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Available since May the 25th of 2017, in all of the virtual casinos powered by Netent software, Copy Cats™ is a rich variation of colors which summarizes the peaceful lives of cats. Tomcats who keep from sticking to our reality standing by a clear difference in connection with their physics appearance.

Thick coats pretty non-standard colors highlighting a cat red, pink, blue and a golden, who will be at the service of the wilds of substitution of symbol. Copy Cats™ translates to be a video slot of Netent presenting itself to its audience with a playground built 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed lines. Lines that will play this role to make travel to the contact surface of their solid frame of free spins, bonus symbols, the wilds, Stacked symbols and even a feature to this new title on behalf of Copy Cats™!

It’s at the corner of a residential area which has a very low crime index that users of this wonderful slot machine will be able to progress. Entertained in the company of a bunch of cats with this point in common, which is to drive a wedge when their master on the back shot. To deceive the trouble, their hobby of daily life boils down to getting the claws on the leather seat, play an Acrobat on the shelves in the kitchen to give the final result which is to drop the bottle of milk to go to drink in there licking the tiling costs.

Rubbish of small nonsense perpetrated by these cats that do not take place. But when that time has come to announce the return of their adoptive master behind the scenes moved abruptly. Responsible for tricks in their gestures and tender gaze, these cats mark themselves as wise as the pictures.

A well-oiled strategy whose first motivation is to escape punishment. To make up for their nonsense as if they were not at fault for their bad attitudes. They abuse their charm to get the pill in rubbing against your calves, purring and meowing sometimes. Balls of hair malignant who know the ins and outs to escape punishment. Their master is each time took between 2 and eventually crack when it reviews his adorable balls of hair welcome him in joy when he returned back home.

Presented by an interface featuring her cats to a new genus distinguished blatantly to everything except fur natural, the slot machine Copy Cats™ is treed by charming graphics. Of careful paintings that give life to 2 plush blocks stored in face to face where the video slot interface found his feet at the Center.

On the play area that hosts 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed win lines have found refuge representations of 4 cats, a footprint of cat, a mouse toy, a fish that is reduced to a skeleton, a necklace in the ring of a bell a glass bottle containing milk, etc.

At the level of its range of updates, Copy Cats™ of Netent does not in the half-measure. This video slot 3D offers the opportunity to play money from £0.25 and for those who will have this attraction to play the stronger, they will be able to progressively increase their value of bet to freeze up to a limit maximum £125.00.

To address the minimum bet defines by default in the Copy Cats™ online game, it will be possible to solicit 2 adjustment points. The first will refer to piece values that will have this feature to set on the 25 active lines by default while the second button of setting will aim to allow users to select a value of name.



Copy Cats™ is powered by a gameplay that will have the privilege of unfold to his audience by making the big day until 3 features! The first focuses on a special option to Copy Cats™ title, the second on a free sequence activated by a batch of 10 free spins and the third by the wilds can take at certain moment the appearance of Stacked Wild.

Special function in respect of Copy Cats™ can be triggered only by the intervention of the famous cats of this story. Namely red, pink, blue, or gold for the respondents. But, to activate this specific option to this Netent slot type, conditions are going to be necessary. The rules of operation are the following and they have all the merits to exist in order to add a minimum of adrenaline during the course of the game.

When the player is present in the main game, a full stack of one of the symbols cat covering the entire height of the 1 reel has all the cards needed to activate the Copy Cats™ special feature. This presence of similar symbols on all the positions of the roll 1 bears the name of Stacked Wild.

When the Copy Cats™ feature is active in the main game, all the cats that appear on the other reels namely 2, 3, 4 and 5 become the same symbol cat that whoever was the author of activation without exception to this rule of the feature. Once the price will be determined then credited in bankroll, the next spin will be exempt from the powers of redistribution of this unique option in its kind.

Free spins will be able to see the day! This kind of scheme is to take shape in the gameplay of the video slot, the game will have to count on its wheels 1, 3 and 5 the representative icon of the collar with a bell as a pendant. While the free sequence will start working with a number of spins determined 10 units!

But during operation internally, things will evolve greatly and more in favor of the players. Not only the game mode will offer a very different landscape compared with the circumstances of the main game, but on top of that, the chances of winning will be significantly amplified. The Copy Cats™ feature will be welcome.

To be active, it will manifest on reel 1 in the guise of a Stacked Wild. What will change in the setup of the spins is that all of the cats present on reels and some is their nature will be automatically morphed in Golden Cat!

In other words in wild icon. Needless to say that the interface will become a real field of battle facing intervention in every sense of the wilds to set the most lucrative pay line of the moment! Big win see mega win are ready to explode on the screen as it was my own case my different sessions of testing of the Copy Cats™ slot.



Copy Cats™ is a very fun game. I took a certain pleasure to discover this new title of Netent and I strongly think that the latter will enjoy strong popularity in the coming days. A conviction there when we know what this game is giving us, what be amazed. Everyone does not like cats. I agree completely, but the graphics are very attractive with gameplay more stuffed and features and enough juicy compared to the redistribution of price.

Large showers of chips that start their ascent through the special option that offers us to discover the Copy Cats™ slot. A function that is literally invades cats to the pretty colored coats.The tomcats who unquestionably provide excellent work of compensation over time and have this asset to find upcoming rejoicing regularly excite the 5 reels anchored in the game. As a side note to that, players are looking for active gaming animated by the intervention of cats will very probably find their feet in shoes by discovering the wonderful title of Betsoft Gaming on behalf of Kawaii Kitty!

They do not lose a crumb of Copy Cats™ festivities. For example, when starting of free spins with the installation of this high probability of every moment to inflame the events of the game. As several wilds to colonize the wheels at the same time and grant prices putting challenge beliefs in terms of remuneration and me to allow the first of the list.

The soundtrack is also very pleasant to listen with his different instruments of brass-oriented music that accompanies it. A melody that immediately installs a climate of relaxation with reels held by a theoretical payout percentage assessed to 96.76%! Copy Cats™ is to summarize the history of funny cats, interesting features married to relatively sociable prices. What more developers to the firm of Netent?

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