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We have noticed that for some time that NextGen Gaming publishers have a weakness for games with animals. Variations mainly in 3D that are accompanied by multiple adventures. Waves of actions invaded by many humorous touches.

On 13th of November of 2015, was a day when we had put online the slot machine with no download Super Safari™ ! Today is the 30th of January 2016, we return more beautiful with a new title in the name of Dragon Drop™ which holds many similarities! A virtual slot that will do without any difficulty the happiness of online gaming enthusiasts. In any case for those who have a preference to entertain themselves on games offering a general atmosphere completely shifted from reality.

Dragon Drop™ is a flash slot machine of the brand NetxGen Gaming that puts in action its 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 lines in a particularly colorful world. Nature dominates the places with immense green meadows, which make me slightly think of those of Wonky Wabbits. A game of random Netent led by rabbits completely crazy who only think to make antics to amuse the gallery.

NextGen Gaming likes to animate its many virtual slots through one or several protagonists. In the world of Dragon Drop™ and as its name can demonstrate to us without too much difficulty, it is an animal from many Asian legends that will serve as the main appearing. It is clearly a dragon who clearly does not yet spit fire but who like above all to overlook his place of life by flying with the help of his little wings still fragile.

Of sheepish appearance, this harmless creature of green color and loving pulling its great red blood tongue will play a very important role during the course of the game. It will allow him to change facets at the level of his graphics but he’ll go a little further in his involvement by participating in the implementation of features. Additional options to play that we will discover as a result of this table of the slot with no download Dragon Drop™.

The world of Dragon Drop™ is wonderful with a total absence of violence. The sky is azure blue with a few clouds here and there that reinforces this softness that wants to diffuse Dragon Drop™. On the horizon, hills are barely visible in the mist. Among a fairly large number, there is one that attracts attention and is located on the left.

The latter is detached from the others at the level of its physical aspect because it supports on its top a strong castle. A second located this time on the right of the Dragon Drop™ interface proudly presents a windmill. Two opposites that for the first symbolizes the richness and power side marked by the presence of a castle and for the second that evokes the peasant side rhyme with low incomes and submission created by an elite. In our case a family of aristocrats living in a fortress and possessing in addition many lands.

The Dragon Drop™ game screen does not allude to any of this. Many symbols flood the 5 reels of the Dragon Drop™ online slot. To name a few, these represent a sheep, dragon eggs, a farmer holding between his fingers a 4-toothed fork, a castle, a safe with kilos of gold coins and much more. Floating just above a tulip field, the Dragon Drop™ Silver game offers a fairly large range of bets starting from £0.01 by extending up to a maximum value of £50.00.



The first feature and the ones that will probably jump in the eyes of all. These are the wilds. Usually, this feature only appears through the 5 reels.

This is also the case for the virtual slot without downloading Dragon Drop™ but with an extra detail that makes all the difference. At the top of the reels 2, 3 and 4 are 3 dragons. It is to wonder why they are located in this area. They will participate in the evolution of the slot machine? These beings are actually wilds.

Playing the balancers on the reels that I have just stated, they will be able at every moment to come out on the reels corresponding to them by turning into a joker icon. The game has absolutely no control over how they manifest themselves. This suggests that the operation of this somewhat peculiar feature we must admit is totally random. Once present on the interface because they may very well show up more than once per spin, they will do their job of substitution.

They will have free district to replace all the items of the game Dragon Drop™ with the exception of the icon allowing to activate the free spins. During this short period of time but sufficient to notice it will draw a rainbow. Always in the heat of the action, butterflies with multiple colors will come out of this beautiful garden of tulips where only the smells are lacking to feel like in paradise of scents.

When the wild feature has finished forming winning lines by keeping only the one that yields the most chips, a multiplier will add its grain of salt to double the total value freshly realized.


There is no secret anymore. Yes indeed, free spins can be triggered from scatter icons. These items are represented by dragon eggs because as we can now doubt, the main character of Dragon Drop™ is a female.

To enter a session of 8 free spins, it will be requested to obtain necessarily 3 scatter icons. When it is activated, this free play option will have the effect of metamorphosing a little bit the interface of the game by dipping it into the night. A sweet summer evening with a beautiful black sky dotted with stars that let spring a very intense white light see at certain moment mesmerizing.

The playful side that the Dragon Drop™ game offers can only be amplified at that time with prizes that will benefit from a multiplication by 2 at the end of the session!

The Wilds Dragon will also be active during the course of the feature with the advantage of staying frozen on the squares where they appear and that until the end of the free spins! No need to draw a picture to say that big win will have a high probability to leap out of nowhere.



I really like the atmosphere of the NextGen Gaming silver games when they put on the front of the animal scene. There is always a playful side where the general atmosphere is constantly turned to humor.

The Dragon is portrayed as a true angel while according to the earliest legends, the dragon is all the time called a devastating creature, spitting fire and killing everything that it encounters in its passage without having a glow of pity.

With the slot machine with no download Dragon Drop™, it is not. NextGen Gaming always turns situations towards conviviality and the happiness of living together regardless of the differences. In any case it is my personal feeling. I was seduced by the entire universe of the Dragon Drop™ slot machine with this nature that is installed at a loss of sight and its flowers in the foreground that offers an opening to a most soothing ambience.

On the other hand, the number of feature to play and to increase faster its chip capital is quite small. I would have appreciated a third feature by stating that I had a little trouble getting into the free games. For further information, the theoretical rate to the redistribution on earnings amounts to 95.23%. From experience, this data is far from the best.

In the past, I knew much better on the part of NextGen Gaming. Otherwise, the online slot Dragon Drop™ deserves to be operated by the players because it has nothing unpleasant to look aside that one should not expect a regularity in the face of probabilities on the chances of making profits.

Subject : Dragon Drop™ ~ 3 eggs minimum to play with 8 free spins!
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