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Trusted electronic wallets or e-Wallets for depositing and withdrawing money in online casinos


Still very little known to my liking to the players of the hexagon, Upaycard arrives as A lifeline in the world of e-Wallets…


Presents on the electronic money market since the dawn of the year 2012, Papaya is a Maltese-based firm that reveals itself…


Ecopayz is a payment solutions provider that fits both for than for businesses. EcoPayz is a sign that is still so far in constant…

Electronic wallets or e-wallets that they are used to play money in online casinos, to make purchases on the net or even in the real world are experiencing today’s day a popularity exponential. These few multinational companies are very frequented by consumers around the world and this by the phenomenal strength of a machine with powerful marketing techniques reputed to be aggressive.

If I mention the name Neteller or Skrill, this is definitely talking about more than one. A certainty because many casino players trust these tenors with electronic wallets to deposit and cash money instantly via gambling sites. Despite the violent storm that after its devastating passage decided to take with it these two companies specialized in prepaid payment solutions, arrived as flowers in the spring of new players in the English market of Virtual currency portfolios suddenly set to nude.

Yes indeed, Skrill and Neteller were very popular e-wallets with the players of the hexagon. Two products that actually made it one and represented by the group Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. A regulated firm in the United Kingdom and duly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the same Country.

Today have come to clog the complete emptiness caused by the sudden evaporation of these two giants in the English market of other holding as UPayCard, papaya or even EcoPayz all as serious and dedicated to their clients. They confine themselves to proposing similar services confounding in addition to access to an electronic portfolio, prepaid cards mingled with lots of options as well as being able to send money to his close account in a few steps only, to settle purchases in stores, to withdraw liquid from cash machines and all this by retaining this significant advantage of minimizing the service charge for the enjoyment of the consumer.

Regardless of the service used, an electronic portfolio responds to a simple use and quick.

An electronic wallet allows you to receive and send digital money almost anywhere in the world. In this case to be able to play the casino in real mode all in a process of transfer of funds instantaneous and without bank spawning. But before you can use an electronic wallet, you have to go through the starting square which is to open an account without any investment.

To be done, just follow the instructions on the screen whether it is on mobile or PC. Regardless, the formalities are very simple to complete without the secure system requiring to spread our life in the big day. Just a few little details about our person in this perspective to know in all legitimacy who they have to do. Relatively drastic security measures are put in place both for the protection of each client but also for their administration that must comply strictly with the terms and conditions that frame their authorization to propose their various products active on the network internet.

To pay online or even credit your casino account, the e-Wallet that can be an example UPayCard will ask that the user in question check his account using scanned administrative documents. As a proof of domicile of less than 3 months and a copy of his passport in order to check whether the data beforehand informed at the time of registration are in accordance with the supporting documents provided before.

This identity verification protocol is exactly the same for all companies that offer this kind of online service in order to fight mainly against terrorism and money laundering. Once the electronic account is certified by being verified using a green cross, the user will then be able to use all of the UPayCard services made available, knowing that a support medium with English-speaking operators remains can be reached at any time and through many means of communication.

Many reasons hire many online casino players to use electronic wallets to deposit and instantly cash gains on the sites of games.

There are many advantages to using a virtual money wallet. To mention only the main ones in the life of an online casino player credit his account operates instantaneously and withdrawal requests are systematically processed in less than 24 hours shows in main.

The formalities to deposit money from its customer area are relatively simple and few because the online casino system does Application An e-Wallet account email that can for example be at the side of the English market papaya, UPayCard or even EcoPayz. Once this email is filled in, enter its password that allows a gateway between the virtual casino and the ewallet to open in order to give the player the endorsement to order a transfer of background in favor of the bank of the casino which turns into the player’s account so that he can start game sessions with real tokens.

The steps to start a collection request are similar with a deposit option to choose the desired processor to allow the transaction to take place and the amount of money you want. Following this procedure, the administration receives a payment request alert and with the method of withdrawal via the e-wallets the latter is for recall carried out in less than one day.

What is also reassuring with the electronic wallets and they derive their reputation thanks to this is that they are not very greedy in terms of personal data. Unlike the use of a credit card or a withdrawal request by bank transfer, e-wallets do not ask to inform a whole lot of relatively sensitive information such as the numbers of its credit card as well as those concerning the ciphers that pass through web servers for a certain amount of time even if encryption technologies are active.

With the use of electronic wallets, the identity of each player is thus preserved. Only an email or its account identifier number is sufficient to be authenticated and then to send funds to the latter or in the online casino cashier in partnership with this kind of processor of payment.

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