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Bronco Spirit™

Bronco Spirit™ is a young mustang horse who lives in the Wild West. One night, Bronco Spirit™ discovers a camp of thieves in which, curiously, he enters. However, the riders wake up and pursue him with the intention of catching up with him. The horse manages to escape. Bronco Spirit™ meets the stern army colonel, and the young Indian, who is under arrest. When the colonel tries to tame Bronco Spirit™, he is knocked down, the horse and the young Indian run away with other horses.

The young Indian and his mare Rain take to the village. The boy also tries to ride Bronco Spirit™, but he refuses, so the young Indian puts him in Rain’s care so that she “teaches him how to behave”. As the days go by, Bronco Spirit™ loses distrust of humans and falls in love with Rain, making him doubt between his desire to be free and that of being next to the mare.

One day, the cavalry regiment, under the command of the Colonel, attacked the young Indian’s village and abducted Bronco Spirit™. It is sold to the men who work in the construction of the railway. In the wagon, the horse, consoled by the memories of his family and some horses of the village, decides to fight for his freedom.

When the train stopped, Bronco Spirit™ and several other horses were hitched to a locomotive to climb a slope. Once at the top, the cheval observes with horror that humans intend to cross their meadows with the railway. To avoid it, he collapses to the ground and the workers, believing him dead, push him away.

Bronco Spirit™ free also the other horses, derailing the locomotive at the bottom of the hill. Bronco Spirit™ share finding the young Indian, they play in the water and become friends. When the horse and the young Indian arrive in the village, the young man calls Rain, which he had found and healed. The two horses meet with joy and the young Indian decides to release Rain. Bronco Spirit™ and Rain reunite with the other wild horses and finally live free as leaders of the troupe.

Features of Bronco Spirit™


The bonus symbol is represented by the landscape and the bonus word inside and it appears on all the reels. The wild symbol is the word wild in gold and replaces all the symbols except for a bonus symbol. He appears only in the 10th round and during the base game and as an itinerant Wild during the free spins feature.

The game is played in a 10-spins tour series that the player can buy at any bet. The numbers of the games increase from one spin to the next to 10, then restart to 1. All the golden coin symbols with a mustang’s horse’s head appearing on the screen during a 10-spins tour cycle have accumulated in a gauge at the top of the game.

Up to 20 can be accumulated. In the 10 spins, all the accumulated coins return to the screen at random locations as many wilds and apply to the result of the spins. The progression is saved for every possible bet and return to a certain bet restores the progression, including the accumulated symbols and the number of spins of the cycle.

If players make the bet during the 10-spins tours cycle it reduces the stake of the spins to 1 and all slots are reset. Players will need 3 or more symbols to trigger the feature of the spins at the beginning of the free spins feature, depending on the number of the symbols obtained, players will be able to choose one of the following: options

5 symbols earn: 45 free spins with 4 wilds or 15 free spins with 7 wilds. 4 symbols payoff: 30 free spins with 4 wilds or 10 free spins to 7 wilds. 3 symbols payoff: 15 free spins with 4 wilds or 5 free spins with 7 wilds. During the free certain spins feature, a number of wild are added to the screen depending on the chosen option.

The stay on screen until the end of the game by changing random location at each free turn. Any number of wilds on the screen can then randomly reveal 2x multipliers that multiply each other on any pay line on which they appear.

Three or more scatter symbols during the feature bring back a new sequence of free spins that will be played at the end of the free spin sequences. There is no limit to the number of possible re-triggers. Special reels are in play during the bonus game of free spins.

The average volatile pay on a regular basis and the pay scale ranges from low to very high. All symbols pay from left to right on selected pay lines. All winnings are multiplied by the bet per line. All values are expressed in coins the form of real coin winnings. Only the highest gain on each line is paid. In the event of winnings on multiple payment lines, all winnings are added to the total winnings.

Opinion about Bronco Spirit™

Bronco Spirit™ is not just another slot machine in the Wild West them it is much more than that. With the omnipresence of horses as in Hercules and Pegasus™, the equines breed are put forward and offers a beautiful image of themselves: animals that are almost from another planet by their beauty.

Concerning features: it’s not huge! Wilds, scatters and free spins. But the good thing is that for free spins players will be able to choose between two variants: more free spins and less wilds or less free spins and more wilds. It’s original, I can’t say anything else!/p>

Bets will range from €0.25 to €125, a wide enough range to please the majority of players. Whether it’s the shy who don’t have a full wallet or those who don’t look at the money they spend, they’ll all find their way and that’s important. The return to the player is set at 96.51% which is well in average and high volatility. Winnings can fall as well as be waited a moment.

In short, it’s a simple game, the symbols are immediately detectable, very easy to understand because the gameplay is not at all complicated. Players will be involved (for free spins), there will be enough betting values for all kinds of players. It’s a fun slot machine that’s sure to entertain players and drop some good prizes!!

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