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Devil’s Delight™

Devil’s Delight™ is a video slot that offers to those who want to tame it to make a pact with the Devil in person. Made up of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 activable payment lines, this treasure produced by the company Netent comes straight from the underworld with a bunch of characters equally diabolical in relation to others.

Jealousy at the level of their respective physical appearance can only be ruled out in all cases in the world of Devil’s Delight™. The interface is warmly presented with large flames dominating more than 95% of its perimeters. The red and orange form a perfect alchemy to let imagine that the heat is very intense here low. Yea, the Kingdom of Hell where Lucifer sits is according to the deepest beliefs located beneath our feet, or several kilometers below the surface of our beautiful planet.

We must admit that the general atmosphere reflects a rather morbid climate with a whole bunch of illustrations. The servants of the devil are in the front row with the appearance of evil demons filled with mischief in order to achieve their ends. Hideous and having glowing eyes, these beings are represented by unexpected colors like for example by Violet associated with dark night which has the gift of terrifying glances and imagining to all kinds of scenarios that deviate with ease of the good. Endowed with three-clawed forks, these evil-minded beings only wait to pierce the tender flesh of the people they will find on their route.

Other than these extras not far from being reassuring at first, other icons will make their way as burials that turn out to be quite old by observing the tombstones which visibly not been maintained since many decades. Visibly unpaved by the force of nature, these tombs now serve as perches for the passage crows which are nothing more than the messengers of Devil.

Other tombs are accompanied by the living dead who only want to gush out of the underground. An atmosphere that we can clearly describe as macabre but there is indeed the will of the Devil’s Delight™ slot machine. Lucifer is accompanied most of his time by his fetish figure which is the 666. He holds a Cuban cigar in his hand and he does not hesitate to show off in his necktie costume freshly out of the dry cleaning.

A devil will also be at her side in order to give a touch of femininity to the game Devil’s Delight™ and she takes full advantage of her presence to offer a sexy atmosphere through her appearance. Holding between her fingers poker cards, she will not hesitate to charm her audience with her green eyes that become fluorescent once the sun lying down.

These are just simple details at the graphic design level of the video slot Devil’s Delight™. Despite the fact that it is a fairly old online casino game, Devil’s Delight™ still has a charm peculiar to itself with neat graphic elements. At the level of its features, this 20-line slot machine offers 5 features!

A very good score where the first feature to play refers to Wilds, the second to scatters, the third to free spins having for unique name in the game Devil’s Delight™ (No spins), a fixed jackpot of £200 000 and finally an incredible bonus game that we will take care of detailing as a result of this winning table. This video slot offers a fairly comfortable bet opening with an opportunity before each new launch to schedule a wager between £0.01 and £100.00.

This aspect of this game of money remains quite suitable compared to all the other slot machines of the brand Netent that we have so far had the opportunity to discover. To vary a value in chips before starting the 5 reels, Devil’s Delight™ allows the choice to influence room values, denominations and activate between 1 and 20 lines for the intermediary of cursors.



The Wild is the feature of Devil’s delight™ that arises most often. It is wreaking havoc in obtaining Prizes! His icon is represented by the god of Hell who is only the devil or even named Lucifer.

Anyway, this character embodying the absolute evil will be present to captivated the wild and it will allow him to do actions that go in the favor of the player so that he can put in the pockets or elsewhere little matter.

Its field of action can extend on reels 2, 3 or 4 knowing that it can stand on these 3 reels at the end of a spin! An option that puts everyone in agreement to say that this joker is not going to thatch to unlock chips by the hundreds if not by the thousands at some point of Gameplay.

With its surrogate power, the wild of the online game Devil’s Delight™ will still encounter some difficulties. Nothing very nasty but good to report. It will not be able to transform into another item the bonus level and scatter icons that we will see soon. By presenting himself as a magic icon, the devil will take advantage of it to show his body to anyone who wants to take a little time to look.

To visualize it from head to toe, it will manifest in the expandable form which clearly means that it will present itself by colonizing the entire height of its landing coil. A detail that is not least because in addition to offering an original and uninstalled graphic content, it will once again increase the probabilities to pocket a maximum of coins and this in one passage! A wild expandable which by definition is very effective!


The scatters are icons that represent the entire universe of the Kingdom of the damned which is the opposite side of the good. Each world has signs of belonging that are unique to their identity.

The scatters of the video slot Devil’s Delight™ represent with a particularly mysterious side the star Luciferian with 5 branches. The ones that we can find on many products that we buy in everyday life but it remains a simple parenthesis.

In addition to paying homage to Satanism, these scattering representations aim in the game Devil’s Delight™ to promote the activation of Free Spins! For this, they must be at least 3 or more on the 5 reels of the game Devil’s Delight™. The location of these illustrations on the screen does not matter so that the featuring of free spins can find the way to life.

Once 3 scatters show up, they will freeze in time while waiting for a player’s action through his computer mouse. It will be a mission to select one of the three Satanic stars. Once this happens, the space in the box will reveal a very precise number of free spins with supplement a multiplier of Gain! Yes, as long as you do. Why not go to the end of the possibilities to release a maximum of chips in a reduced time?


The Devil’s Delight™ bonus game is well-shot with an opportunity for the lucky and lucky ones who will be able to play a Demon! With this, it will be required to get on the screen the icon of a skeleton wearing a cloak and holding against his torso finally what remains one Faulx.

It must be present 3 times and on reels 3, 4 and 5. As a result of this episode, the bonus game will start! A secondary page will open to picture a situation with people who are in an unknown street. There is a businessman, a postman, a dog, a lady watch, a young tagger and all kinds of objects (grand piano, Car…That will be very useful for the rest of the events.

On the left side is a kind of shelf that takes up the entire height of the screen and is accompanied by different spells. The goal in this story, will be to choose a spell to attribute it to a random character. The purpose of this will be to harm example: Dropping a piano on the body of an innocent protagonist to send him quickly to the Kingdom of the dead and take advantage of this action to collect or not the soul of the person and to quickly trap it in a bar (Soul O Meter) located at the bottom of the screen.

Once all spells are exhausted, it will be time to return to the main game. In addition to offering tokens, the Devil’s Delight™ bonus game will have the priority of offering free spins in case the 13 compartments of the gauge are filled. That’s when 10 free spins will be activated with in addition to the gain multipliers Random!



Despite its seniority, the slot machine Devil’s Delight™ still remains to date (January the 8th of 2016), a slot machine pleasant to traverse.

A video slot that has for gift to mix the hell that is a place or no one would like to drop his suitcases with good touches of humor and that especially during the game Bonus! A feature that can be discovered right away once the game is started using a preview button. At that time, Netent online game publishers offered this option but this is over these days which in my opinion is regrettable.

Devil’s Delight™ has good gameplay with a satisfying number of features that avoids being plunged into a premature routine. The features are particularly dynamic with many finishes at the level of the physical expressions of the characters. I particularly liked that. The video slot Devil’s Delight™ has an exemplary redistribution rate of 97.6%!

In my opinion this is crucial. Therefore, this makes it possible to find an increasing remuneration in the face of these injections of bets in addition to the particularly playful side that diffuses the slot machine Devil’s Delight™. For my part, this game of chance of 5 reels deserves the looks of the players who love the games to the diabolical atmospheres as is indeed the case for Good Girl Bad Girl who offers amazing graphic quality with stunning three-sided effects dimensions.

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