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Curacao eGaming, IP Master License since 1996

Since 1996, Curacao has been one of the first actors in the world to regulate online gambling through the licensing and eGaming licenses. Although still considered to be an island belonging to the Dutch West Indies, Curacao recognizes in its legitimacy that online gambling is an integral part of its commercial activities.

Regulated since 1993, online gambling has quickly turned to the path of laws that comes into force in Curacao. This small piece of territory still considered to be one of the oldest and most extensive eGaming service providers.

The priority of Curacao eGaming is to ensure the integrity and monitoring of the conduct of IP operators as well as service providers such as online casinos. Since the last century, Curacao has been an unstoppable player who has taken the initiative through his jurisdiction to defend the electronic gaming industry.

Since its ambition to represent its interests as one of the most reliable regulatory countries on a global scale, Curacao eGaming has maintained a worldwide recognition and appreciation. This is in terms of its increased capacity to consistently provide professional and constantly modernized services. Turnkey tools that are renowned both for the eGaming market destination and for the eCommerce network.

Curacao eGaming also maintains its reputation through its global IP compliance services. To meet strategic needs, IP compliance services and Curacao eGaming License data centers are spread around the world. A strategic location to ensure a long-term active presence in many markets around the world.

In addition to a global IP compliance service, Curacao eGaming provides tailor-made hosting services. A full range of dedicated custom servers, private cloud servers, GEO IP services (geolocation), high bandwidth rates for access to an internet presence without the slightest interruption.

With regard to these licenses, Curacao eGaming operates on a single type of license characterized by quality seals. These state indices provide an eGaming licensing authority in favor of service operators, software and service providers. These licensings cover all forms of interactive electronic gaming such as online casinos, sports betting, lottery, skill and chance games.

To effectively combat fraud, Curacao eGaming has implemented a license validity system that is very easy to detect. To prevent online casino customers from being scammed or simply to be able to verify that the gaming site is following a legal path in the performance of its functions, Curaçao eGaming quality seals are placed at the foot of the page. In addition, please note that different seal statutes exist to report a valid, invalid or suspended gaming license for X reasons.

On the other hand, the presence of the Curacao eGaming logo is not sufficient to certify the authorization to practice Curacao eGaming. You have to dig much deeper by clicking on the seal in question. If there is no secondary page opening presence, it’s not good. This is simply a decoy with the aim of duping the consumer.

A secure page at the address must be opened. The latter’s role is to mention the certificate in its current status with a valid, invalid or suspended recall. On this special page is mentioned the name of the company operating the website that should not be offshore (verified during the licensing process) as well as the web domain names related to the latter.

If in doubt, a lack of a licence or otherwise, any person is able to notify the Curacao eGaming via a reporting page available at this address. An investigation will then be conducted to understand the reported anomalies and consider criminal prosecution if necessary. Note that curacao eGaming works hand in hand with the protection agency eCOGRA. Its main missions are on the protection of minors, the fight against money laundering, compliance with an anti-spam policy, equity in the redistribution of games (RTP and RNG), security of banking transactions, quality of customer service,…

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