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The Betsoft Gaming provider introduces us to a new virtual slot machine under the name Chillipop™! A trip to Mexico of a group of vegetable friends for the wedding of the Chillis. Avalanches of cluster symbols that will trigger spectacular features and we’ll win a max!

Friday will be the wedding of the Chillis, Red the fiancée, patiently waiting for Yellow her fiance and inhabitant of the small village of Veggies. The Pepper family, the Tomatoe, the Onions and especially Yellow, are preparing very excited for the departure to Mexico! Everything is ready, the suitcases with the costumes, the gifts, they said goodbye to everyone, forward for the adventure!

Here are all our Veggie friends at the airport ready to embark on the flight that will lead to our friend Yellow alongside his beloved, who continues the preparations with his friends Mule and Piñata the kings of the feast! Our lovers had known each other over the internet, and had completely cracked up for each other: she adored her little black moustache and he dreamed of these big eyes with her long eyelashes and this body orange pulling red.

When our friends arrive at the airport, they were surprised to learn that the pilots of the airline they were flying with had just gone on strike! Panicked Veggies don’t know what to do! They run in all directions and Yellow feels that everything is collapsing around him! How were they going to get there in time for the wedding?

Yellow is desperate, he doesn’t know what to do! Especially do not panic, we must find a solution to this problem that is undermining them! But suddenly he met Chive, a multi-millionaire who watched the sadness of the group of friends. He had to help them and therefore proposed to take them in his private jet.

Yellow jumps with joy! At last he would be able to find his beloved! The veggies were excited, the first time they get on a plane and besides a private jet, the class! It was going to be a long flight but nothing was too much to reach his happiness. Soon they will embark, the fateful moment approaching…

Chive gets them on his plane and prepares them for an unforgettable trip. Veggies sit in the jet and prepare to have fun. The Fiesta has just begun! The atmosphere was really at the top, thanks to this unknown they were going to be able to reach their destiny safely and especially in time for the marriage.

After long hours of flying, Yellow and our friends Veggies arrive to Mexico city where they wait for a bus a little ramshackle with Mule and Piñata, to take them to the village of Red, but they could not leave their new friend, Chive, who had taken them so far, Yellow decides to invite him to the wedding!

After two more hours of travel, and a festive atmosphere, here are our Veggies finally arrived! No time to rest because they had wasted a lot of time with the strike of the pilots! At last they arrive at their destiny but the bride is not at the appointment! What happened? Where’s Red?

While Mule and Piñata go for it, veggies are company Yellow! So many hours of travel for now do not find his fiancé! It’s too much! When Mule and Piñata arrive at Red’s house, they find her asleep, and yes the poor one was exhausted so many strong emotions of a single shot!

Everything is arranged, the bride dresses and all the guests are ready, it’s time! After all these adventures to arrive at their destiny, finally everything is back in order. It’s a very moving wedding all the friends of Yellow and Red are there, not to mention their new friend Chive who even offered them to take them on their honeymoon! The fiesta can start, there is everything to eat, to drink and especially the mariachis!

The Cluster Chillipop™ slot machine is based on clusters of symbols that has a secret ingredient, the expanding grid that offers new explosive ways to win! The symbols of our game are Piñata and Mule, red peppers, green and orange, onion, yellow and red chillis and finally the chive.

Features and rules Chillipop™


The piñata It’s a wild that substitutes all the symbols except that of the mule. The winnings will be multiplied by the number of wild items in the winning clusters, in the winning clusters. When the combination is formed, then the clusters explode all but the mule, and new symbols are put in place and reward to new!

Free spins will be triggered when 3 or more mule symbols appear on the main game interface. We can win from 5 to 26 free spins! During this game, the mule is not going to raise free spins but instead it adds the number of symbols to the Mule Trail, these are gauges that fill up as these items appear and that will expand the area of game.

With Chillipop™, all winnings (except those of scatters, mule) are triggered by clusters of 3 or more contiguous symbols, and when the combination is set, they explode! New items come down and fill in the empty spaces, the new gains are calculated and the process is repeated.

To play double up (quit or double), you have to press the double up button after a standard win to replay the winnings, but this game is not possible after free spins. You can play all or half of the winnings and you can put into play as many times as you want.

We choose Gamble 50% or Gamble All, then press head (pile) or tails (face). The currency will turn and if you have made the correct choice, you will double your bet. Finally as soon as you want to stop playing it will have to touch collect to recover the winning.

If you are tired of waiting for the free spins of the Chillipop™ game, you will be able to buy it using Buy feature. The Buy button allows you to buy the free spins feature with a trick that will trigger 10 free spins. The cost of the bet will be written on the button, because the bigger and more expensive you bet will be the feature.

Opinion of the writing of Chillipop™


The game of the provider Betsoft Gaming releases this 26th of November its new virtual slot machine of 5 reels and 3 Rows Chillipop™ which can transform to 8×8! In fact, the playground is growing and the symbols are getting smaller. The soundtrack that accompanies it of the mariachi genre is quite rousing and makes us want to continue playing, the more we win it more is accelerating!

The volatility of this video slot Chillipop™ is average and the return to the player of 95.38%. What part definition is not bad but it can do better! In fact what saves a little this machine that I find a little childish, these are the two features apart from Double Up and Buy feature to buy the free spins. For the gamblers who like the risk, they will like the left or double is quite exciting! Come and try this game yourself and leave us your comments!

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