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Dragon Palace™

Dragon Palace™ is a slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows that offers up to 243 ways to rake money. A video game that comes straight out of the limitless imagination of the game publishers of the NextGen gaming firm .

Is a 3D slot that proudly bears the name Dragon Palace™ and is determined to ship the entire audience to Asia. A major mission that was also the challenge achieved by one of the last slot of 5 reels put online on the site of Avis Casinos under the title of Astro Cat available in Normal Game and Full Screen.

So it’s 2 new Internet pages classified 100% entertainment that puts your hand to the paw to offer an unlimited playing time and does not require any form of download before you can begin to align the bet.

Dragon Palace™ is a NextGen gaming casino game that stands in front of the facade of an Asian palace where the keeper of the place is summed up to be a dragon. A legendary creature in the eyes of a large majority of people around the world but not in that of Dragon Palace™ which refers to the help of a representation that image with finesse this spitting animal of fire.

That of Dragon Palace™ is well animated and it reveals itself to the public through physical characteristics that would make it back more than one. This dragon took the decision and without the slightest objection of others to take as new territory the roof of this majestic dwelling. A choice that is not left to chance allowing it to have a breathtaking view on the interface of the game.

Not to say systematically, he stands ready to pounce on his next prey or to kiss the 5 reels of the Dragon Palace™ slot machine by spitting multiple sheaves of fire. Determined to put the atmosphere in the game and to accompany the various features that constantly germinate in the gameplay, this dragon has the art and the way to hide in the scenery. As would naturally be a chameleon who would change color according to his moods, to be forgotten or to develop a strong strategy of attack and leave no ounce of luck to his prey.

This animal of extreme aggression melts literally in the landscape of Dragon Palace™ by combining perfectly well with the tiles that form the roof of this palace. Endowed with a relatively thick skin and covered with golden scales, Dragon Palace™ occupies an important place in the game by inviting each time in the adventures of the game as long or short as they can be.

This creature has formidable paws that are equipped with powerful claws. But his weapon of choice remains his ability to incinerate everything that lies at 15 meters around him spitting without release ruthless columns of fire as destructive as a flame lance. An animal that remains quite intimidating in the face of its physical appearance and remains unpredictable in the time.

Few predators would dare to defy him because to observe him when he is hunting it is clearly a war machine. He has a fine frame which explains his thinness and his address to sneak in every nook and of course without arousing suspicions of his presence.

Most of the time, he will remain quietly perched on his observation post. It will benefit from the full length of the temple roof where the Dragon Palace™ casino game interface is supported to extend its body which in passing and remarkable flexibility by being operational to anticipate possible external attacks.

It almost never happens because it rest the last link in an important food chain. At his sole will, he leaves his hind legs on the left, conceals his entire bust and will be clearly noticed on the left by showing off his head in order to create and freeze in time some form of intimidation.

It will open big the mouth like a crocodile story to point out to all the eyes of his fearsome teeth sharpened like a razor. By diverting its own look from the top of the slot machine and pointing it more to the center of the screen by pointing at the 5 reels, we can clearly discover many symbols that reinforce the Asian side of this game of casino.

During spin phases, players will be able to rub shoulders with other animals but are much more docile like turtles or chinese carps. There will also be an illustration of the Temple, a samurai, water lilies and many other illustrations that for some would lead straight to ultra feature income.

The Dragon Palace™ slot machine has found a good keeper, but it is not that she will not be generous towards the players. It proves it at first by displaying from its brief table of earnings a theoretical return of bets committed by players of 95.58%!

In the face of such generosity at the level of its payment force, the video slot Dragon Palace™ will be put to work by means of features including Wilds simple, free spins, a or double feature, earnings scatters as well as scalable earning multipliers that can reach a level of x20 !

At the level of the landscape of the betting range, Dragon Palace™ is not a classic slot machine that is responsible for making available free or frozen payment lines. No, this slot machine signed NextGen Gaming is much more subtle than that by leaving a golden opportunity to play and try to collect money through 243 opportunities!

Equipped with 5 reels and 3 rows, the online casino game Dragon Palace™ offers the possibility of putting into play sums of money included in a range of bets ranging from £0.01 up to £50.00 per spin. To select then validate a bet before launching the 5 reels that power the game, there is no 36 solutions but only one. The choice of a denomination value available between £0.01 and £2.00 euros.



The first feature of the Dragon Palace™ silver game is to be a Dragon Joker. A recurrent feature in the gameplay of the slot machine that can be found on internet.

But a feature that remains effective because its primary goal is to help the game to solve a heck of a problem that is to finalize pay lines or ways to collect money as is the case with the Dragon Palace™ setup.

A number of 243 possibilities can therefore explode in the big day to serve more or less voluminous prizes. The Dragon wild of the online casino game Dragon Palace™ is represented and without real surprises by the head of the Dragon pouncing on something that is not imagery to the screen.

A riddle that speaks volumes and takes a clever pleasure to reveal the true identity of this deadly dragon that during his repeated attacks suddenly becomes red fire. The Dragon Wild will have a power of action on the reels 2, 3 and 4 only and it will be able to act as a group to reinforce this willingness to want to give a boost to the video slot so that it can transmit kilos of chips to players!


The scatters will be in the corner and the latter will be identifiable by a palace. These scatters palaces will be responsible for activating free games (Free spins) which in the best case scenario can evolve to a value of 20!

But to achieve such a level in the game of Dragon Palace™, you will have to first encounter bonus icons illustrated by a temple. At minimum 3 and anywhere on the game screen to validate the setting up of 8 free spins, 12 for 4 Palace scatters and the 20 displayed by getting 5 scatter icons.

Once a number of scatters are visible on the interface to unlock free spins, the latter will be in service without losing a second. The ambient decor will suddenly gain freshness with a background that lets you enjoy a beautiful azure blue sky.

Of the smoke will cover the shrubs that were so far located in the foreground when passing in the main game and the Dragon will always be on his perch history to not miss anything at the party with the counter of free spins visible in top left of the screen.

In this deluge of free spins, the Joker Dragons will create a strong alliance with the free parts giving at first an additional chance to gain profits but also to generate multipliers of evolutionary prices Set to x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 or x15! What to leave this free sequence with the pockets full to crack of spins!



Dragon Palace™ is a NextGen Gaming video slot that has nothing unpleasant for eyes. NextGen Gaming is far from being at its first test shot an issue of innovations by the presence of dragon to good or bad intentions as illustrated by the titles of A Dragon’s Story (Game Normal Game ~ Full Screen) or even Dragon Drop (Game Normal Game ~ Full Screen).

I have for regret the level of quality of the soundtrack which in my opinion should have been more worked on the level of finishes and especially during the game phases orchestrated by the features wild and free spins.

By alluding to these, I’m pretty disappointed with the gameplay which in my opinion lacks consistency. A bonus level would have been welcome so encompass the 2 present features. This does not mean that Dragon Palace™ has a mediocre redistribution. Well at Contrary! When you enter the free Spins session, it simply translates into a pure pleasure of distraction. An interface with visually pleasing graphics and a redistribution power that would make more than one other slot machine.

The earning multiplier are small onions to promote game performance with a maximum index of x15 and this chance to play for free during 20 spins! In making this remark about the amount of features, I would rather draw attention to the fact that the routine game can quickly settle down playing Dragon Palace™.

It’s my player experience that expresses itself and I know for a fact that 2 features are insufficient to carry for long moments players in the gameplay of a slot.

Subject : Dragon Palace™ ~ 20 Free spins associated with a multiplier of x15!
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