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Extra Casino: Complete the missions and earn $/€/£9,500 first prize!


Christmas arrives in great steps and Casino Extra knows it, that’s why it offers us a challenge with three machines Yggdrasil and key for the first place in the ranking a prize of $/€/£9,500! And yes, this year Casino Extra wants to fill us before the arrival of Santa Claus! With a prize pool of $/€/£65,000! Indeed from December the 12th of 2018 (10:00 CET) to December the 16th of 2018 (23:59 CET) will take place a tournament on three video slots of the Yggdrasil provider.

It is necessary to complete the competition in less laps than possible on the videos slots: Valley of the Gods™, Hanzo’s Dojo™, and Baron Samedi™ to win the first prize of $/€/£9,500 but the other prizes are not negligible either because in total it will be $/€/£65,000 that will be put into play! In addition we will be entitled to participate in a draw with gifts for a value of $/€/£5000!

To go further…

We will detail the missions in each game to know exactly what to do to be able to opt for its prizes. Valley of the Gods™ is a 5-reels, 5-rows slot machine and 3125 ways to win on the theme of Egyptian deities. It is necessary to activate the statues 3 times to opt for the classification and for this it will be necessary each time to collect 5 red or blue beetles to trigger the feature. It will have to be done three times in less laps to be eligible for the ranking.

Regarding Hanzo’s Dojo™, a game under the theme of China and martial arts, it will be necessary to enter the mode free spins and for that you have to fall on 3 or more regular symbols of free spins that will give 3 free spins or fall on the symbol of Roof Top (a gong surrounded by two dragons) that will offer 4 free spins and 1 booster.

For Baron Samedi™, the last of Yggdrasil, enter the world of the afterlife, spiritualism, cards… We will have to trigger the Voodoo Re-spins 3 times and for that we will have to collect 2 symbols of free spins (cards with skulls as a magician). Cards will be displayed during free spins and we’ll show the prizes collected.

You really have to be able to stand at the top of the ranking but the entertainment is also assured! Games under different themes that will be able to give you the possibility to opt for the different prizes of the tournament and especially you to participate in the draw of super gifts!

Christmas Shopping Terms and conditions 2018 Casino Extra

The Christmas Shopping mission will take place from the 12th of December 2018 to 10:00 CET until the 16th of December 2018 to 23:59 CET. It will be necessary to complete all the objectives on the three slot machines of Yggdrasil in as few laps as possible. In Valley of the Gods™ it will be necessary to activate the statue three times, for Hanzo’s Dojo™ you will have to enter the free spins mode and finally for the last game but not the lesser Baron Samedi™ it will be the Voodoo Re-spins that it will have to trigger.

To participate in the promotion, players will have to confirm their participation by clicking on “Join us” in the emerging window. They will have to place a qualifying bet in the games offered for promotion and you have to know that there will be no additional cost to participate!

Players who complete the mission for the first time will be assigned an unique player number. It will be highlighted so that they can follow their position in the ranking. Those outside the standings and draw positions will be displayed as the last +1 position. For example, all players classified outside of the 700 qualifying positions will be displayed as 701.

It should be noted that the minimum bet to be able to participate is $/€/£0.50. The number of spins made to complete the mission will determine the position of the player in the ranking: the one who finishes the mission in a minimum of spins will put in position 1 and will win the first prize.

If several players finish the mission with the same number of laps, the player who has completed it first will occupy a higher position in the ranking. All positions are updated every 60 seconds and positions can change throughout the tournament. Very important note that bets made with bonus money is not valid for the mission.

Players from positions 1 to 700 will have a chance to win one of the 7 giveaways of the draw once the leaderboard is finished. Every player qualified 24h after the end from the tournament on December the 17th , 2018 to 00:01 CET to December the 17th , 23:59 CET can enter the section of the draw in the mission window on one of the participating games and choose a safe.

If after 48h the prizes are not claimed they will be redistributed randomly among the qualified players who have not taken any safe. Other cash prizes will be automatically credited to the player account as soon as the ranking and/or draw are completed as funds for withdrawal.

The delivery of the gifts won will be offered for the residents in Europe, and for those who are not part of it, administrative costs will be applied from $/€/£150 euros to $/€/£300 according to its value. The gifts are as follows: 2 Ninebot Uni-Segway, 1 Mini Drone with camera, 1 VR, 1 Bose Quiet Comfort, 1 Nintendo Switch red or blue and 1 Hoverboard with speakers. Casino Extra does not skimp on the means!

When at the prize pool the prizes are detailed as follows: 1st prize: $/€/£9500, 2nd: 7500, 3rd: 6000, 4th: 4000, 5th: 3000, 6th: 2000, 7th: 1500, 8th: 1000, 9th: 800, 10th: 600, 11th: 500, 12th: 400, 13th: 350, 14th: 300, 15th and 16th: $/€/£250. From the 17th to the 20th: $/€/£200, from 21st to 25th: $/€/£150, from 26th to 50th: 100, from 51st to 100th: 80, from 101st to 150th: 60, from 151st to 200th: 50, from 201st to 300th: 40, from 301st to 400th: 30, from 401st to 500th: 25 , and from 501st to 700th: $/€/£20.

Opinion of Casino Extra Christmas Shopping 2018

From the 12th of December 2018 to 10:00 CET to the 16th of December 2018 to 23:59 CET, Casino Extra offers you a tournament on Yggdrasil’s machines called Christmas Shopping. It will be necessary to complete a challenge on three machines of the provider in the less possible laps to be able to access the ranking of the 700 best and be able to access the draw on December the 17th , 2018. The conditions are pretty fair and the prizes are amazing. A prize pool of $/€/£65,000 plus gifts for value of $/€/£5000 which makes us a total of $/€/£70,000 at stake. Incredible, isn’t it? Do not let this opportunity pass and do not hesitate to return to the page of Casino Extra!

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