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The leader of the games in high definition on behalf of Betsoft Gaming adds in his toy library of 3D video slot the title of Charms & Clovers™. This new mobile game intends to put full view in particular not the bias of its graphics out of the ordinary but also at the level of its configuration.

Yes indeed, Betsoft Gaming has crossed a new course with the silver game Charms & Clovers™. Always in search of innovation to surprise over time its growing public, the developer designed his recent slot machine as Charms & Clovers™ using 6 reels, 4 rows and 40 lines.

A fixed slot machine that as a result of this new way of working dramatically boosts its gameplay. A much more sophisticated family of features in price redistribution and ways to collect money while offering players a perfect flow to capture a constant pleasure in order to evolve peacefully in the lucky world of Charms & Clovers™.

As usual, Betsoft Gaming always mixes protagonists in its creations in order to create an additional degree of conviviality. Following my various tests in free version of this video slot, I can validate that this criteria is part of the environment of the game of chance Charms & Clovers™.

This character has a physical appearance of his own. Small in size, it wears a top hat in green form. A color that symbolizes hope and luck that continues its momentum by rubbing off on its costume carefully spent at the dry cleaning for the occasion.

This little man with a great heart and an unequalled generosity has a red hair and takes advantage of this rarity that he has in him to invade his face with a large, freshly combed beard. With his immortal smile admiring a careful white dentition, this Irish elf will represent in all its splendor the chance with a good number of objects which refer to this term that it is possible to find from time to moment on the 6 reels.

Far from being frozen as a picket, this main appearing in the history of the video slot Charms & Clovers™ will benefit from its permanent presence to accompany players in the gameplay of the game that promises to be well supplied. Therefore, an incalculable number of gestures will emanate from the body and mind of this iconic character for still and always add suspense as well as constant series of animations during the featuring process.

The story of this 3D slot takes place on a plateau in Northern Ireland. The vegetation is at the appointment with a thick coat of four-leaf clovers, which can sometimes be pierced by red mushrooms spotted with white and well reputed to cause intestinal disturbances see even guide the consumers straight to death.

The elf with a certain gift to provoke the chance at the game of money fought thanks to his ingenuity a small house of a particular style not far from the interface of the game. Protected from the rays of the sun by large trees, its habitat is semi-buried and is also covered by a carpet of four-leaf clovers so as to blend perfectly with the abundant flora gravitating around the latter.

What the players do not know by noticing in the distance this little house is that the latter is a real gold mine with pots filled with gold coins and whose elf does not know what to do. It has come the time when he finds himself encumbered by all this heap of gold that squats his place of life.

He wishes to remedy it as soon as possible, then offering it to those who visit him would not be a bad thing for him but rather a deliverance. To achieve such a level in the game of Charms & Clovers™ because this is indeed conceivable, players will have to be patient to be able to open the doors of the features of this mobile slot machine.

With a sixth reel, the Charms & Clovers™ Online Casino game offers many additional benefits compared to a standard 5-reel slot machine. Not only does this supplement offer a new way of playing by activating a fourth row but it opens up access to 4 unique bonus functions and a chance to pocket up to 4 jackpots, the largest of which is £350 000.

In this crazy adventure where money is very likely to run afloat, players will have enough to do in terms of features to just put their pockets. The ones that will mark the game Charms & Clovers™ are the bonus features that are numbered 4 and can only be activated via the sixth reel.

There will also be wilds, a Wheel of Fortune, a feature or double up as well as earning multipliers that can display a rate of x100. The 3D video slot for Charms & Clovers™ can be placed in service from £0.02.

For those who want to inflate this amount of money, they will be able to use part and denomination values, taking into account that the 40 lines are frozen and therefore will not be able to be activated manually. By positioning all the counters to set a maximum setting, users will be able to play £200.00 per throw.



One of the main forces of the mobile slot machine Charms & Clovers™ remains its gameplay with its 4 unique bonus features. The first is dedicated to a wheel of fortune that can be put to work by getting on the reel 6 a silver wheel icon.

