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By being a few days away from Halloween, the Yggdrasil provider has just launched its last little, Dark Vortex™! A 3D slot machine with monsters that do not scare at all well on the contrary that look nice even if they are not really beautiful but are meant to make us win lots of coins!

In the manor of Vortex, located in the mountains of Hallokistan, a country where everything is possible, live a fairly normal family Count Vortex, his wife the Countess, their son Gideon and their loyal companion for many years the dog Proton. Life there was quite peaceful, they liked to open the doors of their mansion to party, and they invited all the people of the village…

Moreover this family was really appreciated in the village, everyone replied present to their invitations… A Halloween night… As usual, Count Vortex had sent his son to distribute all the invitations one by one to all the neighbors. But that evening before everyone arrives at the party a strange character presented himself at the manor of the game in 3D Dark Vortex™…

Only it could be a single being… Belzebuth… And yes the devil could not accept the kindness of these beings and he came to cast a spell and curse them. As it was Halloween, the good hosts let him pass without knowing who he was obviously, they had even congratulated him for his disguise…

Once inside, he offers them a bottle of liquor that says flowers, insisting that they drink it before the other guests arrive… This time Belzebuth continues to go around the mansion and throw spells from everywhere! Even in the library… The books had turned into old grimoires that became monsters, in Dark Vortex™, when they opened you could see huge jaws coming out!

< P> In The instant slot machine in 3D, the poor Proton he also had the right to transformation! When he saw himself in the mirror of the mansion he saw his scary monster face with huge teeth, the mouth reaches him to the backside… and wide-eyed… My God, the poor man is completely terrified! But when he comes out of the castle and sees that the trees have turned into giant octopuses that envelop the house, he prefers to go home to his Masters…

What Beelzebub will not be able to change from the Vortex family is their kindness and this is what we will demonstrate this instant 3D slot machine from Yggdrasil, Dark Vortex™. The most profitable symbols will be Beelzebub quite recognizable, the Count Vortex is the Green Monster all gooey, the Countess with her eyes that come out of the hair of the jellyfish style (it was snakes!), the son in purple Monster and Proton the faithful companion there is no doubt…

Dark Vortex™ Casino Game features: You can win up to 7000 times the betting in a single free lap!


The vortex reels will have to be opened in the 3D Dark Vortex™ instant slot and allow for more ways to win wild, orbs and highly remunerative symbols. Get 2 vortex symbols (a symbol of the time color gold) adjacent to the reels to open 2 vortex reels for three turns. 2 Vortex Towers reward each adjacent symbol.

During the expansion of the Vortex, the more it develops the higher the gain potential. A vortex symbol adjacent to the vortex reels widens it and rewards it with 2 or more vortex towers and opens 5 vortex reels before you no longer have a vortex to get free spins.

The special symbols of the Dark Vortex™ casino Game, are first of all the pink orbs, which increase the size of wilds piles. 2 Pink orbs are obtained when the vortex opens and they appararaîssent on the Vortex 1 and 5 reels.

The blue orbs of the 3D Dark Vortex™ Flash slot machine increases the number of free spins, 5 blue orbs reward you when the vortex opens, and the more they appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.

In Yggdrasil’s money game, Dark Vortex™, the wilds appear as gold ingots with the word wild written in uppercase. They replace all the symbols of orbs. They only appear on the Vortex and free spins on reels 2, 3 and 4.

When the 5 Vortex reels open you will be rewarded with free spins after all the Vortex towers have been played. Collect more orbs during the remaining Vortex towers to improve your chances during free spins. The piles of wilds of highly remunerative symbols and 3125 ways to earn free spins on 5×5 reels.

The 3 reels of the center have Stacked Wilds and the pile grows wild for each pink orb. The Vortex Free Spins are played with the same bet value as the spins that activated it.

To activate the bonus feature, we have the possibility to buy it by paying up to 80x their bet 800 coins, and it is triggered with a game of Pick and Click. One starts by choosing a card among five to determine the pile of wilds that can go from two to ten.

Then you have to choose another card that will determine the number of free spins that will go from five to twenty free spins. You win when you get the same symbol on three consecutive reels from left to right. The five in a row are paid only from the left.

This feature can only be activated if there are no open Vortex reels, and it is not valid with a bet value of more than one pound or the equivalent in your currency. It can be said that for the flash slot machine in 3d Dark Vortex™ It is a novelty that can bring big winning!

When free spins are activated with the bonus game, the interface becomes like a blue and black chasm and turns into 5×5 reels (initially the machine is a slot machine of 5 reels and three rows). The pink orbs turn into the head of pink death and then into wild roses which later turn into piles of wilds, and the blue orbs, turn into the blue skull and later into free blue spins.

Editorial opinion on Dark Vortex™ slot video


The 3D Flash slot machine Yggdrasil released a few days ago under the name Dark Vortex™ under the theme of monsters by having Halloween so close is a success. This 5-reels, three-rows video slot is transformed into 5 reels and 5 rows when the Vortex Opens.

The features are not many but very generous! With a return of 96.5% and an average volatility it’s not bad at all. And what about this bonus option that can be activated in paying! By paying up to 800 coins you can earn up to 7000 times its bet! Impressive, don’t you think?

The graphic charter and the special effects are very neat and the soundtrack in perfect agreement with his piano notes carry us in a gloomy atmosphere… Quite topical for those days that arrive… Why not try your luck with the Vortex family and try out your bonus fee?

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