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Drive Multiplier Mayhem™

Fans of racing car games will most certainly enjoy playing with the last title of Netent! Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ is a video slot machine that offers itself through its gameplay to export its players to an unknown city in Asia. An average metropolis but far from being like the others.

A fraction of the inhabitants have a common passion which is the automobile tuning as well as the high speed race that takes place off circuit but indeed in the streets! These lovers or rather crazy about speed are called Twitch, Hamaki and Bruiser. With any luck, it will be conceivable to be able to program beautiful flaming courses with these three male characters to gain in addition to strong sensations guaranteed great probabilities to pocket generous profits!

About its global environment, this Netent video slot takes place in the middle of the night on the outskirts of a large city. The background exhibits lots of skyscrapers that illuminate the surrounding area with the help of their countless glazed floors. The left side of the Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ slot machine is dedicated entirely to a full-speed sports car that is completely modified to its appearance in order to offer it a unique aesthetic side and therefore tape to the eye.

No other vehicle can look like him. This prototype features a metallic violet body that shines under the light of the streetlights. Lowered, it has a fin that allows it to count significantly a few additional kilometers per hour.

An element to show off dressed in a pink neon that is responsible for defining in the twilight the length of this fin stretching from left to right. Its aluminium alloy wheels also follow this color as well as the grid at the front that allows it to protect its radiator. Some accessories are purely present to give a unique side to this dream car but not only. Others play an important role in order to emphasize to the extreme its power including its bodywork that is profiled to the extreme.

Aesthetics is one thing but in the world of video slot machine Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ is the speed that prime. To break records and always push the capabilities of its explosion engine already at the top of its power, nothing beats a little extra nitrous oxide or even named Nitro. For information, this is one that allows a considerable increase in the power of the engines during automobile competition.

Generally located not far from the driver’s place, this gas with highly flammable properties is stored in one or more tanks. As millions of people have seen and reviewed it through the Fast and Furious movies, Nitro is used to catch up on where to radically sow its opponents.

Once the engine of the car is at the height of its capabilities, the pilot presses a small button that does not pay mine like this but is going to have the mission to release this Nitro gas to carry it in the engine to give it a big blow of boost.

The online game Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ event will take place because players will not be alone at the command of the slot machine. This video slot 3D Netent will allow its players to compete with 3 opponents with the names of Twitch, Hamaki, and Bruisier. Real burnt heads who will not hesitate to use nitro to win the race.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ is an online game that promises many twists in its gameplay and largely during the free games where nitrous oxide will be allowed. There will also be wilds that will charge to count huge payout multipliers. A fixed jackpot of £270 000 is also open and it can fall in every moment of game!

Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ is a fixed video slot machine that offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 payment lines. In Bet Max, this online casino game can go up to a limit of £75 which is already a nice sum of money.

To start small at the lowest, Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ allows you to start entertaining with £0.15 euro. Although the game does not have free lines, players will be able to program a bet value using the coin value buttons (1 to 10) and denomination (£0.01 to £0.50).



As for all brand video slots Netent that we have been able to reference on the Avis Casinos site until now (March 14th of 2016), Wilds will be part of the set designer!

In addition to participating in the formation of pay lines, these substitution icons will have the role of offering totally random a price multiplier based between X1 and X5! These items are represented by a car tour account with in relation to the power granted an engine rumble ready to melt the bitumen.

The jokers of the game of chance Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ to appear anywhere on the reels and they will be able to replace almost all the icons of the video slot except the symbols that are responsible for opening the Free Spins as well as the feature Nitro.

In addition to these few benefits I just listed, Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ is a virtual casino game that allows these wild gain multipliers to associate with each other when they show up several times during The end of a spin. To be precise about this we will take the example on the presence of a wild of x4 on the reel number 1 and a second of x5 on reel number 5.

In this case, the game will calculate a multiplication ratio of 4×5 or x20 multiplier which in turn multiplies with the total amount earned in that part. Needless to say, the price level will be able to reach peaks without too much difficulty with this feature of striking out!

Free spins will also be present to remind that the Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ slot machine wishes to mark the spirits and for a long time at the level of its ability to redistribute chips once present in the gameplay of Free Spins! To be able to play with 10 free spins, it will be asked to gather at least 3 scatter icons on reels 2, 3 and 4.

By completing this requirement at 100%, the free spins will immediately set up by activating an icon still unknown so far. This is the Nitro item. The symbol of the mother power that will allow during the free spins process to accumulate other free games and then open an access to jokers Multipliers! For this to take shape in the game of Drive Multiplier Mayhem™, it will be necessary to gather on reels 2, 3 and 4, 3 items of the Nitro.

But this icon that is far from similar to others will also allow to program new frantic challenges with other opponents. When activating free spins, players will automatically duel with the first driver that is Twitch.

By getting nitro icons that are counted in a power bar, this will move to the next level by changing the competitor. Each level change knowing that there are 4 in total will allow access to additional free spins as well as even more powerful wild multipliers than before!



Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ is my personal opinion a slot machine enough disappointing in the sense that I experienced great difficulty in achieving the functionality of the Free spins.

On the other hand, the wilds in the main game do an excellent job in the redistribution of chips. There is no remark on the paper on that side. What I mean is that once the wilds stage has been crossed, the game proposes to reach the free spins and they are particularly difficult to reach.

Therefore, I got bored for quite a while before accessing it. Once inside this second part of the gameplay, things are spoiled and in a good sense of the word with new graphic elements, frantic races, unknown sounds until then and gain levels unexpected.

The big gains have go on, one after the other which had for definition to allow me to earn more than £4200 in the space of a few minutes! It was at this point that I regretted being in a situation of play for fun.

I come back to the fact that I was disappointed because for me, the online game Drive Multiplier Mayhem™ requires to inject a lot of money before really being able to know its gameplay in its entirety. Content that makes sense in the stage of the Free Spins.

Therefore, I think that this game of chance is not really made for players in small purses because as I wrote, it is necessary to inject a good number of chips before you can find a satisfactory profitability despite its rate of redistribution posted from 96.70%.

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