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Many loyal readers to the news of the AC guide will agree to validate that a casino operator must hold in his hands good reasons for having all the possible probabilities for the purpose of occupying a place in the TOP. The selection criteria are intransigent on the fact that they do not allow any detail to pass that could affect the experience of the players. The casino Clic is part of the unit of these platforms that stand out very clearly from their competitors of the sector by playing the map of versatility and transparency.

But before taking this initiative to gradually penetrate into the heart of the many services offered by this new casino powered by the game software Real Time Gaming, I would like to focus on its appearance. From the outset, we know that we are very far from having to deal with budding operators. Rather to real professionals which already marks a first positive point in this opinion. Casino Clic is supported by an administration of the most responsible that can exist currently on the internet. A serious team formed by passionate agents who were noticed in 2010 with the birth of the Riviera Casino which still enjoys good performances in our days of its growth.

A prestigious sign powered by the RTG software that had a real success with the English players. Through the support of the energy of a strong attendance, this sign is able to afford to continue in its activities to open more to innovation to the delight of the user experience. With a reputation on the internet, the Riviera casino is only the eldest of casino Clic. This is why this platform should be expected to follow the same course of action. Therefore, make available to its clients progressing in number on a growing index a high quality service.

So this is the first detail and not the least that has motivated me especially to offer a comfortable space at Casino Clic on the comparative of The team holding the reins of this brand is most honest. She deserves to be taken to the light. She has always devoted her time to offering a transparent, fast and available service in the language of preference of the players. For years, no one knows of any problem with his policy that animates his strong network so why not give importance to the Casino Clic that deserves to be frequented by the largest number of players.

The administration of the Casino Clic excels in all areas and the one I’m going to talk about in this introduction refers to the visual of his website. Nowadays and generally speaking, I find that virtual casinos sites look alike like 2 drops of water. They are produced in an industrial way and consequently to this they do not release any creative soul. Yet are good to be tamed hundreds of possibilities for a web developer to be in intellectual capacity in this optic to design a site very pleasant to browse providing this deep desire to belong by becoming a member.

The argument that fuels this scourge that has become very burdensome is that operators know what works and what does not work through a series of observations in competition. When they detect a rival who seems to enjoy an increase in popularity, they do not go further in creative research and they simply duplicate the neighbor stupidly by not seeking to take risks by changing routine with a unique graphic design.

Let’s go back to our main topic to give only importance to Casino Clic in the content of this review. New in the industry in 2017, this platform supported by a dedicated team and especially very serious in the various actions that it undertakes to serve its clientele, the Casino Clic stands out with a graphic charter of the most Elegant. Unlike a recent wave of new casinos that like to immerse their players in rather obscure scenery where the black seems to triumph over the other colors, Casino Clic likes to do its opposite.

Fortunately because I do not like at all the sites with dark colors without heat. From my point of view, this does not really provide this openness to an appetite to entertain. Casino Clic therefore presents itself with a refined graphic charter with sober colors and with a certain charm when one takes the time to appreciate its architecture. A superbly organized casino website with a well thought out page tree that allows it to have good ergonomics.

Access to information is therefore very fast with a small navigation bar that does not pay for mine but which proves to be very efficient by leading to the main sections successors to interest the customers at the highest point. These intermediate pages in the case of Casino Clic, refer to Real Time Gaming casino games (RTG), promotions recognized to be fair and very large with an assortment of tournaments, to the bank, to the support and to a download link of casino software by taking into account now that the Clic Casino also offers a game version with no download.

The Clic Casino Home page is very much like anything I’ve ever been able to visit in terms of this topic. Indeed, Casino Clic seems to have been conceived in this strategy to address to beginners players without discarding the most confirmed with many areas that leave room only to blocks of informative texts very easy to assimilate. Both on the operation of the Casino click Site to strengthen this climate of trust between the game house and the players but also about the sections of Real Time gaming games with a very careful presentation and easy to understand rules of each game.

Casino Clic is therefore a RTG casino that has a sense of pedagogy by having put in place a whole structure of texts on its many pages to allow all players to find quickly answer their question. But also to offer them this opportunity to experience one of the most enjoyable online casino gaming experiences. With such explanations, players can indulge in their favorite games all in a serene atmosphere.

Unlike many other virtual casinos, Casino Clic does not abruptly throw players into its library without first providing them with some useful and practical information to understand how the games work. I must say through this opinion that I very much appreciate this approach and I greatly encourage other online casinos equally serious to apply this kind of behavior in their platform.

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A balanced bonus battalion coupled with Real Time Gaming slots Tournaments


With what was written in the introduction of this opinion on the Casino Clic, readers already know that this platform with the seal of serious quality is powered by the famous game propulsion software Real Time Gaming (RTG). No one can deny this detail anymore. This was simply a reminder to affirm in this continuity that this app allows the casinotiers in collaboration with this publisher to propose an extensive catalogue of promotions. Now the surprise effect is lifted to guess that the Casino Clic is planning to offer lots of bonuses to those who will choose to deposit money.

