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Eagle Sun™

Players will join an Indian tribe in the quest for wonderful winnings in the Eagle Sun™ slot machine. This free Lightning Box slot machine. The game takes place in the desert as Respin Racer™ of the same provider. If players can activate the bonus round they will be able to receive up to 22 free spins on an extended payline configuration of 80 lines. If players pick up wild cards during the free spins, they randomly add to the latest Super Eagle Spin which can also be triggered during the main game.

There is a problem in Chief Grand-Sage’s tribe. He no longer feels fit to continue to guide the tribe. He’s tired. All these wars have exhausted him. But there is a huge problem: normally it is the chief’s first child who must succeed him and in this case he had a daughter. The brother was convinced that he was going to take power, but…

This was without counting on his sister who saw herself perfectly with the necessary abilities to be able to properly guide the tribe. The council of sages is gathered, they cannot let a woman rule the tribe! It’s unthinkable! But she has no intention of letting go and she challenges her brother to go through the same tests as him to show that she is as brave.

The wise think and with the support of his father they accept but only on one condition: if they finish tied, they will have to fight until death or until one of them gives up. The two brothers agree, Belle Hair and Iron Bull are ready to compete.

The trials are very hard, but Belle Hair is holding up, she is very strong. His father had always given her good advice and above all had trained him and taken her from everywhere as if she were a boy, which annoyed his brother Iron Bull. He firmly believed that he should succeed his father, as did the other members of the tribe.

The trials were becoming more and more painful, the brother and sister were alone in the hills to be able to determine who would be the best and strongest to be able to lead the tribe of Indians. But one event was going to turn everything upside down: Iron Bull was sick, he had a lot of fever but stubborn as a drunk he absolutely wanted to continue!

It was unthinkable to let your brother die for a challenge. Belle Hair had decided to return to the camp to bring her brother back to be healed by the great sorcerer. They didn’t have any horses, so Belle Hair made some kind of stretcher with sticks and a large tunic that she had brought.

When the Indians saw her arrive by pulling the sled with her brother in it everyone knew perfectly well that she deserved to be the chief of the tribe. She had put her brother before the challenge at the risk of losing everything. Her father was very proud to see that his daughter had learned all her lessons had decided to appoint her Chief of the Tribe. He knew that the tribe would be in good hands.

Features of Eagle Sun™:


Eagle Sun™ is a fun Lightning Box game and it comes with a modern interface like in Chicken Fox™ although the theme is not as much, related to Indian tribes and their way of life. The features are the ones that make the casino game entertaining. There are 5×4 reels and 40 lines in the base game, and players will be able to double the playing area and there will then be 80 active lines for free spins.

In Eagle Sun™ players will be treated to wild cards, scatterings, free spins, respins and Super Eagle Spins, all of the game’s main features. The main wild, the one that players will have in the basic game, will be the one offering the image of a mountain. All Eagle Wild symbols that may be available along the way must be used as a replacement for other symbols and will be part of the winning combinations that players will form.

Eagle Sun™ players will also be able to use them for their own combinations, not just as replacements, and they will be able to pay up to 700x if they fit into entire lines. May if you should know that they will not be replaced by scatter symbols. Eagle Wilds is only available in Eagle Spins, free spins or Super Eagle Spin.

A Re spin feature will also be available in Eagle Sun™, and it will offer several rounds, where you will need to get Eagle Sun symbols on the reels. At the end of the respins, the Eagle Sun symbols are transformed into Eagle Wilds. That’s when players will be compensated for all winning combinations that will be obtained.

The Eagle Totem Scatters will be required in three different locations in Eagle Sun™ to trigger 7 to 16 free spins, as well as 1 Super Eagle Spin. Up to 100x total bet rewards are also offered, depending on the number of symbols that will land on the reels. During the free spins is that you will get the reels to expand, they will double their size and the number of lines. So there will be 5×8 reels and 80 active lines to form winning combinations.

In The Eagle Sun™ slot machine, this doubles the chances of finding winning combinations, and will result in free spins. 1 Super Eagle Spin will also be triggered as a result of the free spins. Eagles collected in the free spins will be used for the Super Eagle Spin, as additional jokers.

Opinion about Eagle Sun™:

The theme is the expected story of a tribe of Indians in the middle of the American desert. The animal theme present here with the symbol of the eagle is a very dear theme to the Lightning Box software as he was able to show us for example in Blown Away™. The symbols will be very representative as the dream catcher, the tribal drums, the characters, and the letters of a deck of cards.

Overall, The Eagle Sun™ interface is not too bad, a bit simple but nice. The Eagle Sun™ casino game sounds fun, but you should know that the return to the player is 95.76% which is below average. Bets will range from 0.4 to €160 per line which is a fairly large betting range and which relies on the vast majority of players, not to mention those who bet hard to increase their adrenaline dose.

Prices seem pretty interesting during the free spins, where there are 80 lines to use, rather than 40 in the basic game. The Super Eagle Spin can have many wild symbols, so the chances of getting closer to a higher payment of €224,000 are higher. So we can give a good average to this Lightning Box game in terms of entertainment.

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