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Cash-O-Matic™ is a free slot machine with 1024 ways to win, 5 reels and 4 rows with free spins, multipliers and Cluster Pays™ feature. The symbols chosen in any adjacent position starting with the most left-hand reel to the right to give victories.

The colors of the gems have particular meanings depending on their color. The red stones convey encouragement, strength and courage. It is about the colour of life, the sexuality of fire and passion. Among the main ones are garnet, ruby, espinele, tourmaline and zirconium.

Yellow stones symbolize the energy of the sun, joy and happiness. These are the stones most suitable for stimulating mental activity, joy and positive energy. The main ones are citrine, quartz, agathe, diamond and sapphire.

Green gems represent health, harmony, nature and fertility, so it is considered the most relaxing colour it has. Among its most well-known stones are emerald, jade, peridote, sapphire and apatite.

Blue stones are the color of tranquillity, fidelity and the divine, so stones such as sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and tanzanite among others convey a sense of calm and peace and allow us to contact with our deity.

Purple gems are the color of transmutation, transformation and exchange. These stones give us peace, spirituality and momentum to fight fear. Between them are the amaetist, fluorite, lavender jade, calcedony and zoizit.

Features Cash-O-Matic™:


The feature Cluster Pays™ can be triggered when there is a winning line or scatter symbols on the reels. The symbols fall into positions instead of turning. Symbols in a winning combination will remain on the reels while the others will disappear in the Cash-O-Matic™ game.

They leave space for a second Avalanche™ of symbols and therefore more chance of bigger gains. The Avalanche™ will continue until there are no more wins. Wins from the Avalanches™ will be counted and paid for after the last Avalanche™. The Cash-O-Matic™ mobile slot free spins will be triggered when 10 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels.

The number of scatter symbols collected will be equal to the number of free spins won. The minimum number of free spins won will be 10. The number of scatter symbols collected will start to zero between free spins but not in the Avalanches™ of Cash-O-Matic™.

Scatter symbols will be added to the scatter gauge while the rest of the symbols remain in place. The recovered symbols are then replaced by new symbols on the reels. This will continue until there are no more scatter symbols to collect in the Cash-O-Matic™ slot video.

Scatter symbols will be collected first before the winnings are assessed. In free spins, 1 free spins will be rewarded for each row filled with winning symbols. The multiplier level will remain the same as at the beginning of free spins regardless of the number of free spins collected.

The total winning box in Cash-O-Matic™ include any win during free spins plus any lap win that activated the free spins. At the end of the free spins the game returns to the turn that activated the free spins. Free spins will be played on the same level of play and betting as the round that activated them.

The multiplier level will be rewarded if at least 1 row is filled with winning symbols. It can be activated in the main game Cash-O-Matic™ and in free spins. The multiplier will only act on the winning lines. In all there will be 4 levels, one per each row filled with the winning symbols.

In the main Cash-O-Matic game™ levels will go this way: level 1×1 multiplier, level 2 multiplier x2, level 3 multiplier x4 and level 4 multiplier x10. In free spins the multiplier will depend on the number of scatter symbols that have activated the free spins, and the winning lines will be multiplied by the multiplier.

If you find 10 to 14 level 1 scatters you will have an x2 multiplier, level 2 an x4 multiplier, level 3×8 multiplier, level 4×20 multiplier. If you find 15 to 19 scatters level 1 multiplier x3, level 2 multiplier x6, level 3 multiplier x12, level 4 multiplier x30.

If you have 20 or more scatters level 1 multiplier x5, level 2 multiplier x10, level 3 multiplier x20, level 4 multiplier x50. The multiplier will start from scratch between free spins but not in Avalanches™. The winnings box in Cash-O-Matic™ main game include any win during the round multiplied by the multiplier awarded.

Opinion about Cash-O-Matic™:

Cash-O-Matic™ is a 5-reels, 4-rows, 1024-lines Netent slot machine. It’s a classic slot machine mix with a feature Cluster Pays™ to give a slightly modernized look. On the left side you have the multiplier and scatter gauge.

A mobile slot machine a little simple I would say given the latest slots that the Swedish giant has released its last times. No characters, no special effects, no spectacular interface in Cash-O-Matic™. Only symbols (stones and letters) that rotate except when the Cluster Pays™ feature is triggered that’s when the symbols fall.

The return to the player is 96.33% and the volatility is high, it’s true that one does not have to wait too long to trigger the features which is good for players. Cash-O-Matic™ wins are also quite common, they are not huge but tracked so it’s still good. This is a good asset for the Cash-O-Matic™ machine!

Coin values range from 0.01 to €0.50 which gives us bets ranging from 0.2 to €200 on the tenth level. It’s good in the Cash-O-Matic™ game because a lot of players will be affected. We are talking about players who do not have an extremely large budget up to those who do not have problems and have a well-stocked wallet.

Cash-O-Matic™ is not a really exciting slot machine, no more jackpot. It still has payout multipliers, free spins, a feature Cluster Pays™ to brighten up a little bit of it. It’s a bit disappointing slot video and I hope the provider Netent will do better next time.

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