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Ecopayz is a payment solutions provider that fits both for than for businesses. EcoPayz is a sign that is still so far in constant evolution. EcoPayz is the result of 15 years of expertise in payment products on the internet and this renowned platform is represented by the company PSI-Pay Ltd.

Is an international firm that holds all the necessary authorisations to exercise legal rights in the electronic money sector. This in particular through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which itself is under the control of virtual currency for power-metering of electronic funds and offer its services online throughout the euro area (EEA).

PSI-Pay LTD is also a member of MasterCard by offering its customers the opportunity to hold a MasterCard-type credit card in 2 separate formats, including a prepaid card (EcoCard) and a virtual card ( EcoVirtualCard). PSI-Pay Ltd is located in the United Kingdom whose registration number is 05899168. The company’s registered office is located at Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England.

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The story of EcoPayz:

★ Since the launch of its activities at the beginning of the year 2000, EcoPayz objectives were also to provide payment solutions that rely essentially on an online account (EcoAccount). A platform that extended its tentacles proposed to benefit in optional option a MasterCard-branded credit card for companies as well as for individuals all over the world. The major goal for EcoPayz is to offer an instant payment method with high-performance security systems to also allow digital money to be conveyed in the world integer.

★ In 2008, the PSI-Pay LTD Company, which is recalling the orders for the EcoPayz Internet payment method, was regulated by the FCA operating hand in hand with the Financial Services and Markets ACT 2000 as well as the directive imposed by the countries of The European Union concerning the movement of capital through electronic money. In the same year, PSI-Pay LTD had fulfilled all the requirements to receive authorization from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) to legally issue electronic money while being both regulated and supervised.

★ The following year, PSI-Pay Ltd adhered to MasterCard and was a member of this firm to be able to issue bank cards of this brand. A few months after this lasting collaboration with this giant of the Bankcard, EcoPayz launched its own application available on iphone (iphone App).

For further information about this revolution, EcoPayz was the first financial institution to offer the public an application of this kind. With time to expand to 2014, This phone application known 3 major twists with the key to heavy updates to dramatically improve the degree of experience of users.

★ As for its website, EcoPayz has a multilingual support that has been set up in premises in the course of the year 2010. With very significant growth over the months, EcoPayz had to quickly find solutions to meet the increasingly massive demand of its clients.

It is then that this multilingual assistance offering services in English was born with a coverage of 24h/24 and 7d/7 as well for the private individuals as for the companies implanted around the world. The customer service is accessible from the contact page of the site. The latter exposes a very comprehensive FAQ covering also popular issues, login and password, EcoCard payment card, promotion codes, pay trader, practical guides, NeoSurf, multi currency account, transfer Money and the list is still Long.

Other than this module based mainly on questions and answers, EcoPayz’s assistance remains accessible by email or via instant messaging. EcoPayz is also active on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and also on the popular free channel and video sharing site Youtube.

★ In 2011, EcoPayz had the ingenious idea and before many others of his competitors like Neteller to propose a business account version. The creation of such accounts was quickly felt in order to allow companies to be able to pay instantaneously the salaries of their employees, affiliates or to be able to settle the monthly expenses related to their activities, etc.

★ From 2008 to 2013, EcoPayz was called EcoCard and it was then when 2013 that the ensign made the decision to change its name to that of EcoPayz. This brand of international payment solution had made great steps in its evolution and its name then had to evolve in this sense. Many options were within the reach of customers and companies of the world integer.

EcoPayz represented a fairly substantial range of products such as EcoAccount, EcoCard, EcoVirtualCard, EcoVoucher, EcoPayz Business as well as the EcoPayz Merchant Account. In that same year, EcoPayz did not waste time to put in the sight of all a mobile version of its website. An important update to make it easier for their customers who are regularly on the move to manage their business from their nomadic devices as if they were in their physical offices.

★ In January 2015, EcoPayz still experienced a great good in its progression with the introduction of the virtual payment card named EcoVirtualCard. This new technology offers big advantages such as having immediate access to its single use card to make purchases either from your computer or by using a mobile device.

★ In May 2014, EcoPayz launched its own app EcoAccount, which allows you to access its EcoPayz account in a few clicks and that day and night. This application is available for free download from Google Play Store and it is compatible on IPhone, IPad and on Android devices.

★ In June 2014, the EcoCard product received the first prize dedicated to the best design of the prepaid card at the PREPAID365 Awards with 70% of the votes of public.

★ In November 2014, EcoPayz put in place a new feature focused primarily on security. An option that allows you to safely obtain the PIN code of the EcoCard card. In the past, this 4-digit code was sent by post at the same time as the shipment of the card.

As for Skrill, the pin code may only be removed from the official site after some security measures such as the 16-digit request of the card, the 3 digits of the cipher and the expiration date to ensure a security copy before the PIN code is revealed. Without this check, the card cannot be used either for withdrawals from an ATM or for purchasing regulations in any stores.

