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Coins of Egypt™

The 3D slot Coins of Egypt™ puts us in the atmosphere of ancient Egypt to tell us the story of Isis, Osiris and the machiavelian Seth, who pushed by the abomination he feels against his brother pushes him until the unthinkable that will be the murder!

The most profitable symbols of the slot machine Coins of Egypt™ are represented by 5 deities of ancient Egypt: Osiris, Isis, Seth, Anubis and Serket, we will see them one by one to find out what they represented.

The other symbols are spades, hearts, clovers and diamonds carved into gemstones and encrusted in sacred insects such as Beetles.

Osiris reproduced in the video slot Coins of Egypt™, by the yellow-winged pharaoh, embodied an exemplary king, who taught the secrets of the earth to his people, god of fertility and vegetation and considered as unifying of ancient Egypt.

With his wife Isis, who is also his sister,Goddess of all divinities, they formed a model couple and were worshipped by all their subjects. It is symbolized in this game Netent By the only feminine image.

Seth, brother of Osiris, is personified by a jackal with fern ears, god of the desert, of aridity, of darkness, of evil, of disorder and of lightning, he is a warrior god, ambitious and manipulative who will envy his brother until he kills him and beyond.

Seth tend a trap to his brother Osiris by making him build a sarcophagus to his measure and saying that whoever gets into that vault will win it. When Osiris enters the sarcophagus, Seth immediately closes and throws him into the Nile.

It is then that Isis will go looking for her but when she finds him it’ll be too late. She will give him a burial worthy of a monarch, but when Seth realizes it, he’ll take it out and cut it into 14 pieces that he’ll throw to the Nile.

Isis aided by Nephtys will go in search of the pieces of which she will find 13, she will model the fourteenth, revive Osiris for a moment the time to conceive an heir, Horus.

Horus, at the Falcon’s head, appears in the slot machine Coins of Egypt™ appears to the left of the interface closely monitoring Seth who sits on the other side and close to him throwing spheres representing the world.

The Wild symbol corresponds to a gold beetle on a turquoise blue background that can substitute all symbols except the scatters, chests and collection symbols.

It allows the best winning combination on a line in accordance with the winning table and then bring back bigger winnings.

Features of Coins of Egypt™


This slot machine Netent Account only with two features: the Pharaoh Win Coins Feature and Free Spins.

In the main game, 1 to 3 coins with values of 2 to 15 times the bet appear on reels 1, 2 and 3.

During this game all the coins visible during a part are collected and added to all current earnings without complying with the payment lines when a collection symbol arises on reel 5.

This symbol is represented by the sarcophagus of Osiris whose eyes glow with a bluish glow, opens up a fire in the middle, and collects the new winnings.

All the coins collected in the slot machine coins of Egypt™ are added to the winnings of the current game and come to the bankroll.

Free spins get started when 3 symbols Scatter appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 respectively in the main game.

The symbols scatters are represented by a kind of mirror surrounded by interlaced gold spheres referring to the richness of Egyptian deities.

At the beginning of the free spins, three chests are installed above the game interface Coins of Egypt™ the Ruby Eagle seal, the Emerald Snake seal and the Golden Cat Seal in the effigy of the main symbols of ancient Egypt.

The symbols corresponding to these chests may arise only on reel 5, one can have a maximum of 1 per free spin.

If three identical chest symbols are collected on reel 5, the free spins will end and the amount of currencies granted to that vault directly to our bankroll.

Each chest visible under the reels, empty when the free spins begin, has three seals that will illuminate if the symbols stop on reel 5, the seal will take the color of his chest.

Only one of the three chests can be won during the free spins of Coins of Egypt™, after the three seals of the same color have been illuminated.

During the free spins, the total win obtained will be added to all the winnings obtained during the game but you cannot earn additional free spins during this feature.

Editorial opinion

The Swedish giant Netent really succeeded with the video Slot In 3D Coins of Egypt™. Despite its lack of features, only two: Pharaoh Corners Feature and the Free spins, transports us into the world of ancient Egypt and makes us have a good time. The graphics are absolutely impeccable, with very successful special effects, for example when insects begin to move their wings, or the scatter That starts moving, and of course the other symbols that light up or start to move.

Plus the soundtrack that accompanies it, to the Oriental sounds prompts us to press the button and start playing. This slot machine Coins of Egypt™ with a return of 96.97% and a rather low volatility is not the most lucrative of the software Netent, but you can still earn up to 30,000 coins! The minimum bet is 0.20 pounds up to 200 pounds so there it is true there are for all tastes, from the most shy player to the super experienced gambler.

It is certain also that some will notice the absence of progressive jackpot or certainly would have preferred more features but fans of ancient Egypt are really going to like this 5-reel slot and 20 paylines, all the main symbols are represented and we are not bored. What are you waiting for to come and try it for free?

Subject : Coins of Egypt™: evoking the history of Osiris and Seth in ancient Egypt.
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