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Butterfly Staxx 2™

A flower power slot machine with a very bucolic theme accompanied by flowers and butterflies that with re-spins, butterfly spins, and butterfly frenzy we will direct to the fields with the most generous wild herbs in terms of prizes! With different levels for the feature Butterfly Frenzy we will be able to win prizes that increase when you change the level and we enjoy a substantial volume of coins.

On a cold spring morning, all nature wakes up and the birds begin to sing. We’re going to can Se eat the awayThe fields flowers. A yellow butterfly as in the game Butterfly Staxx 2™ tries to spread its wings but it’s impossible… It is imprisoned in one pot in glass!

Shortly after a little girl comes running up, takes the jar and leaves in running through the fields. The butterfly tries to scream but it is impossible the little girl does not hear it. Innocent, she continues to run to through the meadows very happy.

The yellow butterfly continues to scream with all its might but to no avail because the little girl who ran everywhere could not hear it! When she stops, she was speechless she looks the pot where is locked up the butterfly. Her gaze becomes astonished: she had gone to bed the night before and there had one caterpillar in its cocoon.

What was it like? The girl asks the butterfly what he’s doing there and where her caterpillar is. The butterfly replies that it is but the little girl does not seem to believe. So, what’s the butterfly asks the small girl getting close and watch in the eyes… It’s then that the little girl realizes that it’s her friend who it’s reincarnated. She liberates immediately the butterfly from the jar. She starts running through the fields and the butterfly has to flutter around her.

Features Butterfly Staxx 2™:


The Butterfly Staxx 2™ machine has 5 reels,4 rows and 40 betting lines with as features of wilds substitutions, re-spins, scatter wins with a choice between butterfly spins and butterfly frenzy! The game will be played out of 40 lines fixed bets, between 1 and 10 levels, 25 coins by level and different values for the coins.

A coin betting line is equal to the value shown in the multiplied earnings table by the level of stakes. A currency line is equal to the value earned in coins multiplied by the value of the coin in the slot machine Butterfly Staxx2™. It should not be forgotten that only the highest win per line will be paid and we’ll start with the most left-hand reel to the most right-hand roll.

In addition, butterfly spins, re-spins and butterfly frenzy will not be able to be activated simultaneously. The wild symbol can appear anywhere on the basic game reels and re-spins and will substitute all symbols except the scatter symbol. Wilds substitutions in Butterfly Staxx 2™ will pay the highest winning combination on a bet line.

Re-spins will be activated during the main game when a stack of 4 butterfly symbols will cover the whole reel. The re-spins are played on the same level of bet and value of coins that will have activated the feature.

Before the re-spins begin all the butterfly symbols will fly to the leftmost position in the same row and not yet occupied by a butterfly and will continue in this position until the end of the re-spins of Butterfly Staxx 2™.

During the feature, if the two most left-hand reels are completely covered with symbols de butterflies one second are a game will be unlocked. If the third roll of a first playground or two rolls from the second playing area are covered by the symbols de butterflies one third are a game will be unlocked. The reels in each playground will be independent and simultaneous.

These areas will begin with the first reel completely covered by butterfly symbols. During the The re-spins, new symbols butterflies who will land on each area of the game will reward one re-spin extra on the areas of game unlocked. When he there will have more symbols butterflies that land on the areas of game unlocked then the re-spins will end, all of them the earnings will be added since those who will have triggered the re-spins.

The ability to play butterfly spins will be rewarded when 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the main game. If the player chooses the butterfly spins then 5 butterfly spins will be activated. During the feature only the symbols cocoons will be able to land on reels and get changed in butterflies. We’re are not going to be able to have extra butterfly spins during the feature of Butterfly Staxx2™.

The cocoon symbols may be dormant or active and they will change into butterflies that will fly to the leftmost reel. The feature will be played on the same bet level and coin value as the game that have triggered it. At the end of the butterfly spins all the winnings will be added to all the wins from the game that activated them.

The ability to play butterfly frenzy will be rewarded when 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3 or 5 in the main game. If a player chooses the butterfly frenzy then the bonus pick and click game (choose and click) will be activated.

There will be 5 levels during the feature. The game will start with 10 choices. The player will choose butterfly symbols that will offer winnings in coins that will come increase your bankroll. Each level will reward 10 choices to the player and these choices will be added to the choices already granted in the previous level.

The minimum and maximum win may be between x0.4 and x5 times the bet for each choice depending on the in what level we are. The player can fall on the special butterfly that will reward the climb to the next level but who will not give coins, the choice will not be deducted from those which have been offered it is separate.

The player can choose Auto Pick to play automatically, but if you make that choice you will not be able to stop it manually it will stop only when it is finished. If the player decides to renew the game during the butterfly frenzy, the game will continue to from where the player left it. In the case of the last level the game will start again on the starting screen. Once the Butterfly Staxx 2™ feature is complete the player will return to the main game.

Opinion about Butterfly Staxx 2™:

Fans of magic and bucolic themes will enjoy it for sure! Re-spins, multiple playing areas, butterfly spins and a bonus pick and click game on butterfly frenzy go we take it in one walk at the quiet but who will give us big prizes. An interface out of a fairy tale with the walls of a castle covered in flowers which are transformed when the playing areas are unlocked.

We have 1 to 10 levels of play that we can choose at our leisure as well as the values coins ranging from 0.01 to €5 euros which will make bets ranging from €0.25 on the first level and €2.50 on the 10th up to €125 on the 1st level and €1250 on the 10th.We’re going to really do what we want to, we have the freedom to choose what we want to spend in our favorite hobby.

We have three features which is not bad, with a pick and click game, which allows greater player involvement. It’s very much important to do it pass at the foreground because it’s one motivation extra for him, that’s what can make the difference with other games. We’re going to get there smells well, one stays there it’s simple! The explanations as usual at Netent are very clear which adds a plus for players who are not very used to and who have just started.

It is true that there is no jackpot, the return to the player is 96.35% and that the volatility is average but you can still win up to 240 times the bet which is not nothing if we bet strong. The game is not done for the players who are in search of strong sensations, but it’s necessary to have many of the games for all the tastes! And Netent knows it, it’s necessary to make games in all thematic to please the most of the players possible.

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