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Crazy Fortune is a hot color casino that is operated by Flavidus Limited. A Cypriot company under the license of MYEG BV that was handed over to it by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles in order to be able to carry out its online activities in perfect legality. Duly regulated and accredited, Crazy Fortune reveals its thirst for inspiration by demarking very clearly towards what its competition in terms of graphic creations offers.

On my first connection to this new English casino, this was the summary of a total surprise. I must say effortlessly on my side that the mission set by this young team played in their favor and she took the opportunity to mark a first success in its history. The platform is powered by no less than 8 game software with no download that blends the RNG and the world of live entertainment with a deep inspiration to Mandarin culture.

It is only to go in a click on the landing page of the sign to see it by the action with its own eyes. The graphic charter rises in front of its spectators with colors coming straight from a beautiful sunset. Let’s note the perfect and elegant shades of purple, orange and yellow that unite and marry to perfection to give a very special style to Crazy Fortune Casino.

The graphic elements that dress up the horizontal drop-down menu for the presentation of novelties cannot be more explicit than that. Are installed Asian dealers who do not hesitate to play their charms through their dream plastic to attract many players on their very popular game tables that are transcribed by webcam!

Money calling for fortune and fortune goes crazy within crazy fortune. This is the message that the recent eGaming platform, which emerged in September 2017, wishes to pass. This ambitious gaming house already has all the necessary ingredients to offer a global entertainment service ranked on top of the top.

So grandiose when we look a little more ready the level of current benefits that it is going to be relatively difficult for this online casino that accepts the English to raise the bar even higher. But by trusting his young and dynamic team, Crazy Fortune has a great chance in his hands to give life to a succession of surprises. It will keep the absolute control to surprise over the coming months its customers with the mountain iron support of unexpected gifts and bonuses all so crazy about each other!

To go further…

A real bonus crossroads with fair deals that respond favorably to the issue of diversification.


Let’s leave the home page of the Crazy Fortune Online casino to immerse ourselves in the content of the page dedicated exclusively to bonuses and event promotions. If we could stick a picture to shelve bonuses, we could definitely qualify it as a real paradise corner. The garden of Eden bonuses that stands before the astonished eyes of each. I have to say that I was myself and despite my experience quite amazed by taking notice of such a colossal family of promotions.

Undoubtedly, there are for all tastes even if some areas of shadows still remain within the terms in conditions in relation to the use of bonuses. Like the fact that the setting conditions can only be fulfilled by the use of slot machines and nothing else. Well, it is true that Crazy Fortune’s one-armed bandits are enough to satisfy any amateur but those who do not appreciate this kind of entertainment will feel put on the sidelines and this is not normal.

One who does not really like slots games but rather the table games or even roulette online, they will have at the moment to write this notice Crazy Fortune no choice but to play on this type of game. Finally, if they wish to withdraw the money from their bonus that they will have chosen to activate during their deposits. The contribution of bonuses can only be achieved by putting into action slots that occupy 100% without leaving a few percentage for other games as allow today a good number of other virtual English casinos.

Now that this problem of balancing the contribution of bets between the categories of games is unveiled, let’s be interested in lending that the casino Crazy Fortune has in the trunk in terms of bonus deposit.

As a welcome offer taking into account that players are able to accept or refuse any bonus proposal, these are able to take advantage of an offer of 100% up to £300! Rather not bad with the advantage of being able to play maximum with £600 in the form of real chips in the case of a maximum deposit of £300! The conditions of bet to be able to cash the value of the bonus are 35 times with this opportunity to be able to withdraw the money from the deposit + the winnings obtained at any time

It is very important to fill in a valid email when you want to join the Crazy Fortune community. Simply to make a good impression with the administration but also to not miss the events promotions! For example, cashback bonuses may develop in the next few hours by flourishing in the active players ‘ inbox. Quite specific bonuses that fulfill this mission to make a player invincible in the face of his losses. The cashback allows to earn in the form of a percentage of its losses in order to be able to retry its chance for free to try through new games to win the jackpot!