As a welcome, the Click Casino offers for the first 2 deposits an advantage encrypted at a value of £300 + the equivalent of 30 free spins valid on the Achilles slot machine. Great this Casino Clic! To benefit from this fabulous welcome bonus, the administration indicates from the conditions related to this offer to insert the code WELCOME1 before making the first deposit. Then if the urge to drop strikes a second time at the door to fill in the word code WELCOME2 just before the second transfer.

At Casino Clic, the reload bonuses exist! To enjoy it, simply register the coupon WEEKLY50 just before making a deposit. With the reload bonus, it is possible to enjoy an amount of 50% up to £500 deposit! The conditions remain simple and equitable. They rely on this requirement to deposit at least the sum of £50 so that the reload bonus can work. To wager at least x15 the value of the bet before you can ask for a cash receipt. Finally, the reload bonus can be claimed x3 per day.

During unlucky deposits, Casino Clic commits to repay up to 7.5% of losses! A quick nod from the administration of this prestigious brand to allow its customers to have a greater potential for success to win more wins! This cashback bonus sets to 7.5% is credited automatically every morning.

What is excessively appealing at Casino Clic is its ability to present from its range of promotions a tab that is responsible for grouping tournaments! Competitions that adapt to players practices by making themselves available for more or less long periods of time. For example, on a daily basis but also weekly or even monthly for players who have this habit of depositing and playing money regularly. These Real Time Gaming Slots Tournaments show very tempting prices in beginners starting from £750 to cross the bar of £1 000!

To participate in these one-armed bandit tournaments organized by the Casino Clic, simply create an account and play real chips on the slots pre-selected when the various tournaments are put into action. The best part of all this is that participation in this type of promotion is free. Therefore, all that remains is to abuse it to try to earn money in cash!

A full VIP square with benefits that few online casinos can boast of offering


The Casino Clic is powered by the renowned Real Time Gaming software (RTG) known for its progressive jackpots at windfall amounts but not that. Indeed, this casino software is also reputed to allow RTG virtual casinos to integrate a VIP program that exceeds its organization level internally from far away the other competing platforms. In the Casino Clic RTG Program, the operators can unleash themselves to build a VIP club in reinforced concrete and that just to feed outstanding benefits for customers eager to become privileged players. To be an integral part of the business at Casino Clic, the requirements are simple and few. By logic, it is enough simply to show fidelity by regularly feeding its member space with deposits of money and playing in real regular frequency.

This loyalty is very quickly rewarded at Casino Clic with the automatic activation of a point system. Each bet is equivalent to a point value that can be used for a lot of things in the interest of the player. For example, its personal progression (access to escalation of benefits) within the online casino enclosure. But before going into the details of this development of the maturity of VIP players in the platform, one must know that some gambling groups contribute more than others in the face of obtaining loyalty points.

To illustrate with an encrypted value, 3000 points allow to collect £1. We now know that playing money as a result of losses or gains offers the chance to collect real money that is immediately withdrawn. But some sections of games allow to generate much faster cash by the fruit of a collection of loyalty points. Slot machines contribute to 100%, poker, Casino War and SicBo to 50%, roulette and Red Dog 25%, video poker, Craps and baccarat 5% and finally all Blackjack games and all Aces 2%.

With the Casino Clic, by becoming a regular player one is quickly considered a VIP player. In order for a diligent player in his bets to feel at ease in the surrounding environment, he must be allowed to travel through a VIP program opening services worthy of the name. Benefits that will live up to its own requirements and therefore open the door to an excellent user experience.

This is what is actively sought by the Casino Clic Administration. For this to take root in its strictly well-organized infrastructure, there is nothing more honorable than setting up a concrete VIP program. The one who responds to fairness by opening real strengths for players and not catch-simpletons as I have unfortunately seen in some unsavory competitors.

So always in the web page open exclusively to promotions in progress, Casino Clic draws at the end of the carousel a table that takes the lead to present its VIP structure. This VIP square that is composed of 4 great pillars that are the New, Bronze, VIP and Elite VIP. Each group has a power at the open options level. When you go up a landing, you move new services just as generous while keeping the old ones. An accumulation of benefits that when we manage to get to the top is on the edge of Elite VIP we have access to a maddening mass of options!

For example, a faster loyalty point calculation, daily and weekly cashback bonuses, faster payment times, upward retraction limits, a dedicated account manager, exclusive gifts and rewards, Personalized offers, birthday gifts or invitations to private events. What a thrill to enjoy inside the Casino Clic VIP Program!

