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We were looking forward to it and it is now available in premiere on Avis Casinos! This new slot machine with 5 reels and 40 lines is named after Dracula™. In collaboration with Universal, this new masterpiece Netent offers its players to live in real time the legend of Dracula™ with a format of images in three dimensions.

This online game at the jackpot of 80 000 chips takes place in Pennsylvania where Dracula™ this vampire of the night and drinker of human blood has rested for many decades. The legend tells with fright that Dracula™ would still be alive and that he would manifest himself in the vicinity of dark and remote places. The video slot of Dracula™ not going to miss a single moment of episodes of this fine legend to allow him to be reborn in the form of a very realistic shoot of a few minutes. The purpose of the latter is to bathe the users and this in a fraction of a second at the heart of an atmosphere that reflects strictly speaking a climate of terror.

From the first second of connection to Dracula’s silver game, a first character will present himself with a rather special psychological posture. It is a young woman of about 25 years who keeps running at a very fast pace and in a frightened way. At this very precise moment she wishes only one thing, to join as soon as possible the center of her town.

She does not really know what is going on in the present moment but she feels a presence that does not want her good. In the beginning she had heard the sound of a surge of bats and then the latter fell on her without any reason. The young woman took her courage with both hands and hastened to step up to escape this attack which she could not understand because she had not provoked it. Now it is pointless for her to understand the causes of what is happening right now. His one and only goal is now to flee as quickly as possible this hell and to find help by entering his town.

She ran over and over again on the wet and slippery cobblestones of the great street. In her distress, she could still find a piece of mischief in her to pass from alley to alley in order to try to sow once and for all this black mass of bats as aggressive as a swarm of bees. In this crazy race, the young woman ends up losing her breath and her energy was starting to run out. This quickly felt as she stumbled against a pavement higher than all the others and she quickly ended up being drawn towards the ground through the force of severity.

Wounded by the consequences of this brutal fall, she was unable to rise. These pesky bats were always on his tails and determined better than ever to take his life away from him. Desperate for what she was going through, she tried to bounce back to be more beautiful but in vain despite her many attempts. In her last entrenchments, she began to crawl on the ground with her face marked by despair and continual fear. Dracula™ was there just behind her but the latter continued to resist this massive advance of bald mouse.

Despite the general and incessant cries of these flying mammals, she still heard a much more piercing and darker noise at the same time. It was Dracula’s, but it was too late for her to scream for help by shouting and by this opportunity to draw a completely different future than the one that was going to be played in the next few minutes. Dracula™ was already aspiring his blood to full sips with the help of his canines from his left jugular vein…

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Dracula™ is a slot machine that has the peculiarity of responding to all types of players and that in relation to the range of bets it offers. With this slot Netent, it will be possible to play from extremely low sums of money or in the order of £0.20. For those who wish to add a little spice to their spins at the level of their bet, they will be able to set up silver values that can reach a maximum of £200.00.

With 5 reels and 40 fixed lines, the Dracula™ online casino game offers the opportunity to play with dynamic and rich features in terms of potential earning return. During the course of this adventure, it will be possible to entertain with wilds and stacked wilds, free games and a feature peculiar to the game of Dracula™. As we had made the accuracy at the beginning of the presentation of this money game of the brand Netent, a fixed prize can be unlocked every moment knowing that it is worth 80 000 coins!


The first feature of Dracula™ is to be a duo of wild. Let’s focus at first on this simple wild. Illustrated by the letter W and in capital letter and red, implying that it is certainly human blood, the wild will aim to act as a substitute for symbols. He will be able to complete his role on reels number 2, 3 and 4 only and it will not be possible for him to intervene during the process of free spins that we will see by then.


On the other hand, the stacked wild will be able to act only during free spins. This feature is represented by Dracula™ who holds in his arms a woman who wears a white dress. The stacked wild option of this slot machine is configured to be more powerful than a simple wild. In fact, the stacked wild is built in three icons that fit together on top of each other so as to build a vertical block in three icons. The consequences of this structure are that when it is activated, the chances of winning for players will be multiplied by an index of 3 and the formation of secondary pay lines will be much more growing. In purpose, the stacked wild comes down to being a much more gainful feature than the wilds standards.


The free spins are well present inside the Dracula™ slot machine And we have to say that the latter are well staged in their activation! To be able to enter the heart of this option, it will be asked to get on reels 2 the stacked Dracula™ and on reel 4 the stacked lady. In this very precise configuration, a number of 10 free spins will activate in a few seconds. As previously stated, stacked wilds will be able to manifest themselves only on the coil 3 and during the free-spins process. In this case, the configuration of the game of Dracula™ will enable and credit a number of two additional free spins knowing that they will be added to the total free spins in course.


In addition to having the opportunity To win a jackpot worth 80 000 chips and that to the end of each engaged spin, the Dracula™ 40 lines money game also includes a special feature. The latter will have the peculiarity of acting in a totally random way whether during the main game or during the free spins. This option bears the name of bats and will be able to be activated only once by launched.

Accompanied by a beautiful staging in three dimensions, this special option will be animated by a battery of bats that go after a while will fall down at the same time on the screen of the slot machine. This will have the effect of drastically changing the illustration of some of the boxes that make up the interface. This circumstance will therefore lead to a new configuration and an alliance with icons between them which aims to change the course of events at the level of earning gain and ultimately strengthen the chances in favor of players so that they can make profits over a much more restricted time.



Of sublime scenery and multiple actions are to be discovered as the progress of the game. Dracula™ is a real masterpiece. We attention for a while already and we knew even before discovering that this slot machine would far exceed our expectations and this on many plans.

The graphics are remarkable with a cinematography starting that is orchestrated by many finishes and with impeccable image quality. The Netent publishers have provided an excellent work of achievement with this small film of introduction that aims to plunge us very quickly into this very special climate that is that of the history of Dracula™. The atmosphere is captivating and we want to make more progress in relation to this end which leaves a frank interrogation. What has become of this young woman? Where is she?

At the level of featuring, we liked the fact that the online casino game Dracula™ offers a special feature called bats. The latter participates in the elevation of the visual quality of the different cinematography that we can meet by navigating within the different game options offered. The redistribution of earnings is not too much to expect with the opportunity to play with a number of four features including a fully-featured free game session.

As we can understand, the editorial opinion is more than positive. Players who like whimsical and intriguing games at once will most certainly be served with Dracula™.

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