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Chilli Gold x2™

The first version of Chilli Gold™ was born in the toy library of NextGen Gaming publishers already a few years ago. Much appreciated during its release, the designers of the brand judged it was good to make a flashback to give a second youth to Chilli Gold™ with a second version to the similar title of Chilli Gold x2™.

Yes, a multiplier aiming to double the freshly realized gains when passing in one of the features of this mobile slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 pay lines. Chilli Gold x2™ presents itself in Mexican land where players who wish to discover it will be able to sympathize with a smiling donkey and with a Mexican peasant who should not cultivate only red peppers to see its traits of face.

Anyway, the online casino game Chilli Gold X2™ rests in its entirety on festive moments accompanied during some adventures of the game by music airs from the end of Mexico. The interface sits between two cactuses in full bloom. This desert flora lets see beautiful flowers Red.

The soil of this arid land is only sand and rocks of more or less important volumes where stands as a natural border a chain of dwarf mountains burned by this unbearable warmth that sits on the great plateaus of Mexico.

The background leaves the two protagonists visibly very happy to come to meet the players. It is in any case the feeling that the publishers of the NextGen Gaming brand would like to see. The peasant who probably has a penchant for the consumption of marijuana with slightly identified eyes wears a sombrero, a kind of purple tunic highlighted for purple and green fluorescent patterns.

The donkey seems to crunch life full-tooth with a very welcoming appearance. The enthusiastic look carried towards his audience, he stands on the left side of the slot machine Chilli Gold x2™ waiting patiently for the continuation of events.

The interface of the casino game houses on its 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 fixed lines all kinds of items like musical instruments, animals like the famous donkey of history or a parrot with blue plumage that is perched on a branch, the main character of Chilli Gold x2™ who is proud to make the players enjoy his latest crop of red chilies.

The two icons that will play a fundamental role in advancing this mobile slot are a red chili known to be the strongest of the region and a second gold color. In fact it will be the metamorphosis of the red chili in gold that will take place during the process of Free Spins.

Since we are there, the features of the Chilli Gold x2™ online Gambling are focused on simple wilds, scatters, free spins, x2 earning multipliers and a jackpot option with Stellar jackpot. This random feature includes in its heart three fixed jackpots.

The first is Mini, the second miner and the last Major. The values for forming these more or less large prize pools in part weight will be able to know a growth path from the moment the users bet the hardest possible.

This will be noticed in real time nothing when making changes on the level of bet that can be influenced via denomination values. At a minimum, the mobile slot machine on behalf of Chilli Gold X2™ will allow to play money from £0.48 up to a maximum value (Bet Max) of £60.00.



Chilli Gold x2™ is a mobile casino game that will be browsed by red-colored chilies . This is nothing to say because these will really spice up the game to allow players to get gains much more easily than the theoretical normal of Game.

These replacement icons can be shown on reels 2, 3 and 4. What is very interesting with these surrogate symbols is that they will be able to fill their motivations on all the items present in the gameplay of Chilli Gold x2™. In addition to participating greatly in the distribution of random prizes, wilds or also named jokers will be in full capacity to become scatters from a number on the reels of this online Mobile slot.


It is at this point that the game of Chilli Gold x2™ will switch to the Free Spins feature. Always using this red chili symbol, the free spins can begin to operate from the moment six red peppers appear anywhere on the reels.

Accurately either by getting on screen 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 items of this nature, the players concerned will win respectively 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 21 free spins! Chilli Gold x2™ is a generous online casino game that doesn’t stop in such a good way. During the free spins course, the game will give birth to a new icon shape that will be a color golden chili.

Particularly dazzling, this item will be able to amplify the action series on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the slot machine. During the presentation, the golden peppers will double all the prizes they are responsible for. They will have the full powers to replace all the items in the online game except the simple wilds red peppers. Big earnings will have great odds to present themselves at this free session very hectic by the two emblematic characters in the history of Chilli Gold x2™.



Chilli Gold x2™ is in my opinion a most basic game in terms of graphic design especially as compared to the first episode, there are no changes.

The characters are the same with just the dress and facial traits of the Mexican peasant who differ. Otherwise, the story of Chilli Gold X2™ takes place exactly in the same place with these large thorny cactuses that bring natural protection to the interface of the slot.

This characteristic of striking resemblance is also welded to the level of gameplay. The features are similar. A true copy where only the free parts are accompanied by a novelty animated by a prize multiplier of x2 gold chilies.

But I have to say that this slight change makes all the difference compared to the first level of gold chili. During the free spins session, I managed to get a big gain of a value of £375.00 as it is possible to see it.

Chilli Gold x2™ is not an unpleasant game. The content remains drinkable if I can say with a framework that offers a comprehensive and playful online game and at the same time rewarding. Generous in the sense that it is possible to win in a totally random way one of the three fixed jackpots present at the top of the slot machine.

With its theoretical redistribution rate on the committed bets of 96.32%, Chilli Gold x2™ remains a variant with good potential to offer a certain profitability in the long term compared to the values of the sums of money invested.

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