Crazy Fortune is a casino that is synonymous with new features. Reload bonuses play a key part in this phenomenon that takes place daily, weekly and even monthly for players determined to be part of the house! Bonuses that adapt according to the amount of the deposit in order to meet a perfect fairness to the conditions of play. To follow a logic, the higher the deposit is and the more the bonus follows this line of conduct that no one will be able to criticize negatively.

With its abundance of online casino games and in particular its countless slots, Crazy Fortune could not help but to offer everyone free spins! At the same time to give the green light in order to be able to test the new games for free but also to multiply his chances of winning out of his game section. As with repayment bonuses, the cashback offer, free spins or named free laps are usually sent by email or directly present in cash from the bonus against deposit section. Moreover, by agreeing to be entertained with additional free spins offered by the platform, they have this advantage of not being accompanied by difficult conditions of withdrawal.

Little too prevalent for me, the Crazy Fortune Casino revives the special sponsorship bonus!
To benefit from it, it is enough simply to invite your friends to discover the website of the brand. If he registers and makes a first deposit of a minimum of £10 then free chips will be sent to them automatically in their bankroll but also to the godfather who benefit from it to weigh his pockets. This sponsorship bonus knows no limit in the sense that the godfather can recruit as many godsons as he will cross on his route and the godsons can become in their turn sponsors.

The Eldorado of no download casino games is located at Crazy Fortune with software sorted on the shutter in order to offer the ultimate in entertainment.


It is frankly impossible to miss the library of the games of Crazy Fortune. The Nirvana of pure entertainment. There is everything to seduce a large community of players. The administration has not sought to save money by presenting a ridiculous collection of games as some institutions still dare to do today.

No, we have clearly tipped the other side. Crazy Fortune is defined as an online casino engaged on all fronts. In this paragraph with reference to gambling, sections that bubble and are about to overflow so much their number of titles keep clumping over the weeks! In addition it will not go by arranging with a chain of new collaborations in this objective to continually enlarge the family of propulsion software. Always keeping in mind to leave only room for a dynamic that is based on a fine selection of the best operators of the moment.

A good set of game software developers who are relentless and end up working hard by chaining decorations and congratulation under crowds of applause through the lounges that have places in many European cities. Those who are still looking for a serious and dynamic online casino to refresh games have most likely found the rare gem.

I weigh my words in this narrative but this is by no means a joke but the face the reality of this sign determined to endure in time. Crazy Fortune is a casino that falls under the heading of the best virtual casinotiers of the year 2017. It would therefore be very regrettable to ignore it because it is really worth it to turn our gaze.

The home page offers a vast territory to a collection of games particularly intriguing and damn well organized using powerful selection filters just as powerful of each other. Classically, the toy library is presented in various sections that house all the games in order to have a global overview of the immensity of this collection that does not seem to have a limit. To try to reach its edges, a slot machine, table games, live casino, video poker, other games and jackpot have been unlighted.

There is even a section for favorite games that meets both the tastes of the administration but also for players who once connected to the site can place in a folder from their personal space their favorite titles so that they can find them very easily in their next entertainment sessions. To ensure a perfect organization and thereby accentuate the user experience of each one, Crazy Fortune Casino has developed a filter that opens this opportunity to sort the games of money without downloading by software of propulsion.

There are even the complete families of Netent, Betsoft Gaming, Xplosive, GameArt, Evolution, HollywoodTV, Kiron as well as QuickSpin! This does not stop there because this filter module responds favorably to being able to store the games in alphabetical order either from A to Z or from Z to A, quickly access to the popular games, to look for a specific game and to be able reset the current operations at any time.

