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The cashback is a pretty special form of bonuses in its operation. The purpose of this article is to present in every detail its way of operating. Its principle is to act in the event of partial or total loss. Clearly, it is when the user of this bonus no longer has casino chips in his account that he can use his cashback. His main interest is to allow losing players to find a comfortable bankroll and without them having the need to deposit funds again. When the cashback bonus comes in, everything is free.

It’s the online casino that pays!

Casinos Cashback Bonus


Win British, casino regulated by the Gambling Commission and Alderney allows you as a new player to enjoy a cashback bonus for 31 days! Take pleasure in your gaming sessions with the Newbies Cashback Boost bonus which will start at 1% and can evolve up to 20% daily depending on your VIP level during the month. Later, you can take advantage of this refund bonus on your losses with the Daily Cashback promotion! Take this great opportunity to earn up to 10% cashback bonus every day after your losses!


Napoleon Games, an online casino regulated offers a new cashback bonus worth 10 euros as a welcome to new clients in love with table games.


Online since March 2019, Monte Cryptos has been able to stand out in the right direction by offering in addition and according to the VIP level obtained the opportunity to benefit from a weekly refund offer based on between 10% and 18%!


Slots Heaven casino offers this opportunity to thrill with a cashback bonus of 50% up to £10. Available for its live table games, this cashback bonus is active every Saturday and Sunday of the calendar!


Open to all forms of bonuses available in the E-casinos, Diamond Reels ‘ generosity is generous through its weekly cashback bonus that can climb up to 20% depending on the busy VIP level! The VIP Diamond bearing offers 20%, gold 15%, 10% silver and finally Club 5%!


Campeonbet Casino offers a cashback bonus of 10% up to £1000 valued according to losses totaled on a calendar month. From the first day of the following month, this refund bonus comes into action. A valid offer both on the traditional casino games as on the live games. No bonus code is required for this offer to be activated.


Crazy Fortune, a English online casino that has just entered the industry. An ambitious platform on many points including this willingness to offer a host of bonuses including cashback promotions surprises accessible via email.


Rivieraplay is the online casino reference to take advantage of a cashback bonus worth 30% on all deposits and cashable immediately.


With AC’s efforts, the site’s players can enjoy an exclusive bonus on the Venetian casino. A 30% cashback offer with no valid withdrawal requirements on all deposits! Once the registration is completed go to the support to make the request.


At Magical Spin Casino, the Tuesday night between 6:00 p.m. and 03h00 in the morning gives way to a cashback bonus worth 25% up to £200! This is not over since a special cashback bonus for VIP players enters the stage throughout the week with an advantage ranging from 5-10% of the total of all deposits that applies according to the level of each. A cashback Bonus Classified VIP which can be the subject of an immediate withdrawal and that up to x10 the sum collected! Every Wednesday night between 18:00 and 00:00, this is the cashback bonus night at Cresus Casino! Valid on all games on the platform, this refund bonus is worth 20%.


Every Wednesday evening between 18h00 and 00h00, it’s the cashback bonus night at Cresus casino! Valid on all games on the platform, this refund bonus is worth 20%.


Every Friday, losing bets are wiped out by the intervention of a 20% cashback bonus that runs on all the games on the Riviera casino platform.


Dublinbet Casino offers every Wednesday a fantastic cashback bonus worth 20%. This offer is valid from £20 deposit.


It is by progressing in its incredible VIP club that BoVegas will start offering cashback bonuses at the depot. Repayment amounts that will be studied to make 15% rebates on losses and this for every week.


Regarding the Lucky31 online casino, it’s exactly the same thing aside that this second chance promotion is available on the last day of the week on Sunday.


For regular players nothing better than to be able to turn back on a daily basis on his losses to the tune of 7.5%! With Casino Clic, all losing deposits can benefit.

How does the cashback bonus work ?

A first question that deserves its full attention.we will explain this with the support of a concrete example. This offer works with a certain rate that is expressed as a percentage. Its principle is to repay a fraction of the losing deposit(s).

For example : Cashback Bonus of 100% up to £100.

This means that in the case of a dry loss on the part of the player, the cashback casino will have the task of crediting and free of charge a new value of £100 in the account of his unlucky customer. In this sense, the beneficiary could then in the aftermath or a few days later, play again with the same bankroll that he had credited from his pocket. This concept is pretty good, isn’t it ?

When can we play with a cashback bonus?

As for the offer of free spins, the cashback has the peculiarity of being able to associate with other forms of promotions. The bonus for online slots is on the list and it is quite widespread in the world of gambling on the Internet. The cashback is also a promotion that can both be put forward by being placed on the home page of the online casinos. With such visibility, it acts as a welcome or first deposit bonus.

It can also be secondary and have the opportunity to be able to intervene from the second deposit and spread over several deposits as a result. This bonus does not stop in such a good way as it is not uncommon to meet him in the heart of the VIP programs of virtual casinos. It can be proposed at a new deposit, during the national holidays, to spice up the game sessions of the players and allow them to play longer in case of significant losses,… The cashback can merge with all kinds of promotions and none escapes this rule. It’s a bit of a substitution promotion for Lady Chance when the latter is not at the appointment…

How can we get a cashback bonus ?

As with all other types of bonuses that we can use inside the online casinos, the cashback bonus can be credited automatically at the first deposit. It is then that it can be used immediately and without the intervention of a site agent.

It is also possible to obtain it exclusively through a promotional coupon. The latter can be found on sites or forums that are specialized in the field of gambling on the internet. By knowing of a bonus code giving an opening to the cashback, it is possible to be able to take advantage of it provided that this voucher is compatible with this casino. To have the things clear, simply create an account, log in, go to the cashier tab and finally fill in this cashback promotional code. A promo voucher field is usually present. It is enough to inform for example (AVISCASINOS10) and not forget to validate this step. Shortly after seeing immediately, the second chance bonus is activated in the account.

The second option is to contact an online casino agent. Just fill in the bonus code in the dialog box. By having read the nature of this voucher, the operator will soon be able to credit the account with a certain percentage granted. In our example, this is 10% (AVISCASINOS10) of cashback on the next money deposit.

A third option exists, but the latter will not be influenced by the player himself. In a frequent way, virtual gambling establishments send emails or call their customers directly on the phone. The aim of these steps is to keep their players informed about the updates that have been made and the ones that will be coming up soon. In the textual content of these electronic newsletters, it is not uncommon to see bonus proposals, some of which focus exclusively on cashback. Most of the time, the latter are valid on the next money transfers.

A few times during certain days of the week at specific times. Percentage rates vary greatly depending on the player’s status in the casino. As with all forms of promotions, the latter adapt on a case by case. By logic, a VIP online casino player will have far more advantages than a passing player.

My opinion on the cashback bonus.

I think this offer is original in the way it works. Generally, the index of this bonus is quite high as it varies between 10 and 100% in the best case, that this is very interesting. The total value of the first deposit can be refunded entirety !

Since its launch, this cashback offer has experienced a strong growth in its popularity. Initially, this loss-based benefit was available as a result of several money deposits. At that time (year 2011), many players quickly and regularly asked for a cashback bonus to play. It was then that many online casinos made the decision to break this barrier which asked to file a certain number of times before being able to fully enjoy it.

Thereafter and in a reduced time, these steps at the deposit were broken. Therefore, the cashback is now accessible as a welcome by displaying proudly on the mother pages of online casino sites.

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