★ In the latest developments in EcoPayz, this international payment platform has launched an affiliate program to allow any webmaster to recruit new customers. In exchange for this promotion of EcoPayz products on their website, ECOPAYZ program affiliates receive commissions on purchases made by sponsored persons using their account EcoAccount.

The benefits of using a EcoPayz account:

★ EcoPayz is above all else a sign that is reputed worldwide to ensure the optimum security of the financial and personal data of its millions of customers across the globe. Sensitive data is kept safe by high-performance encryption systems (256-bit encryption and several firewall) and then placed in virtual vaults.

EcoPayz has several accreditations and memberships including the CAF regulation, the
PCI DSS that stipulates compliance with the payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, PCI
Security Councell that maintains compliance with data security standards (DSS), MasterCard Who is the member of EcoPayz and who formally authorizes him to issue payment cards, EMA who is a member of the Association of Electronic Money (EMA) and the last to date which is ICO which is the body of the Commissioners of information that regulates EcoPayz and stipulates that it is in compliance with the Data protection Law of 1998.

★ EcoPayz It is also a very effective way to use your money at any time whether it is day or night and from any place in the world by simply connecting to its EcoAccount account or using the web application. The creation of a EcoPayz account is free and does not impose management spawning which is a strong point to remember. In addition, the formalities to have a EcoPayz account are simple and quick. There is no need to inform bank account information to supply his EcoPayz account and the credit check is missing which allows to credit his account without constraint.

★ The EcoPayz website is not only accessible from a computer screen but also on all nomadic devices. An advantage that allows you to make expenses or to consult your account online when you want and especially with this possibility of being able to interact with his account EcoPayz outside his home. In addition, the application (Appli EcoAccount) allowing to connect to its account is free and it turns out to be relatively simple of use.

★ EcoPayz provides all of its customers with English assistance available every day of the week including all public holidays of the year. Its website and its mobile application are also available with full language versions English.

★ EcoPayz is not only an electronic wallet. It also allows you to take advantage of a bank card option available in 2 formats, the first of which is EcoCard (prepaid card) and the second EcoVirtualCard (single use virtual card). To do this, it is enough to make the request that remains in theory free (see country of residence) from its account EcoAccount.

After checking its postal address, the card is sent within 15 days. A prepaid card in the name of EcoCard that makes it possible to make purchases in millions of points of sale and withdraw money from ATMs. The only condition is that the latter accept bank cards of the MasterCard type.

EcoPayz does not stop at payment cards available under the currencies EUR, GBP and
USD but goes further in this direction by offering a EcoVoucher service. This is purchase voucher like CASHlib which can amount to 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, 75, 100, 200 or 250 under the currencies EUR, USD, GBP and CAD. This technology makes it possible to remain anonymous and to avoid divulging its financial information online or in the event that the persons interested in these prepaid tickets do not own credit cards.

The method of obtaining EcoVoucher is very simple. Just go to a point of sale closest to his home and proceed to purchase a voucher in exchange for a unique code with 16 digits. Subsequently to connect to the internet to pay in an immediate way by filling in its code present on the ticket EcoVoucher and this in a perfectly secure execution framework and anonymous.

★ EcoPayz is also a good way for merchants because it offers the possibility to open a free business account. The opportunity to be able to pay anyone in any area of the world and that under 45 currencies and instantaneously. A good way to increase these incomes by having the opportunity to accept payments in a very short period of time, to be able to receive payments immediately after the creation of its EcoAccount account, to increase its number of purchases from abroad with a means of payment that is internationally recognized and to have dedicated assistance with the major objective of significantly increasing the business activities of the companies that give it confidence in the future.

Devices are set up to prevent fraud and increase the level of security of accounts. In addition, there are data encryption systems of 256-bit and several per-fire to protect long-term payment cards, a migration of contentious transactions, protection against reverse billing, an identity check to avoid identity theft and verify the veracity of the client’s age and actual identity, real-time transaction monitoring and much more to ensure a complete security service.

★ with a EcoPayz business account, it is also possible to earn money otherwise and this translates into an affiliate program. The goal is to recruit people online or in life through marketing tools linked to personal trackers. Each online purchase of a sponsored person through their EcoAccount account allows you to post commissions in their EcoPayz affiliate account. To frame this program to recommend EcoPayz to the public, a manager is present to advise his partners and provide them with promotional tools performance.

★ Finally, EcoPayz makes available to its customers a VIP program of 5 levels (Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinium and VIP). This system for displaying total transparency is also valid for a EcoAccount account as well as for the EcoCard and EcoVirtualCard cards. The higher the VIP level and the more benefits are growing with a fee that is lessening. To know the advantages of this VIP program, it is better to go directly to the official website of Ecopayz.

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