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Dolphin Gold™

Dolphin Gold™ is an adventure slot machine that was produced by the NextGen Gaming company. This recent creation is a virtual slot that takes place in the middle of the Pacific. Its game interface is totally immersed and this only a few meters deep in a huge Lagoon.

This place that we can clearly describe as paradise offers in terms of graphics the representation of a coral reef where all kinds of animal and plant species coexist. This place makes dreaming with a most comprehensive ecosystem starting with different types of corals such as Astrocoeniina, Fungiina and Faviina to mention only those ones.

Over time, this flora has become responsible for the construction of its countless boulders that eventually welded and thus create this atoll including in its heart a warm and turquoise water. Life has followed its cycle to house different living species such as algae, anemones, stars of sea… Their presence offers a particularly lively space which therefore causes a real dynamism.

To accentuate this phenomenon not far from being unpleasant, a small sea current touches the top of these large plants that are clinging firmly to the wall of this reef and which bring multiple tones of colors. The interface of the silver game Dolphin Gold™ rests on planks of wood, which suggests at first glance the remains of a wreck of boat.

To mark an additional degree in the face of its originality, Dolphin Gold™ has a cake to image the spin button that allows to launch the 5 reels of the slot machine. At the level of its interface which is responsible for illustrating the 5 reels of the game, the latter are elaborated by all kinds of representations that accentuate the fact that we are in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

The exact location of this place remains a mystery but one thing is certain is that this area is known to human beings. Clues allow us to assert this to see the resting debris on this white sand soil and this white beaded necklace that we can distinguish between the corals at the bottom right of the game. But maybe this gem belonged to a siren? The symbols of the game focus more on the wildlife that abounds at Dolphin Gold™.

As the title of this slot machine can make us understand, dolphins are not very far. They will play a very important role in relation to the options offered by the game. Without them, it will be very difficult to increase its level of chips in cash. Less friendly than these marine mammals with fairly advanced but equally generous intellectual abilities when we are interested in the features of the game, exotic fish, giant tortoises, rays… Prawns will also be present with a major concern of gravel in a group of four in a swirl of air bubbles the vertical studs that support the 5 reels of the game.

As we have just clarified, Dolphin Gold™ is a virtual slot that to play offers a number of 5 reels and 40 pay lines. Payment lines that can be activated manually either from 1 to 40. It will be conceivable to start playing from £0.01 of bet knowing that it will be perfectly possible to increase this value by selecting a value of line and denomination.

To the maximum, the online game Dolphin Gold™ offers the opportunity to bet up to £80 euros per launch. These different bet values can open up access to two forms of wilds as well as free spins that can reach a climax of 21! In fact, a crate made of wood and filled with gold coins rests just below the earning redistribution zone which in passing is 95.30% !



Dolphin Gold™ is a no-download NextGen Gaming slot that offers two wild forms of which the first that associates wildcards with scatter wins and the second that only turns to a symbol substitution option.

Begin this table of gains in depth by merging the wilds and scatters. This first option is symbolized by a dolphin that is immersed in the lagoon water in a circle on an orange background. Otherwise named the Blue Dolphin, it will be able to show up on reels number 2, 3 and 4. It will replace all the icons that illustrate the reels and in addition to that, it’ll be in full power to double all the prizes it’ll cross on its road!

The second form of Wild is also represented by a dolphin but this time on a golden background. On this occasion, this feature is called the Golden Dolphin™. Its unique role will be to replace all the representations of the game except those that illustrate the Blue dolphin for the purpose of increasing the chances of winning for the player. Unlike wild scatters, the Golden Dolphin™ will be able to act on 4 reels which are number 2, 3, 4 and 5!


Now that we have presented in detail these two forms of wilds, we Let’s go for a flashback to the Blue Dolphin. In addition to allowing players to collect more or less juicy prizes, this feature will be able to unlock tricks free.

These can go up to 21 which is far from negligible. At a minimum, it will be possible to activate 3 by getting on the screen of dolphin Gold 6 dolphin blue. These 6 representations will change into scatter which will have for gift to trigger free spins!

This is not finished since Dolphin Gold™ or also named wilds simple will be able to join the feast and that on all areas of the slot machine. The ambient climate goes a little bit evolve with more vivid colors. The latter will have the role of reviving the surface of the coral reef which would add a good effect on the events to follow with this new implication of the dolphin among the other illustrations.

The sky will also change in appearance with orange yellow colors that suggest a sunset. During the free spins process, it will be possible to be able to accumulate additional free spins by obtaining at least 6 scatters at the screen.



From my point of view, I’m pretty disappointed with the graphic design of Dolphin Gold™. I admit I was quite surprised by this new title of NextGen Gaming Publishers knowing that their latest achievements were much better at the level of this Criterion.

The game clearly lacks dynamism and the soundtrack is not at all congruent with what happens in real time. I explain, the sound lets hear the sound of the waves by making it clear that we are at the edge of the beach.

In the context of the game, we are in total immersion several meters deep which is impossible to hear. The whistling of the dolphins would have been much more in agreement with the events present knowing that at no time the interface is exported outside of this crystalline water. We can see the surface and the waves are as frozen in time with this island which is drowned between the formation of the reels of waves.

The game of chance clearly lacks finishes with a logic absent between the soundtrack and the graphics that accompany the game. Currently, we have a slot machine produced by Betsoft Gaming with the same theme that bears the title of Under the Sea and which offers sumptuous graphics in three dimensions! A video slot to discover for free on the Site.

At the level of price redistribution, The slot Virtual Dolphin Gold™ indicates from its brief table of earnings an index of 95.30%. This figure is confirmed by myself during my test from the Casinos notification site with the chance to have been able to penetrate the main featuring that focuses on free spins.

The latter are able to reach a level of 21 that I must say is already a good figure. By the way, the course of this feature allowed me to be able to cash more than £70 which is already comfortable with a bet £10 if my memories are good. Yes, Dolphin Gold™ is a profitable slot machine but the graphics could have been much better quality when I know what the NextGen gaming game publishers are capable of designing so far (10th of October of 2015).

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