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eCOGRA fights for a controlled gaming environment.


eCOGRA is an independent organization based in the United Kingdom. Its major role is to act as mediator between an online casino accredited by its label and the customers of the latter.

A pledge of certain quality that continually aims through highly qualified personnel in the gambling industry to ensure the protection of players’ data, to ensure through multiple internal and external verification systems on the fairness of the game software used and take note of the general behavior of the virtual casino administration towards its clients.

By having the eCOGRA label, this small family together ensures that players can enjoy a safe, trusted and entertaining gaming experience. These various continuous verification protocols to verify compliance with the instructions imposed by eCOGRA are applied in the following jurisdictions: Alderney, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, First Cagayan, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Italy, Kahnawake, Latvia, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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What are the missions of eCOGRA ?

Created in 2003, the eCOGRA label was founded with the aim of creating regulation in the gambling industry. A measure committed to blatantly determine the level of ethics of a eCOGRA online casino administration compared to another that would not have this premium acronym at the foot of its web pages.

The objectives to carry out this long-term mission are many.

★ They begin with the protection of players by implementing a policy of responsible gaming and self-exclusion. Players eager to defeat a destructive addiction can be helped by online casinos holding the eCOGRA seal. Players have the opportunity to ask to be banned permanently from the casino and all the other eCOGRA sealers so that they can no longer connect to the site to deposit money. These skilled gamblers may also be excluded for a certain period of time, such as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or forever. Daily, weekly or even monthly deposit limits can be applied. Other than this label designed to protect people with addictive pathology in the game, eCOGRA is in collaboration with organizations with similar approaches such as GameCare and G4.

★ Protection of minors is also one of the major missions of eCOGRA. When registering and depositing money, the online casino administration must verify the identity of the account owner. To complete this mission, the player must check his account through administrative documents (ID card, passport, electricity bill of less than 3 months, driver’s license, etc.), proving his age, his identity and his place of residence. Once all the documents have been provided, an audit will be held to lean either in the case of an account closure or an approval. During the time phases (a few days to several years of play), players who are entertaining from a eCOGRA-certified casino will have to expect to receive additional supporting requests from time their account.

★ Virtual Casinos at the eCOGRA label are subject to an anti-spam policy and follow a privacy protocol. Account information must be kept out of the reach of a third party. In other words, it is strictly forbidden for an eCOGRA casino to resell some or all of its customers’ account information.

★ eCOGRA Online Casinos must be vigilant in the face of external behaviours of criminal types, fraud ambitions or money laundering. These pay-per-adult entertainment platforms must follow a relatively strict specification to be uncontaminated by injections of funds of dubious origin or mafia in some cases.

★ Game must be fair between the casino and the players. Therefore, game software must be able to be audited both internally and externally to eCOGRA online casinos. A way for the eCOGRA label to be able to control as it wishes through independent control bodies RNG and RTP the rate of theoretical redistribution of the eCOGRA certified casino.

★ The customer service of the playroom has to keep its voice in the face of the information related to its means of payment which includes both the deposit methods as well as the withdrawal of money. Customers must receive their gain within the time limits indicated on the payment options page of the online casino. Everything has to be fluid and therefore without hanging.

★ Outgoing and incoming transaction procedures must be maintained in a perfectly secure environment through a 128-bit or more SSL system. In other words, a secure connection that indicates from the navigation bar of the internet browser a small padlock with the domain name of the online casino on a green background. A system required in the specifications of eCOGRA so that the virtual casino is able to encrypt all the data of its customers to guarantee them protected to 100% of the hands of hackers.

★ Assistance must be responsive, courteous, satisfying and professional in the face of all situations as good or bad as they may be. For example, an operator should keep his or her composure in front of an abusive or threatening player.

What does eCOGRA actually do for players ?

What is good to note is that for a player to be able to apply for eCOGRA, the online casino where he is registered as a customer must hold the eCOGRA seal. A badge that must be visible at the bottom of the site and that in addition to it is all to his credit. This eCOGRA Safe and fair logo is clickable and it provides information on the veracity of the link between the online entertainment platform and the independent eCOGRA organization.

To be precise about this, eCOGRA ensures through permanent checks and in a totally random way that the online casino is trustworthy and that the players willing to bet money will be able to do it without worrying about anything. Earlier in this article, I mentioned the main missions of eCOGRA. A casino with this label is a token of additional confidence in the eyes of the players. It opens a healthy gaming environment.

A dispute between a customer and an eCOGRA online casino can be born. To date, this audit label has solved over 6000 challenges. In other words, eCOGRA acts as a mediator between the online casino and disgruntled players. Therefore, it ensures to resolve conflicts in less than 48 hours which is reassuring for customers.

From the website of, a page provides information on procedures to be followed in case of a willingness to want to contact them directly to expose a dispute with a partner site eCOGRA. First of all, it is advisable to verify that the site in question has the logo at the bottom of its website. It is requested to wait at least two weeks after sending a complaint by email to the online casino before contacting the official eCOGRA website directly.

It is not advisable to ask to be helped in the event that the terms and conditions of the online casino are not respected, which also prohibits the creation of multiple accounts. For information, all virtual casinos forbid this practice which is akin to fraud. Following the exposure of his complaint through the protest form available from the site, an eCOGRA agent will contact the offending online casino and represent the player on his behalf to find a positive outcome.

After investigation, the player’s complaint may be rejected or validated. In the case of an approval, the player will therefore win the case and the eCOGRA casino will be able to see its seal of approval eCOGRA threatened. It may be suspended on grounds of violation of the instructions required by the label.

The management team of the eCOGRA company is trained by highly qualified and experienced people for over 10 years in the online gambling industry. Currently and the list is only increasing over the quarters, eCOGRA offers its compliance and auditing services to more than 80 iGaming companies such as 32Red, Casino Action, Binguez Casino, 888 Casino, Casino la Vida, Boos Media, Mount Everest, etc.

These services do not stop at online casinos but also with RNG game software vendors such as Ongame software, Digitote, Alands, software with dealers male and female, like Netent, Microgaming, Gaming Externe Extreme Direct as well as affiliate programs like AffClub, BrightShare, Bwin Party Partners, Fortune affiliates, affiliate Party or even Star Partner.

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