At the moment, Crazy Fortune Casino is proud to present to its public 8 propulsion software that allows it to access at any time of the day as of the night to more than 500 high quality flash games. The RNG games dominate the surroundings but Crazy Fortune plays the versatility card by assuring amateurs and experts in gambling with dealers male and female to spend pleasant moments of relaxation and conviviality from the comfort of their living room, In their sofa with their tablet or downright out with their mobile phone or other nomadic devices.

As with the web pages of its website, the Crazy Fortune platform operates under the recent HTML5 and responsive design technology. A duo that responds favorably to the drastic standards of the compatibility of its games on all the navigation screens allowing to surf the net.

Perfectly reliable with an impenetrable security system, Crazy’s crate Fortune unveils multi-caps in terms of payment options.


Let’s go for a walk in the site to go to the bank. Where all financial transactions can be carried out through advanced security systems. In this section that gives us this endorsement to deposit and withdraw funds, many means are made available.

It is possible for each user to advocate the use of VISA credit cards and MasterCard, electronic wallets like Neteller and Skrill (EWallet), PaySafeCard prepaid cards for completely anonymous use but only to make incoming transfers in the casino cashier and a final method turning to the bank transfer.

Overall, the minimum deposit is £10 and the withdrawal of £50 with the exception of the choice of bank transfer with a minimum of deposit tolerated of £50 for a cashing of money from £100. No spawning is subject to the means of payment quoted, which boils down to a good thing. On the other hand, by making a jump in the terms and conditions in relation to the policy of withdrawals, it can be noticed that the maximum withdrawal accepted per week is £2000.

Each month, players on the list of winners can debit their account Crazy Fortune casino of £5000 which may be problematic when we realize that this platform is full of games with progressive jackpots. Being one of the winners of this kind of prize pool that figures in several hundred thousand euros is great but being able to enjoy it outside the house of games is even better! To check in chat if the administration issues exceptions by looking at the VIP level of each. In other words, if Crazy Fortune shows flexibility at this level so as not to plunge into a climate of frustration the players present in this case.

An English customer service that is particularly well organized to respond in two times three movements to the most demanding requests.


At Crazy Fortune Casino, players who put money into play are perfectly well-framed in case of a problem and any nature whatsoever. Getting closer to the help section, we can easily understand, that we have to do to an experienced customer service that spreads through a very relevant FAQ the questions that often come back to their ears.

A strategy to respond quickly and effectively to requests that are likely to come back almost daily but also to give priority to players who experience less common difficulties. A frequently asked questions which is thus exploded into 3 major categories including bank-related issues, bonuses as well as games. Second, a contact form directly available from the help page and finally an instant messaging that makes it possible to answer in two times three movements to the requests of each one with upstream of the qualified English operators.


Crazy Fortune is a digital casino sign that has a safe. With a neat graphic design that gives us this pleasure to change us very clearly from what we have by habit to see, this platform marks many points. The games are in a largely satisfying number with reputable software across the globe for the quality of their titles. In addition, Crazy Fortune Casino merges the RNG with lightweight live entertainment, which adds an authentic and user-friendly side to players who enjoy being entertained in real from live table games. Bonuses are in abundance with more than reasonable withdrawal conditions.

The downside is that only slot machines can meet the requirements if you want to withdraw the money from the bonus amount. I also find that Crazy Fortune shows itself quite secretive in the sense that apart from the offer of welcome which is 100% up to £300 and available from only £10, the other bonuses do not reveal concrete figures. As a visitor, we do not have access to information such as the amount of cashback bonus allotted or the different levels linked to the reload bonuses, there are the number of free spins allocated to distract themselves by allowing themselves to be absorbed by the multitude of theme dressing slots, etc. For the curtain to fall, you have to create an account.

The bank offers a complete service with a wide diversification of means to withdraw and deposit money. Moreover, there is no transfer spawning which is rather enjoyable. To close this review on Crazy Fortune Casino, this platform has a good reputation online with francophone operators who provide good communication. From the fact that this is a young casino, I will award him the seal of quality promising and according to the comments published here and on the internet, I will come back to update his status.

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