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Divine Dreams™

The Quickspin provider shows us a slot machine 3×5 reels (with an extra we will explain later), 243 ways to win and a return to the player of 96.12%. It has 4 features: Bonus Reel, Yin Yang Wild, Sacred Re-spins, Divine Free Spins that will try to make us arrive at the pinnacle of the glory!

Isa is a normal young woman who has a good job in the bank but who thinks about its biological clock turning very fast. By being alone she decides to adopt a Vietnamese child. Her friends Elvira and Mati are always with her. They have known each other since the nursery and even if they do not agree too much on the subject of the adoption they promised to accompany her when the time came.

One day she gets a call from the social services that announce the good news. She was going to adopt a little girl! Isa calls Elvira and Mati to tell them to take their holidays in two weeks: they are going to Vietnam! And especially to the city of Hanoi where the small girl is waiting for her.

She has an appointment to plan everything in a small restaurant not far from home, but she has so much bad luck that she gets hit and she dies on the spot. Her friends who were worried about what she was very late, call her mother and learn the sad news. It is absolutely necessary that Elvira and Mati tell her the story of adoption, but at least they had to wait a few days to say it.

They are not leaving alone Monique the mother of Isa, they end up telling her the story of adoption to go to social services to say it, but instead Monique decides to go to Hanoi to bring her granddaughter. The two friends do not believe it is a madness, they’re not going to give the girl to her!

She presents herself to social services without of course saying that her daughter is dead, and she recovers the plane tickets and the paperwork necessary for the adoption. Monique even bought plush form of animals as in the casino game with no download Divine Dreams™, to take to her on her trip to Hanoi.

Since they had prepared everything, Elvira and Mati are also going to accompany the poor Monique who since she had seen the picture of the little girl she has no longer slept. Do not forget all the documents, check the passport, she also has to go to buy clothes for the child! The days passed very quickly she had no time to think of her misfortune!

To relax a little, Mati has the brilliant idea to take them to a Spa that there is in the chic neighborhood of their city. They accept happily, there is a need for a little calm before the storm! It’s not going to be easy all that but it gave him a glimmer of hope eventually everything was not lost at last, that’s what she hopes so.

The SPA is absolutely beautiful, inside would look like in an Asian forest as in the instant slot Divine Dreams™. The decoration is bucolic and the Zen music they put, makes the three friends feel immediately plunged into a world of peace and tranquility, just what they need before their great adventure.

Everything is ready for the big start: heading for Vietnam! A long plane trip awaits them but Monique feels she is recovering her strength. The trip seems to never end but after the 16 hours of non-stop flight they end up arriving and at the airport and a charming guide awaits them.

When Monique explains the situation to the guide is not at all happy why they came if Isa is dead and cannot adopt the small girl. She tells her that she wants to adopt her who was going to be her grandmother. But in Vietnam things don’t work like that! Despite his anger he leads them to the hotel.

He promised them that he would go to Hanoi social services to explain the situation and try to find the best solution for everyone. But the three girls follow him first to the orphanage where little Ming is located. They look over the wall and Monique sees the little sweetie in the distance. She has to go and give her the plush she had bought.

Monique is not quite young but she gets to jump over the wall and very gently she approaches the small girl to give her the little golden monkey that appears as a symbol of the casino game with no download Divine Dreams™. Little Ming does not understand but she is very happy to have a new toy.

It comes out before being seen and she leaves with Elvira and Mati at the hotel to wait for the return of Tao the guide not without previously being lost in the streets of Hanoi a few times. Finally they arrive and just behind, Tao. It has great news! Social Services accepted Monique’s proposal to adopt little Ming. The joy suddenly invaded Monique’s face, since her daughter’s death she had never felt so well.

She can’t wait to get her but it takes a few days to put all the paperwork in order. During that time, Tao gave them a guided tour of the city. Elvira had succumbed to the charm of the guide and was going to stay in Hanoi. Anyway she had just been fired so she could try her luck there. Monique, Mati and Ming were flying now for the return!

Features of the instant slot Divine Dreams™


The Bonus Reel is positioned to the right of the reels when a symbol lands in the Reel Bonus hit area, the corresponding earnings multiplier or feature will be activated. In the basic game, the Bonus Reel contains winning multipliers, the Yin Yang Wild and the symbol Super Respin.

In Free spins, it contains winning multipliers, the Yin Yang Wild, the symbol Super Respin, and the + 3 free spins symbol. In the first level of the Sacred Respins, the Bonus Reel has payout multipliers and the Mega Respin symbol and in the second level it contains only earnings multipliers.

Yin Yang Wild is a symbol that can land on the Bonus Reel hit area and activates the feature of the same name. Two lotus flowers will be placed randomly on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and a multiplier of earnings from 1 to 10 may be awarded.

The Sacred Respins have two levels called Super Respin and Mega Respin. A symbol
Super Respin which is on the Bonus Reel activates the Super Respin the first level of the sacred Respin feature which is played with improved payout multipliers and Mega Respin.

The Mega Respin symbol that appears in the Bonus Reel in the Super Respin rewards a mega Respin, the second level of the Sacred Respins, which are rented with improved payout multipliers on the reel bonus. The Sacred Respins are played with more wilds on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The Divine Free Spins will be activated if 3, 4 or 5 symbols free spins golden goddess arise on the reels and trigger 8, 12 or 20 free spins respectively. All the features that are enabled in the basic game can also be activated in free spins. The + 3 free spins symbol in the Bonus Reel rewards three extra free spins.

Opinion of the Divine Dreams™ slot machine:

The Quickspin provider makes us travel to the Asian continent to introduce us to its new Divine Dreams™ slot machine, featuring 5 reels (plus one extra), 3 rows and 243 ways to win. His return to the player is 96.12% and the volatility ranges from medium to low, the features do not arrive right away, the wins although weak appear a little faster but it is still a pity, the player can be discouraged and bored pretty quickly.

But it is also true that when one comes for example to free spins the gains begin to fall and it becomes more interesting. Bets range from £0.20 up to £100 per line which can be satisfied with a lot of players because bets start low and if you prefer to play big you can increase the bet.

There are 3 features plus one extra reel that one can consider as another because it gives multipliers of earnings, re-spins and mega spins which makes the features more profitable. The soft colors of the interface combined with a very relaxing Asian music gives us an impression of well-being and we continue to play without rushing, quietly.

I liked Divine Dreams™, because despite a little delay in triggering the features after the prizes are still not bad. Good note in general for the provider Quickspin and its casino game with no download Divine Dreams™!

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