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Crystal Crush™

The Playson provider offers us one of its latest products Crystal Crush™: A mobile slot machine in version Cluster Pays™! That is to say that instead of reels and rows it has avalanches of symbols and here in particular one deals with precious stones that fall. When they form winning combinations they turn into symbols that combine with each other to go and fill the gauges that are on the sides.

Marie works in a jewelry in a commercial center in the middle of Paris, her boss wants to dismiss her because the work has gone down a lot and it is absolutely necessary that he reduce the expenses. She is completely desperate because she lives alone with her five-year-old son Maël. She plans on the last day of work to steal the precious stones in the safe, to take her son and go far away where no one can recognize her.

The day D has arrived, Marie spends her day as usual but when she finishes she goes straight to the safe and starts to put all the gemstones in her bag and then closes the trunk. No one will realize it until the next day! And she could go and trade them for money and start her new life.

But it was not his lucky day! The police were in the process of doing checks! How was she going to escape? She had to hide the gems in a place so she could come back after the search… She’s been working in the commercial center long enough, she knows every nook and cranny where there are no cameras! She’ll have to send someone to pick them up because when his boss realizes the robbery, he’s going to report it!

Marie goes home to her friend Laure who keeps her son and finally tells her everything! How to get them back and especially not get caught! Laure’s first reaction is to panic, but she has to keep her head cool so she can think. It will have to wait a few days but Marie must hide the police will also pick her up at home, and the little one? Too many questions without answer and little time to think! You have to be quick… Laure asks one of her buddies to hide Marie, and she will keep the little Maël, saying that her mother has gone on a trip.

Indeed the next day everyone is looking for Mary! To not raise suspicion Laure waits a few days to go to the commercial center, and following the indications of her friend recover the gems. She is stressed, she is not used to playing thugs, she breathes deeply and mentalize that nothing can happen. She came with Maël obviously she can not leave it anywhere, there would be too many explanations to give! Finally she finds the little bag that Marie had hidden in the toilet of the commercial center!

Now we have to go back, this is something else, she is afraid to get caught, but concealing her panic, she goes out with the little one and goes home and starts making calls, you have to change it for money and plan the flight of Marie and Maël. I must say that before Laure had friendships that were not very frequent but who would serve her without doubts! A phone call is enough to fix everything: selling gemstones, changing Marie’s look and the false passports…

Obviously it would not be a one day, and you had to keep the boy! Fortunately Laure works from home, so she does not have to explain to anyone, otherwise it would be impossible to be able to keep the secret! Marie left her all the time the little so people are not surprised to see her shopping with him, plus he is a little guy super nice and not problematic at all. You just have to have a little patience!

After a few days, Laure’s ex-boyfriend calls her and says that everything is ready… We have to move fast! When she goes to collect the passports it was also necessary to change the identity of the child otherwise there would be a problem at the airport! She doesn’t even recognize her friend, the change of look is impacting, even Maël asks who it is! These people have done a great job! Now they have to choose the destination, but Marie knows where she wants to go: Santo Domingo to the Dominican Republic!

Laure buys the tickets on the internet, her friends were also responsible for selling the gems that can be seen in the game Crystal Crush™, she also opened an account there and made transfers so that she could settle down. But she first made a reservation in the best hotel to be able to relax with her little Maël, she had well deserved, take as many risks to change her life and that of her child, it is not she who would have done it! Everything is ready, the light suitcases, the passports, the money… All we need to do is say goodbye to Laure and go…

But when they get ready to leave to the airport, before they can get out of the building where Laure lives, the police knock on the door. The girls have become pale, the little one does not know what happens, a frosty silence is felt in the apartment… The dream has just ended! The police officers return, arrest the two girls and make available to the juvenile center the little Maël, who still believes that it is part of the game that they started a few weeks ago. And yes, the police had not believed the version of Laure, who to help her friend had put herself in big trouble! No more dreaming!

Features of the game of chance HTLM5 Crystal Crush™:


The slot machine with the Cluster Pays™ on a hexagonal interface that has 61 cells. Progressive symbols, which when they reach a new level, give winning multipliers or Random Wilds on the reels. Crystallized symbols arise to give a second chance to a winning combination. The wild symbol represented by a yellow hexagon and the letter W inside can replace all symbols except crystallized symbols.

The crystallized symbols fill the gauges that are on the sides. There is no gain ratio for crystallized symbols and these cannot be part of a winning combination. When the game is finished the gauges reset to zero. Every ordinary symbol has its progress bar. Filling it up gives you bonus points that can affect these kinds of symbols.

The crystallized symbols fill the progress bar with the corresponding color symbol. To crush a crystallized symbol, form a winning combination right next to it. Crushed crystallized symbols become ordinary symbols. A crystallized symbol over three allows you to get a new level of bonuses. And the bonuses generated simultaneously are activated successively.

There are 6 bonus levels: The first one is a x2 multiplier for the following winnings for symbols of the same color, active up the end of the current round. Level 2, up to three random symbols of the same color, with the exception of crystallized symbols, are transformed into wild symbols. Active only when the level is obtained. Level 3 is a multiplier by x3 for the following winnings for the same color symbols, active up the end of the current round.

For Level 4, up to 6 random symbols of the same color, with the exception of crystallized symbols, are transformed into wild and active symbols only when the level is obtained. Level 5 is a x4 multiplier for the following winnings for symbols of the same color and active up the end of the current round. Finally, in Level 6, all crystallized and ordinary symbols of the same color are transformed into wild symbols. Active only when the level is obtained.

All bonuses can be activated only once per turn. If there is no winning combination on the interface, the lap ends and each progress bar or gauge is reset. During non-winning rounds, the Crystal Crush feature is randomly activated. It activates 2 levels of progress on random color symbols. Earnings are paid when there are at least 5 similar symbols adjacent to the side. The winning symbols disappear and the symbols fall to fill the empty cells and the multiple combinations of the same symbol that are not adjacent pay separately.

Opinion of the game Crystal Crush™:

The Playson provider offers a slot machine without download Cluster Pay™ that substitutes traditional reels with avalanches of symbols to form winning combinations. Certainly that at the beginning the game baffles a little but it’s original, we understand quickly enough how it works and it changes a bit of the traditional system. His return to the player is not extraordinary, only a 95.94% and its average volatility, it is necessary to wait a little to receive prizes and bets go from £0.25 to £100 which is still a fairly large fork, and a lot of players can find there their account, but as I said at the beginning it’s quite particular and you have to like or at least test it first!

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