from being like the others.

The world of Emerald Isle™ is full of mysteries and the legend says that this little one coming straight from fantasy tales would own a huge fortune weighing in gold and a rare purity. By simple strategic idea in order to predict the risk to be a day less fortunate than others and end up being robbed, this harmless being and high as 3 apples conceals its incalculable hoarding everywhere. To carry out his project, he uses vast cauldrons which themselves are in gold of a purity very rare.

The mobile Casino game Emerald Isle™ offers a sublime panoramic view of a Fed whose water doesn’t seem to be the one we all know. A liquid matter that seems to be much more crystalline with powerful regeneration powers. This place gives off a deep sense of inner peace and not only inhabited by this guy with a red beard but also by a young woman.

A female creature who seems to be a princess looking for her charming Prince for ages. Exuding an absolute charm and having a pronounced gift for seduction, this brilliant redheaded woman will have a power in the game to allow players to concretize winning lines in order to make them pay. It will make its appearance from time to moment to reinforce this feeling of general well-being that releases the slot Emerald Isle™.

In this unique world where only the sweetness, love and calm seems to coexist, the users of the Emerald Isle™ slot machine will have the opportunity to be entertained with simple wilds, free spins as well as Extra Free spins, scatters, earning multipliers (x3 to x500), a bonus channel and finally a feature leaves or Double

Composed of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines, Emerald Isle™ authorizes players to put into play sums of money included in a niche that ranges between £0.20 and £500.00. Yes, it is not a bad joke, it is possible to be able to blaze up to £500 per spin. A bet ceiling that will undoubtedly attract players who have big budgets to indulge in their passion for gambling online.

However, the general setup of bets for the mobile casino game Emerald Isle™ remains in my humble opinion quite limited. Indeed, it is only possible to choose a denomination value starting from £0.01 to evolve up to a maximum index of £25.00. Understand that the 20 lines made available will not be able to be influenced in number because the latter are Frozen.



The mobile slot machine Emerald Isle™ has wilds. A feature that has the primary purpose of allowing the game to know fast upheavals at the level of the training of pay lines. The wild is indeed in the context of all slot machines a joker who has the force of being able to act as a substitute for symbols.

In the context of the Emerald Isle™ game, this joker will be able to replace all the icons but with the exception of the scatters that are illustrated by a rainbow. In the configuration of the slot Emerald Isle™, this joker that is illustrated by the character of this fabulous story is the elf wealthy can be the subject of several appearances at the end of a Spin.

This wave of several wilds items on the 5 reels will have the effect of sowing the discord and above all to strengthen the probabilities to obtain a winning line of gain. In addition to having this size advantage which is to be able to manifest several times on the screen is totally random, the wilds will show themselves even more generous by offering lots of coins. By obtaining 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times this leprechaun with emerald eyes, the latter will distribute respectively 2, 10, 175, 1000 or even 6000 tokens.


This carefully combed red-bearded gnome will also play a supporting role in The gameplay of the Emerald Isle™ casino game. He will take pleasure in participating in the second feature that will follow and that bears the name of bonus channel. To enter this show, the goal will be to count at least 3 symbols of a wooden chest whose contents are illuminated by hundreds of rooms of gold.

Once this has taken root in the game, players will suddenly be sent to a secondary page. The latter will erase the visual of the 5 reels of the slot machine to show instead 3 rows composed of 4 chests similar to those encountered in the main game just before the introduction of this new page.

The goal to progress in this bonus round will be to click on random chests taking into account that there will be 12 in total. The goal will be to fall nose to nose with 2 identical values. This may be as well being earning multipliers in ability to reach a level of x500 or then values in Pound currencies.

The uncovered multipliers will slide on the right side of the slot machine in a vertical band while the pound indices will be placed on their safe where they were hitherto concealed. After that, the winnings will be counted in cash and the game Emerald Isle™ regain its normal course by displaying its interface again with its 5 reels.


To encompass this enchanting side of the game, an icon represented by a rainbow is going to position itself occasionally on the reels of the slot machine. These are clearly scatters that will have the primary task of activating free spins where all the profits obtained will be multiplied by 3.

A game sequence that will offer a relatively long time may have a lifetime of 10 spins. The game will know many twists and that especially in its sound. During this stage of play where players will only be spectators, there will be good probabilities for the gameplay to open a certain access to extra Free spins.

So that this advantage in the game can come to life, the 5 reels of the video slot Emerald Isle™ will have to re-host at least 3 scatters items. In addition to allowing this mobile casino game to offer free spins in the number of 10 from the start, the rainbow scatters will be able to follow the path of the simple wilds by offering packs of parts. By obtaining 2, 3, 4 or 5 scatters, the latter will be able to distribute 2, 5, 10 or 100 respectively tokens.



This is a first for NextGen Gaming publishers with this new theme that looks actively on the chance. With this elf, these icons illustrative of chance with for example this four-leaf clover. I very much appreciate NextGen Gaming for this ability to make available since its library a volume of games varied in terms of themes. To focus solely on the latter title on behalf of Emerald Isle™, I must say that NextGen Gaming made one without foul.

This only concerns my opinion of course but I say this because this mobile casino game has the talent to merge both a catchy theme with iconic characters and on the other side a gameplay particularly rich in features. Therefore, there is nothing missing from this one-armed bandit to be among the most complete games taking into account that the theoretical redistribution rate for players is 96.59%. The bonus handle level demonstrates with ease its power of generosity by allowing with a zest of chance to unlock a multiplier of x500.

To summarize, I therefore recommend with a great R Emerald Isle™ for its graphic quality, its extended gameplay in relation to its number of features and its high redistribution index allowing to acquire victories in regularity.

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