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Cosmic Fortune™

Configured to offer 5 reels and 15 fixed payment lines, the slot machine Cosmic Fortune™ invites its users to enter an interstellar journey. Developed by the Swedish company Netent, this online game offers content that focuses on a story that is both disturbing and humorous.

The cinematography plunges us very quickly into the lively of the subject with as a scenario a sudden invasion but programmed for months by a colony of aliens. The onboard camera lets us see a whole troop of spaceships that are heading at the speed of light towards the planet Earth.

Let’s get it straight. These UFOs have not come to reach out to us and by this opportunity to create a climate of peace. Not on the contrary, they came from the four corners of the universe to awaken us by giving us the message once and for all that we are not alone and that their coming on our planet will only be to annihilate us. The plans for the mass destruction of these little green men began. They began to ambush the big cities with an overdrawn laser beam by destroying the buildings and the main roads. The cars began to fly like dominoes and for some simply cut into thousand pieces. These aliens were rather satisfied with their actions because for them this was cake. But the luck began to turn quickly concerning them. One human among many knew that one day it would happen and that it was necessary to learn to attack. He was not taken seriously during his speech and here is the work.

The Flying saucers continued their massacre and suddenly an event that UFOs had not yet encountered so far began to jostle their forecasts that was to permanently reduce the human race in three days. Cosmic Fortune™ superhero react in a totally different way by showing quickly that humans could also defend themselves. The aliens began to take fright as more and more flying devices began to disappear from the air. The main character of Cosmic Fortune™ took control of one of these death gear and it is he who with a sustained agility to drive the little decimals to little.

That’s when Cosmic Fortune™ players will be able to give back to these ruthless creatures. The story will take place in the same way. Humans will have a crucial advantage that will be guided by the extra of Cosmic Fortune™. Of course and as we pointed out at the beginning of the presentation of this video slot in three dimensions, all this is animated by a touch of humor. The blood and gore scenes are therefore noted at the absent. There will be only fun with this Netent slot machine. Money prizes are likely to be important because the features of Cosmic Fortune™ are quite important.

The game offers the possibility to all players and whatever the amount of the bet in progress (£0.30 up to £75.00) to be able to play with wilds, free games entitled (Free Falls), a bonus game in three levels and the possibility of power win one of the five jackpots. These are visible at the top of the slot machine throughout the course of the game whether it is in normal mode or still being the path of a feature. The action is very likely to be at the forefront of its power with Cosmic Fortune™.

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The first feature of the Cosmic Fortune™ online casino game comes from Wilds. For information, have of forms of jokers whose main mission is to amplify the game session by series of actions caused by a pay line. To fulfill this goal, the wild will therefore have the power to replace all the icons of the game to finalize a pay line and purpose to make it Winner.

The wild of Cosmic Fortune™ will be able to act this way on all representations of the game set apart for the scatter icons. The wild can be active on reels number 2 and 4 only. On the other hand, he will be able to act during the game said normal or even during the course of Free Spins (free Falls) that we will take care to detail as a result of this presentation.


This is not a feature but rather a game-specific setup Netent Cosmic Fortune™. In the jargon of online casino variants, this option related to the slot machine configuration is called Tumbling Reels. To be clearer in the face of the English appellation, it is clearly an avalanche feature. The five reels of slot video do not rotate but the symbols that form the game will have the peculiarity of falling from the top of the interface.

When combinations will prove to be paying off, the representations that will have allowed to do so will suddenly explode. Once this explosion takes place, a new avalanche will appear. She will complete the missing spaces so as to form in many cases of figure a new winning line that will be able to deliver tokens or even open a access to a feature. With the configuration of Cosmic Fortune™, avalanches continue to be active as long as there are potential earnings. To start the game again, it will be asked to click the button (Spin).


We are now in the Free Falls part of Cosmic Fortune™. As you can see on the left illustrative image. To achieve this feature that promises to be very pronounced in animations, you will first have to obtain at least three scatters. It is then that the interface of this online game with no download will change slightly to the level of its presentation.

At the beginning, it is a number of ten free games that will be programmed. A counter will be present at the bottom of the screen in order to inform the players in relation to this current number. Free spins will take place in a totally automated way. As a result, players will be mere spectators from the beginning to the end of this feature. In addition to being able to enjoy juicy prizes, Cosmic Fortune™ free spins are even stronger.

During this process, all pay lines will deliver logs. These will be counted in the information dial located at the bottom of the interface as for the number of Free Falls in progress. These balls will first activate the bonus game and they will be used during this other game option. As soon as the free spins are exhausted and if you have at least one ball, the bonus level will be triggered in the stride.


This feature named Bonus game is also unique in its kind. With a rather original presentation we must say, this last feature of the slot machine of the brand Netent Cosmic Fortune™ will offer you the opportunity to win one of the five jackpots. These show up proudly from the top of the screen. It will be time to try to explode them to collect what they contain. During the bonus level course, Cosmic Fortune™ interface will literally change of appearance.

Players will have the pleasure of playing from a pinball screen. The superhero will be present at the top of it and it will be in command of an alien ship. Its goal will be to use the freshly collected balls during the free games to eject them from the top of the screen. Like any good pinball that respects, buzzers will be present. There will be fixed jackpots that will win chips and a unique one that will allow him to win the content of one of the jackpots present at the top of the game.

To win it, it will be asked to enter a number of three marbles inside. To encompass the whole, a black hole will be present in the center of the game. In the event that a ball enters the inside, it will be ejected in a totally random manner. As it were, it would not be lost but it would have a more sustained trajectory power than the Normal.

Opinion :


With its three-dimensional graphics and its way of immersing us quickly in the game, we ust say in this personal opinion that Cosmic Fortune™ has fulfilled its objective perfectly. The theme of this story is quite amusing with the main character who suddenly comes to overturn the course of events.

In terms of features, there is nothing missing. The latter are very finicky at the level of the details which makes Cosmic Fortune™ a game of money Netent unique of its kind. The bonus level offers generous gains with the possibility of winning one of the five jackpots knowing that the highest at the level of its value is £4600 at the time when I write these lines (8th of March of 2015). To close this notice, we also wanted to inform our readers that this video slot has a rate of redistribution of its bets of 96.9%. One of the most lucrative Netent slots on the market on current time.

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