In this case, the casino game will metamorphose to give way to a big wheel of luck. The latter will have several skins. Built every time in 7 fractions, the first wheel will offer a chance to multiply by x4, x5 or x15 the value of the starting bet or to access the super wheel.

In the case of access to the super wheel, players will have an opportunity to activate gain multipliers based between x20 and x40, to win the mini jackpot with a chance to be able to activate the mega wheel. In the event that players manage to play a part in the mega wheel game then they will be able to try to multiply by x100 their starting bet or to win the giant jackpot or the colossal while we are there.

In remark, the jackpots displayed just above the interface of the three-dimensional slot Charms & Clovers™ can be obtained by playing in bet Max or with the maximum bet of the game which is for reminder of £200.00 per rotation.

Mister Chance wishes to integrate with a feature and he will be able to fulfill his wishes by integrating with the bonus feature mega symbol. This icon is illustrated by the picture of the elf who both arms towards his audience. This symbol is quite special so that it has a dimension on the 3×3 interface.

Under the name Leprechaun, this item will be able to activate the mega symbol feature in case it shows up on reel 6. In this case, the game will experience a change in size since 8 free throws are going to operate with this large size icon which will appear on the 5 reels welded in a totally random way.

In addition to this icon, simple representations of the elf will be able to combine with the large so as to significantly increase the chances of getting prizes sometimes giving access to big earnings.

Other free games can be activated but in a completely different style which is that of the feature Gold Pots. To achieve this feature, players will have to get the wild symbol adorned with four-leaf clovers. During the process of running this golden pots option, the game will experience some of the most blatant changes that will consist in accommodating full-cracked pots of gold coins at the bottom of each reel.

With each free spin, pieces will be ejected from these cast iron receptacles to attach themselves to the interface squares and substitute them with secondary icons. During each free lap, the wilds will be numbered 3 to encourage the formation of pay lines.

The fourth and last feature of the mobile game Charms & Clovers™ dedicates to an option named Gold bonus. Players will find these famous pots loaded with gold under strange circumstances a rainbow coming out of these. To trigger this feature, the pots of gold will have to appear on reel 6 only.

As a result of this, the game will export its audience to a secondary page which will have the task of letting gold pots in the number of 5 resting on a bed of four-leaf clovers. The goal to progress in this bonus game will be to click on one of the 5 pots loaded with gold coins.

This will have the effect of releasing a value into chips or offering a gain multiplier of x20. Following this episode, the players involved will return to the main game to conquer new adventures.



Charms & Clovers™ is in my opinion a game of rare quality and this on many planes. The graphic charter welcomes us with a character who is very enthusiastic about the idea of seeing players win thousands of chips.

Luck seems to dominate these Irish places and some icons by themselves in this sense like the famous four-leaf clovers that flood the screen or even the horseshoe.

I greatly appreciated the three-dimensional cinematography of the game. For example, the one where you can see very ready from a big icon 3×3 the elf by going through his pots filled with gold with the help of his small hands to send them in the air so that we can pocket them after the blow.

Charms & Clovers™ is a unique game of its kind when taking a few moments to compare it to other mobile Betsoft Gaming slots. This 3D slot is full of features including 4 unique that it is therefore impossible to find in the gameplay of the other slot machine of the brand.

The level of pay is very high even though the Charms & Clovers™ game does not show a percentage index to its theoretical redistribution rate. Between features, it is possible at each time of the game to access very important earning multipliers that can in some passages reach a apogee of x100 which is simply hallucinating.

I keep a great memory of the Charms & Clovers™ slot machine by taking advantage of this review to clarify that this online casino game compatible on the phone and tablet screens in addition to the computer version is in the favorite games section Betsoft Gaming Avis Casinos site.

For those who love gambling with gameplay loaded with features by introducing careful cinematography in high definition as is for example the case for Pinocchio™, I can invite them to discover Charms & Clovers™. The free and downloadable version of this masterpiece remains available in normal and large screen with compatibility on mobile.

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