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The provider Netent this time, just like on other occasions with other branded slot machines (Narcos™, Vikings™, Jumanji™… and more) plunges us into a world we think we know, and surprises us with features that will make to question all our achievements. A slew of features that will make us forget the time and focus on a game interface that says a lot!

It’s a story of fire, iron, blood, revenge and love! It’s the story of a survivor, a man, it’s Conan! In an era that disappeared from the memory of men. In a place where life is not easy, but where some peoples succeed in prospering, especially those who master the secrets of steel.

Conan grew up in a village lost in the mountains between his mother’s love and his father’s teachings. One day, looters break into the village and kill Conan’s father and mother in front of him. It was then that an existence of suffering began for him, as a slave, and with his strength he was spotted and quickly became a gladiator.

His victories will ensure respect and training. Conan grew up in violence, and grew up fighting for his master, he fled. He knows his boyfriend Sobotai and Valeria whom he falls in love with. Life seems different for the three, but one day a king, Osric, asks them for help. They have to bring back his daughter who was captured by the same barbarians who killed Conan’s parents. And now is the time for Conan to take revenge…

Features of Conan™:


Conan™ is a 6×4 reels mobile slot machine and 24 pay lines that will pay both ways! The main game is divided into three 2×4 sections. Each section will be connected to a Tower Wilds feature (1st section and reels 1 and 2), the Mystery Multiplier with Thoth Amon (2nd section reels 3 and 4) and Battle Wilds (3rd section reels 5 and 6). These three features will have extended versions in free spins.

Scatter symbols will appear anywhere on the reels in the main game will activate free spins. 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game will activate 10, 15, 25 or 50 free spins. You can choose between City of Thieves free spins, Temple of the Serpent free spins, or Walls of Tarantia free spins.

Tower Wilds can appear on reels 1 and 2 in the main and extended game to cover reels 1 or 2 partially or fully. Tower Wilds will replace all symbols except scatter symbols or other Tower Wilds.

Mystery Symbols can appear on reels 3 and 4 in the main game and can be alone or stacked. Mystery Symbols can transform any symbol except scatter, Tower Wilds, and Battle Wilds.

All Mystery Symbols are transformed into the same symbol. A stacked symbol is a symbol that will cover 4 positions on the reels and may be completely or partially depending on when the reels stop (2, 3 or 4 symbols may be visible).

When a stacked Mystery symbol appears completely on reels 3 and/or 4 in the main game will activate the Mystery multiplier. When a stacked Mystery symbol lands entirely on reels 3 or 4 with a Tower Wild or Battle Wild will activate the Thoth-Amon feature.

The Mystery multiplier will not be triggered in the case of a non-winning line. All winnings will be multiplied by the Mystery multiplier which will be between 3 and 7. One or more symbol stacked whole together with one or more Tower Wilds or Battle Wilds can activate the Thoth-Amon feature.

If it activates 3 to 6 Mystery Symbols that will be randomly added to reels 2 to 5 in any position and is not fully covered by another Mystery Symbol, Scatter symbol or wild symbol. If there are no positions available the feature will end.

Battle wilds can appear on reels 5 and 6 in the main game and extend to three symbol positions next to an adjacent reel. Battle Wilds can extend to an already occupied position but will not extend where there is a scatter symbol.

In the main game, the even reels in each of the three 2×4 sections will have a chance to be tied with the other reel in the same section. In free spins, each round has a random number of two adjacent reels and tied together with a maximum of 6 linked reels.

There are three different types of free spins: City of Thieves free spins, Temple of the Serpent free spins and Walls of Tarantia free spins. The three different modes have different levels of volatility. Each free spins will be connected to one of the features in the main game.

The City of Thieves free spins with Tower Wilds, temple of the Serpent with Mystery Symbol, Mystery Multiplier and Thoth-Amon and Walls of Tarantia with Battle Wilds. In the City of Thieves free spins, Tower Wilds can appear on any reel and extend backwards down or up to partially or fully cover them.

No other features except Linked Reels will be enabled. Volatility will be low or medium. In the Temple of the Serpent free spins, Mystery symbols and stacked symbols can appear on all reels.

By landing at the end a complete stacked Mystery symbol that will cover an entire reel will activate the Mystery Multiplier which will multiply all winning lines by 3 to 7 respectively. Landing 5 to 9 Mystery Symbol randomly will activate the Thoth-Amon feature that will add 3 to 6 symbols to any reel.

Volatility will be average or high. In the Walls of Tarantia free spins, Battle Wilds can appear on all reels and extend up to 3 symbols on adjacent reels. No other features except Real Linked can be activated and volatility will be low or medium.

Opinion about Conan™:

A superb mobile slot machine that comes straight out of the stoves of the provider Netent with Conan™ as the main protagonist! A really great introductory video that puts us directly in the mood of the film. Sounds real! The 3D interface is really well prepared. The reels, the illuminated symbols and below the separate double reels.

It is clear that we are dealing with a giant of virtual slot machines. Simply this random game is gorgeous! Apart from the graphics that will take our breath away by their beauty, the provider Netent also crowns us with features that will not leave indifferent, quite the contrary: variety in number, different modes also leave us ecstatic.

The coin values will range from €0.01 to €10, that is, we have 20 fixed lines and we will therefore have total bets that will go from €0.20 to €200. Everyone is targeted, and can participate because there are for both small and big players, and it is certain that they will all love the random game Conan™. Impressive, but as I’ve said a few times you have to show great ability to get out of online gambling in this genre.

Volatility is average and the return is 96.01% slightly below the norm. But don’t wait too long to see the features go off and enjoy seeing Conan™ to fight with snakes, to do pirouettes on the screen to the rhythm of a soundtrack that reminds us of the movie. We really don’t get bored about this Netent casino game!

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