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Demi Gods II™

The Spinomenal provider transports us to ancient Greece and more precisely to the world of the mythology of the gods of Olympus with its Demi Gods II™ slot machine. With 5 reels, 3 rows, 50 payment lines it comes to offer us lots of features to make us having a good time.

We all know more or less about the twelve Olympian gods but here we will see only four: Zeus, Ares, Aphrodite and Hades the king of the infra-world. This one had abducted Persephone the goddess of spring, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. He took her to the underworld to become queen of Hell. But Demeter goddess of cultures cursed the Earth.

As nothing could grow, human complain to Zeus king of the gods, who orders Hades to return his daughter. Having eaten the fruits of hell, Persephone could not be entirely free, so they come to an agreement. She could leave the infra-world and see her mother six months a year.

As soon as Demeter sees her daughter, she rejoices and prospers the cultures, during the spring and summer and when she descends with Hades, Demeter depresses the trees lose their leaves during autumn and winter. But the problems of Zeus do not stop there. His son Ares, God of war, of strength and masculine manhood is crazy about Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and desire.

To get his love, Ares no longer uses the brutal methods he used with other women, but on the contrary he fills it with gifts, uses soft words, and the friendship they were forging turns into love. Hephaestus, the husband distorts Aphrodite, God of Fire and Forge is absent every night to work the Forge.

Every night Ares will meet his beloved at home, the only problem is that Apollo, the sun does not like secrets. So it was necessary to take every precaution so that he did not discover the two lovers. He takes with him his confidant the young Alectrion so that he stands guard at the gates of the palace and warn him when the sun begins to show.

One night the young confidant, is so tired that he falls asleep. Ares and Aphrodite do not realize anything, the day rises and the sun surprises them. He is really angry and he goes to meet Hephaestus to tell him everything, the poor man was humiliated and ashamed of what he had just heard. It could not be without vengeance.

It makes with tiny golden threads, a net that nobody even a god could break. When he finishes it, he goes home, hiding his sorrow , and without be seen by anybody he climbs the net into the bed and tells his wife that he will have to go away for a few days.

Ares, who was waiting for the slightest opportunity to sleep with his lover, does not lose a moment and invites her to come and accompany her to bed, which of course Aphrodite immediately agrees to. The two lovers had not realized anything and Hephaestus has kept who had pretended to leave, came back and surprised them in the act and prisoners of the net he had made.

Never had he felt so much rage and pain, he demanded the attention of the other gods of Olympus and especially of his father Zeus, he wants everyone to see the infidelity of his wife. He says that she covers it with dishonor because it is a lame, that she prefers Ares because it is beautiful and strong.

He warns that they will remain prisoners until his father gives him all the gifts he gave him for his daughter, although she is beautiful but she has no forgiveness for doing what she does. Apollo acts as an intermediary and obtains from poor Hephaestus that he liberates the two lovers.

Aphrodite exiled her favorite island to Cyprus, and Ares stayed in Olympus to try to forget the ridiculous situation he had experienced. But before he had to punish his friend Alectrion and for that he turns him into a rooster condemning him to warn men every day when the sun rises…

Demi Gods II™ game features


Demi Gods II™, this spectacular game included free spins that make you travel to Mount Olympus and every time you have a free spin you will climb a rung and you will meet a Greek god among Zeus, Ares, Aphrodite and Hades who in one feature can boost your gains.

The wilds represented by a ray held by a hand and a sandal, the two in gold and surrounded by a half crown, count as any symbol in the basic game but not in the free spins. For 5 wilds symbols in a winning line you will be paid the amount of the bet x150!

The winning multipliers of the game Spinomenal Demi Gods II™, are wings where there is inscribed inside x2 and x3, while the reels are turning a winning multiplier may appear. Any victory in this round will be multiplied by x2 or x3 but only in the basic game.

The free Spins Journey feature will be triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols (free spins entered in gold currencies) will arise on the reels. Every time you win free spins you will have the next consecutive feature. Betting per line will remain the same as the game that triggered them.

During the Free spins, after each win, the game will trigger a Re-Spin where all the reels will move to the right and a new reels totally left to be revealed. The Re-spins can be reactivated, in the gameplay of Demi Gods II™ This is called the Moving Reels. During Free spins, starting from the most left reel, each round will bring a Wild symbol that will stretch and move on the right reel it’ll be the moving wild, which will have the same properties regarding the winnings.

The wild symbol (those in the image of the Greek gods), can spread on the whole reels during the feature of free spins, it will count as any symbol except that of Free Spins, and if we find 5 Wild symbols on a line of earnings, it will be paid as the bet of the line. During free spins, the reels rotate from 4 to 7 wild symbols can appear on the Demi Gods II™ slot machine and increase the chances of winning, and only weak symbols may appear.

Opinion of the Half Gods II™ :

The Spinomenal provider brings us an instant slot machine Half Gods II™, under the theme of Ancient Greece and the gods of Olympus, with 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 payment lines. A beautiful graphic charter with special effects to cut the breath.

The feature of free spins in four modalities: that of the four gods, we are presented as a voyage and each time we advance in our game Demi Gods II™, we also advance in the journey. First of all it is Hades, then Aphrodite, Ares and finally Zeus and his Olympus. We are not bored because each time we change.

Also has the possibility of earning Re-spins and multipliers of earnings. The betting values can go from £0.01 to £10 and bet on 50 lines so we can play from £0.50 up to £500! We really have a choice and here all the players can find their happiness from the most shy to the most gambler!

Apart from the impressive images, with all the symbology of the gods of Olympus, the music also plunges us directly into the atmosphere and revives these epic moments in the films. Despite an average volatility and a return to the player of 95%! I liked Demi Gods II™ of the Spinomenal provider.

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