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PaySafeCard was once the revolutionary prepaid purchase voucher consisting of 16 digits. He held one of the best positions in the ranking of the preferred anonymous deposit methods of online casino players in Europe. But this reputed brand that provided prepaid tickets decided to break its partnerships with online casinos that offer their services to English players.

This new leaves a void but no panic. We know that the web is constantly renewed then for the worshippers of this means of payment that makes the spot so easy to pay online safely and remain in anonymity they will be able to orient themselves to a new similar format.

This company bears the name of CASHlib and is driven by Empcorp where its head office is located in Luxembourg. This firm authorized to provide its online services is licensed EMoney. CASHlib has therefore taken over the torch to offer services very similar to those of the former giant PaySafeCard.

What differs between PaySafeCard and CASHlib it is simply the name of this means of payment on the internet which is now used in Europe by hundreds of thousands of clients.

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Operating principle of CASHlib:

CASHlib is a service that allows you to convert cash in the form of a unique 16-digit code. To pay online, it is enough to fill in this code encrypted and the tour is played! It’s as simple as this! Cashlib is in 3 words anonymous, secure and instant!

The benefits of using CASHlib?

★ confidentiality that allows you to pay in full discretion without having to disclose sensitive information about it such as personal data or bank details. Security is at a confirmed level with CASHlib.

★ Using this 2.0 technology, no risk to see his account hacked by a third person and that even in case of loss of his CASHlib.

★ The easy payment that allows to pay up to £250 in one transaction and to be able to combine several CASHlib between them to be able to pay up to £1000 per day or set the sum of money desired.

★ it is very difficult to do faster than CASHlib in terms of the speed of execution of payments. Transactions are immediate. This is a very simple way to make purchases on the web without having to use its credit or debit card and therefore avoid to inform its personal data as well as its banking information card.

CASHlib avoids this to reluctant people who not really want to divulge their credit card information such as the 16 digits present on the front, the last 3 digits (cipher) located on the back or the expiration date of this latter. With CASHlib We are a long way from this. This system of payment on the internet is based on a coupon CASHlib whose data are perfectly encrypted and correspond to the value in money entered on this.

How to buy Coupons CASHlib?

To appropriate prepaid cards of type CASHlib there are 2 solutions. The first is to connect to the internet and then go to the site A large virtual store that specializes in the sale of prepaid products on the web.

Once present on the homepage of the site, you will have to go to the money section and select the access button CASHlib to proceed with the purchase of a coupon from £10 up to £250. After selecting the desired value, the system will ask to fill in an email to subsequently receive the CASHlib code after payment done.

To validate the operations by pressing a confirmation button and then in a fourth time to proceed to the secure payment (Ingenico ePayments) of the order of its prepaid good CASHlib by selecting the bank card of its choice which possibly type VISA or MasterCard.

Once the payment procedure has been completed, a notification of acceptance of the transaction will appear on the screen. It will then come to recover its code CASHlib from the email informed at the outset of the procedure of its obtaining and to go for example to consume it in a site of gambling which accept this means of deposit like for example the online casino RedSlots.

The second way to get a prepaid CASHlib purchase voucher is to go physically to one of the nearest selling points of his home such as shops, petrol stations, kiosks or even tobacco offices. Then just ask the seller for a ticket CASHlib to the unique code in exchange for cash in cash. In these 2 cases, the coupon will be usable immediately following its purchase.

How to use a coupon CASHlib?

In the previous paragraph, we had seen that we could directly use a CASHlib coupon provided the merchant site is in partnership with CASHlib. This Luxembourg company is in collaboration with many structures such as community type sites, e-commerce, online gambling or entertainment.

It seems logical and if this is the case, the bank of the virtual casino makes available this means of depositing money. A ticket CASHlib has 16 unique digits and they correspond to a very specific amount of money. By selecting this payment method and filling in its 16-digit code plus the amount required during the deposit procedure, the latter after checking the CASHlib system will validate the transfer operation to show the amount indicated In the balance of the casino account. It’s as simple as this!

There is no need to deposit all available credit with the 16 digit code. For example by having £100 CASHlib, a deposit of £52 in the casino can be made. After subtracting, it will then remain the sum of £48 of assets with the prepaid purchase voucher. Good to know, the validity period of a CASHlib prepaid card is 12 months. After this time, the code will be obsolete.

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