Real Time Gaming software known for its strength of character with breathtaking titles and dominated by surprising progressive jackpots

Casino Clic is powered by Real Time Gaming. An online casino software that no longer has much to prove on the ground. It is highly reputed for years in addition with its variants with an incredible graphic quality. Titles that have this gift of absorbing us totally in the gameplay that are offered to us. Whether it is slot machines, table games or video poker, the games made available are not fierce with redistribution rates causing the competition to shudder. A software of a rare quality that has already seduced thousands of players throughout France and the whole world.

Casino Clic enjoys an unlimited whealths of thrills with the key of very attractive games, not depriving themselves to eject thousands of tokens to the happiness of the players. The vast majority of slot machines that can be accessed via download software or from a flash version are above their color-rich interfaces to progressive jackpots exceeding tens of thousands of euros! It is not uncommon to learn that lucky players have won the jackpot on these very captivating one-armed bandits with gameplay stuffed with all kinds of features.

Click Casino is also highly reputed to expand its important library with almost monthly novelties. All the game types come together to offer a more complete entertainment space. The downside is that Real Time Gaming software has not yet looked at the issue of live. Having not yet responded favorably to the possible entertainment with live dealers, it is therefore in the current state of affairs impossible to be able to find this kind of distraction within its toy library RTG.

But it’s not so much that the Casino Clic does not follow the trend. On the contrary, it clings like a bacterium to the news of technology related to it to give the green light to its customers so that they can play from a mobile. Yes, indeed since the RTG software that is responsible for the propulsion of all the games available at Casino Clic responds perfectly well to the technologies Android, Windows and IOS. There is no lizard. Everyone can easily find source of entertainment in a free walk or with money at Casino Clic. Whether it is through the use of the services of a mobile phone, a tablet or even from a computer.

A promise of withdrawal request processed in 15 minutes only with a listing of the most secure means of payment of the market


From its cashier section, we can see without any effort on our part that the Casino Clic chose to bet only on fast, simple to use and last secured payment methods. Safety is not taken lightly. Customers must feel secure when they choose to entrust sensitive information on the internet. It is crucial for a serious English casino to respond favorably to the issue of security. Players must feel a sense of full peace. Therefore, feel confident when they make incoming and outgoing bank transfers from Casino Clic.

That is why this sign has put in place a very effective security system in order to prevent any attack from outside. All of its systems are managed on a daily basis by very powerful firewalls also used by Internet access financial organizations. There is no need to be reluctant when it comes to depositing money or making a cash-out. All the data communicated on Casino Clic web servers are perfectly well protected and encrypted by advanced software that has been proven in the field for decades.

To deposit and withdraw money, the methods present are the credit cards of types VISA and MasterCard, the wallets eWallets Neteller and Skrill (use not possible in France), prepaid card NeoCash, bank transfer and finally Bitcoin for his undeniable qualities to register the players in a strict anonymity. A good alternative to avoid divulging your personal data online. For all the payment methods reported above, the minimum deposit is £20.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, they revolve around £50 and without spawning with the exception of the bank transfer which is accepted from a cashing of £150 and in the aftermath of the transfer costs estimated at a value of £20. The administration seems to be receptive to payment requests with exemplary turnaround times. Using Neteller or Skrill electronic wallets (eWallets), the posted withdrawal time is 15 minutes in the only case where the player account is verified at 100%! As we can imagine, the main motto refers to the euro (€).

A versatile medium framed by English communication agents


Click Casino support is very carefully for its clients. No doubt when we know the quality of the customer service of his elder the Riviera which refers to a dedicated and professional team. By logic, so we can deduce that this is the same team that supports the requests of Casino Clic players. The answer is of course yes with a full service in English language. Versatility obliges to form a welded and responsive assistance to each situation, it is possible to contact them by email at (info[at], green number dedicated to the country of France (0800 906 300) or from a live chat what remains for my opinion the best communications.

Casino Clic has a long-term future with the support of an audience with an excellent experience in the field of gambling on the internet

What to say more aside from the fact that the Casino Clic is a reference in the matter where rather the number 1 of the online casinos English Real Time Gaming. Withdrawal requests processed in the times indicated and sponsored by a customer service that counts between its walls trained agents to offer competent assistance in all circumstances.

I am aware of this because this customer service has already proven itself in the field by ensuring the activities of its first platform on behalf of the Riviera Casino. The games are of very good quality and so they provide an experience for the most supported users with perfect adaptation on all the display screens. The deposit bonuses are in sufficient numbers to guarantee each player to find a shoe at their feet.

The inclusion of tournament also makes good press in the eGaming with generous prizes to be won! The VIP Square shows a record of its attendance with loyal players who obviously do not have the desire to leave the scene. To close this review on the Casino Clic, I can say loud and clear that this sign did not steal its serious status in the guide to AC. So I recommend with a huge R click Casino for its many qualities it takes care of deploying internally.

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