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Book of Immortals™

The Egyptian gods have slightly changed their habit to the realization of the gameplay of the video slot Book of Immortals™ because their main ambition is to offer us a fabulous journey through time. Certainly not in the air of millennia past but well in the future and with blows of scarab swap and free spins for little by little we trace the path to a sacred treasure. Beautiful graphics and a cloud of colors that jump in the eye to give us the green light to live an unprecedented story and lead us through the paths of wealth. The theme of Egypt is used quite often in internet casino games but it must be admitted that in this new version of Isoftbet, Book of Immortals™ takes a completely different dimension!

To set the context of the game, one is exported during the year 2240. Beneath the ruins of an Egyptian pyramid appear hybrid gods. After a great wave of destruction of many cities by the fruit of the work of the Aliens who no longer endure seeing from the stars, humans destroying each other. These beings from the Andromeda Galaxy decide to put their grain of salt in it and annihilate all traces of dominant life on the surface of the Earth in order to settle down. A main ship is sent to land next to this famous pyramid.

Forms end up coming down from their ship. These entities decide to enter the pyramid to see what they are. They end up joining a large hall where several Egyptian gods are represented and decide to take the form of 4 of them. The first turns into Anubis who was the patron of the embalmers characterized by his appearance of Jackal but obviously with the clothes of the future which makes a rather strange mixture (as in book of Immortals™).

The second takes the appearance of Horus. The icon of royalty that had always been discussed by Seth his uncle, and it must be said that the transformation is spectacular. The third is transformed into a Bastet, Goddess of the cat, of love, of fertility and protector of mankind. Finally, the fourth character takes on the appearance of Khnum, depicted as a man with a ram head, he personified the generating power, presiding over the birth of the children and he assumed the fertility of herds.

The four entities come out after their transformation and they discover the stupidity of the humans who are still alive: hardly they see them that they bow down before them, and bring them all things that have resisted the attack as gifts. Indeed, they check their theory that all humans are sheep and that they need to be submitted by a pyramid system to be happy.

Features of Book of Immortals™:


The wild symbol replaces any other symbol to form winning combinations, but it also plays the role of scatter. If no specific payment is displayed for wild in the pay table, a combination formed exclusively with wilds will pay as the best paid symbol if this combination is the highest winning combination on a line. Three or more scatter symbols on the reels will trigger 10 free spins and also pay a number of coins that will be shown later in the table of winnings.

During free spins, a horizontal reel will be unfolded on the 5 normal reels. At the beginning of the free spins the horizontal reel rotates once to determine a special symbol, it is the symbol that lands in the center of the horizontal reel. When at least 2 images of the special symbol land on the normal reels (not stacked must be on 2 or 3 reels or more) during the free spins, the cases develop to cover all the reels where they landed and will also pay on reels not adjacent.

If winnings are attributed as a result of the extension of the special symbol, the horizontal reel moves from one position to determine a new special symbol. If the special symbol is an item plus free spins, additional free spins are assigned and the horizontal reel moves from one position to determine a new special symbol. If the special symbol is one of the best paid symbols (the gods), this symbol will also be highlighted on one of the obelisks displayed on each side of the reels and expands whenever at least two images of this symbol land on the reels and unstacked, until the end of free spins in course.

During free spins, you cannot change the bet value and the function cannot be retriggered. The Scarab Swap is a feature that randomly, at the end of a normal pay round, before all winnings are paid a swarm of Scarabs can fly over the reels and attach to random symbols transforming these symbols into one symbol. All initial winning combinations are not paid and only the winning combinations resulting from the symbol transformations are paid.

Opinion on Book of Immortals™:

The Isoftbet provider offers us a magnificent free slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 pay lines bearing the name of Book of immortals™. The theme used is that of the Egyptian gods but remixed with a futuristic tune that gives a blow to this kind of gambling. The graphics are incredibly beautiful, very successful special effects, colors and light games that capture our gaze in a way inevitable.

There are not too many features, only two the Swap Scarab and the free spins, which is not huge. No jackpot, no winnings multipliers for this machine that could make a carton. The return to the player is not excessive either. It is 96.31% and the volatility is rather average, but it is not necessary to wait a long time to see the triggering of the features which diminishes a little the negative points.

The denomination values range from 0.01 to €1 which gives us bets ranging from 0.10 to €10. Not very high but it is good for shy players, who do not have too much experience or who have a budget devoted to the game rather reduced. It allows them to be able to entertain themselves longer, in that they are players who like to bet big to win big it is not frankly their place, but if the theme is appreciated there is no problem we play and point.

Talking about graphics provider Isoftbet has made it hard, it is true that the free slot machine Book of Immortals™ is gorgeous but it lacks a bit of everything to make it a Queen video slot. The theme of the Egyptian gods with a futuristic air is very successful and we impact but it lacks ingredients to the recipe which is a pity. Lately, the Isoftbet provider had us used to better. I am a bit disappointed except for the interface which is really beautiful.

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