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How to save time to select a good casino ?

Nowadays, there are countless casinos on the web. In addition, this figure is constantly evolving by hosting every month between 6 and 8 new online betting sites.

With this abundant mass of new casinos trying their luck to make a place in the paid gaming industry, we can doubt ourselves and I say it in full transparency that some are not really going to get older.

This informative content is intended to list the different criteria that allow me to dissociate a bad one from a good online casino. In this continuity, he explains on what plans I base myself to operate and then validate or not the integration of a game platform of money in the site of Avis Casinos.

To go further…

The four main criteria for effectively identifying the quality level of a casino.

With the explanations that will follow, I will gradually extend myself starting from the least important criteria in my eyes to make myself to the most crucial.

Visual & Ergonomics:

The first point is to evaluate the general aspect of the site. What jumps to the eye as soon as you connect to a virtual casino is its different graphic elements. The site must be colored without too much abuse by finding a balance in order to provide a climate of excitement.

A casino without bright colors is not very welcoming. The establishment does not give the desire to rub shoulders with him any longer because this brake can very quickly act as an obstacle for the continuation of the visit. It is also nice to discover an online casino that says a lot about the issue with, for example, a slew of textual content. Rules that encompass different categories of games in order to open up to communication with all types of players.

For example, for amateur players who I think would like to consult directly from an online casino educational content that has the attraction of reinforcing their knowledge while having fun. In evoking this point, I immediately had a thought at the bottom of my mind with respect to Celtic casino.

In addition, by having informative and generally updated content through a blog, the casino gives a good picture of it. He presents himself with a level of professionalism much more sustained than his competitors by not stopping only redirection links to connect to the various forms of games that he offers to his audience.

The visual aspect is a significant factor even if it does not certify the good faith of the administration in terms of its future attentions for its clientele. The site may very well done and prove to be later a real scam. I am not discarding that probability. The last point in relation to this criteria to properly evaluate an online casino refers to its ergonomics.

It is essential to have access to an exemplary fluidity when navigating a site. The most important sections such as customer service, promotions or checkout must be accessible with a single click. Most of the time, these sections are highlighted directly from the virtual casino’s navigation bar.

Bonus, Promotions & VIP :

The second point focuses mainly on the shop of bonuses and promotions of the online casino visited. The shelving concerning the loyalty and the advantages deposit must be developed with offers compatible with all forms of budget. Players with small wallets should not be put on the sidelines on the pretext that they do not have a satisfying amount of money to be able to consume a bonus with their meager deposit.

All these forms of bonuses like for example welcome, free spins, to play roulette or still happy hours, do not have to stand hand in hand with insurmountable setting conditions for players. Values between x30 and x40 (bonus amount + total deposit value) remain in the betting requirements standard.

Some virtual casinos go beyond these clues. In this case, it is wiser to lift the foot to mark a point of vigilance. Frequently, this type of establishment that mentions conditions of setting well beyond the average since their terms and conditions clearly want their players to not be able to withdraw their gain. This is a very sad reality and I had to clarify it in this article.

A kind of background hostage taking where the players are almost certain not to be able to complete the requested requirements. In such game circumstances, I invite players present on this type of site to play only with their money and to deposit small amounts to become aware of the level of reliability of the assistance when requesting withdrawal. But, the best part about this kind of scenario is to take his legs to his neck and run very fast from where we come from. The most favorable initiative is to go once again to search for a reliable online casino.

Also, bonuses and promotions must in my opinion, be dynamic. In my opinion, I think it’s important to be able to play with exclusive bonuses once in a while. It is always nice to have fun on an English casino whose administration is anxious to update its bonus section in order to offer freshness at all times.

Not frankly useful for passing players but always a plus for those who wish to play regularly, a good online casino always has a VIP square. A loyalty program that has to live up to the expectations of the casino’s customers.

He has to answer this to offer a multitude of advantages on a case-by-case basis to offer equivalent bonuses in relation to the loyalty level of each VIP player. To do this, different VIP ranks are open. In addition, they allow regular players to become customers with increasingly extended privileges.

Software & Games:

The third point that in my opinion makes it possible to participate in the good health of a reliable online casino turns towards the panoply of games. It is very nice to be able to play with several propulsion software from the same casino. In addition, the way to play, to win chips, the graphics are all different between the suppliers of gambling.

A casino like DublinBet, for example, currently has 6 software and continues to partner with other publishers. With such a variety of online casino games, this property is master in novelty. This advantage allows him to chew at full dent his competition which is much less equipped than him in the matter of pay games.

All the headings of the games are concerned with the insertion of novelties to its site. A quality casino takes advantage of its power at the level of its games to offer for example free spins on its latest slot machine. The option with live dealers is also a quality sign.

A casino that has the RNG and Live technologies immediately realizes that it is the industry’s leader with what is best at the moment. These reliable long-term establishments are aimed at all types of players at the level of game preferences.

A large population of players is therefore invited to spend a good time. Finally, the versions with no download are also very appreciated by the vast majority of players and this is also my case.

Assistance, Payment & Security:

The fourth point and which according to my point of view is the most important to actually judge the level of quality of a casino remains the customer service as well as the financial department.

Go to an online betting site that has a nice graphic chart with a mountain of bonuses and promotions plus a gold VIP club and games to no longer know what to do with it is not enough. The quality of an online casino is judged mostly by the reflection of its assistance.

It is important to be able to communicate in your mother language. Operators must be responsive in their answers with simple, clear explanations and written in good English. The means of communication via instant messaging and email must be absolutely open.

There may of course be more means of communication in the internet to customer service like the telephone with an English green number but these are the most commonly used. Customer service must be available at any time of the day or night.

In clear, the assistance of a reliable casino should never sleep and therefore be operational on public holidays and weekends. The players are kings. This leads me to say that the administration has to force itself to prove this asset to its clientele throughout the year.

Regarding the Department of Finance, a serious online casino has to count several means of deposit and withdrawal. Its protection system for making incoming and outgoing transactions must be perfectly secure and continually updated.

It is crucial to check this before making the decision to credit money in his or her client account. To check if the platform is secure, just check to see if the internet address bar has a small green padlock and a https://… meaning that the data is properly encrypted.

To get back to the diversification of payment processors, it is important that an online casino puts at your fingertips those that are most used by players. Take for example the Neteller eWallet. An online payment system that also offers a secure 100% space to deposit and withdraw funds quickly.

Speaking of speed, a good online casino must respect the payment times it displays on its website. Information that in the vast majority of cases is present from the section of means of withdrawal and deposit of money, in its terms and conditions (TC) or in the content of its general conditions of use (TOU). For information, a payment must be processed between 1 and 15 working days and it varies depending on the type of payment processor selected.

To know the turnaround times of the withdrawals of an online casino in particular, simply go to his notice sheet from the site or contact me if this information is not yet topical.

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