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Colossus Kingdom™

The Colossus Kingdom slot machine™ of Spinomenal provider offers us a game of chance located in an enchanted kingdom with all the necessary ingredients to make a great story: a King, a Princess, a magician, a prince charming! They’re all at the appointment! The features are going to give us a good time: colossal symbols, mysterious symbols, a bonus game, free spins that will guide us to the big win!

Princess Maguy just quarrelling with King George his father. She’s a pretty whimsical Princess and she always gets what she wants. And this time she wants to make a mega party but King George does not want to hear about it. And yes the economy of the Kingdom is not flamboyant. It is true that since the Queen died it is the breakup.

But the Princess begins to think, she does not want to hear that her party is not going to celebrate. It’s out of the question. So our capricious but very clever Princess wants to speak with her father (strong symbol in Colossus Kingdom™). They love each other but they both have a bad temper! The subjects of the Kingdom know well, sadly!

Her boyfriend Rocky the Prince charming had come to see her on her dragon to chat a little bit. Maguy explains to him that her father doesn’t want to let her organize her party. He has an idea why not charge the entrance to the Palace and that each person brings to eat and drink to participate in this great feast? Maguy is very happy. It’s a great idea! they had to fetch the King.

Rocky the Prince charming after discussing with Maguy, goes to King George, and suggests to him the idea he had. The King then went to see his daughter without further delay and exposed him to the idea that Rocky had explained to him. It was then that the Princess replied that it was a wonderful idea! And as usual she was going to do what she wanted.

Features of Colossus Kingdom™:


The wild represented by the magician will count as any symbol except the free spins and the bonus symbol. The wild symbol will not appear as a colossal symbol. 5 wilds or more symbols on a winning line will offer the bet of this line multiplied by 160!

The free spins will only appear as a colossal symbol on the 2-4 reels. When the symbol is seen in full (3×3) it will reward the player with free spins, but only in the main game. The bonus game will appear as a wheel of fortune in colossal symbol on reels 2-4. When he presents himself in full (3×3) he will reward the player with a bonus game, but only in the main game.

After the reels have stopped, if there are any mystery symbols in the slot machine Colossus Kingdom™ they will discover and reveal 1 normal symbol randomly. The Colossus spin feature can appear randomly while the reels are spinning and takes a size of 3×3, the colossal symbol in the center of the slot machine (except wild, bonus and free spins symbols).

All the symbols except the wild symbol may appear as a colossus symbol of 3×3 in the middle of the Colossus Kingdom™ slot on reels 2 to 4. If two third parts of a bonus symbol or a free spins symbol falls in the middle of the free video slot Colossus Kingdom™. A Nudge feature can appear and place the symbol in the middle of the video slot but only in the base game.

After triggering free spins, the gamble screen appears giving a chance to win up to 40 free spins. You can choose between recovering the actual amount of free spins or risking some of them by clicking the gamble button to try to win more free spins.

A game that has won will reward the player with the amount of free spins for this round. After that the player can try to replay or recover the amount he won. In case the player reaches 40 free spins he will not be able to replay them again. In the case of a losing game the player will have the amount of free spins shown in the losing coin and he will not be able to replay it.

The strong symbols will be the dragon, the king, the princess and the prince and the low symbols the letters of a deck of cards and the numbers 10 and 9. If we find the dragon 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels we will win 25, 50 or 160 coins, if we see 3, 4 or 5 times the king we have 25, 50 or 160 coins. If we find the princess 3, 4 or 5 times we will win 20, 40 or 140 coins.

If you see the Prince Charming 3, 4 or 5 times we will have 20, 40 or 140 coins. As for the letters A and K if we see them 3, 4 or 5 times we will win 12, 25 or 120 coins, for the letters Q and J would be 10, 20 or 100 coins and for numbers 10 and 9 we’ll win 8 , 16 or 80 coins.

Opinion on Colossus Kingdom™:

The Spinomenal provider team worked well to offer us the Colossus Kingdom™ with no download slot machine. Full of features that its especially well explained. On the left side of the interface we have a small frame where it is inscribed features. Clicking on a leaflet appears with 5 headings: colossus symbols, mystery symbols, bonus game, free spins and epic win.

If you click on one of them again, you can see how the feature works: it’s absolutely awesome, you can see what it looks like. In the bonus game you can even click to try the wheel of fortune. It’s much better than writing the features the visual explanations are great and especially it’s international no need any translation.

The variety of features is also very correct and with high volatility we take advantage of them fast enough. No time to get bored. One can bet from 1 to 10 coins per line which makes us a total bet that goes from 0.2 to €200. The choice is quite extensive at the level of bets, one is not limited to three or four, I think it is good. I believe that all players can find their account because it is not everyone who can spend €200 on a spin!

The Colossus Kingdom™ interface is straight out of a fairy tale with all the ingredients for a good story is not very original but it is not the most important thing. Originality comes from the reels, the huge symbols, the wheel of fortune with its gamble game for the riskier is the top! We really see that they did a good job and I put a good note, I liked it.

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