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Book of Gold™

The provider Playson offers us a slot machine on the theme of ancient Egypt and more specifically takes us to the palace of Amon-Ra to tell us again its legend and make us enjoy the guest book that will offer us spectacular wins! A single feature, free spins and a special expansive symbol will show us the way to the immense wealth of gods.

The god Amon-Ra (Book of Gold™) is also known by the hidden god, an attribute that defines him by his ability to be everywhere without being able to see himself but if he feels he is also able to take care of the needs of his people obtained by supplications and offerings.

He personifies a man with a large crown between which there are two slightly separate branches synonymous with conscience and wisdom. Each of its branches has 7 leaves. These represent each level of consciousness from the moment it is embodied in a human body to the last degree of enlightenment in order to free from material limitations.

Another curious feature of this deity is that it appeared with the head of an ordinary man and in others with the head of an animal, but that in one or the other versions of Amon Rê is in its crown of feathers.

As for his hands, he held up two very distinctive objects of Egyptian culture, the famous (sceptre of Ouas) which symbolizes the power or domination of a deity over creation. He also wore the famous Egyptian cross also called the key to life one of the most important symbols of Egyptian gods and paid symbols of Book of Gold™.

When the city of Thebes became the center of the Egyptian Empire, Amon Ra was the main center of attention and devotion of the pharaohs, especially for its omnipresence which is the ability to be everywhere at the same time, attribute that the pharaohs worshipped and one brought their best offerings to him in this way he would fulfill all desires.

The god Ra is known as the god of heaven, the sun and the god who gave life to Egyptian mythology he is taken as an icon of sunlight, a life giver and even responsible for the cycle that exists between death and resurrection. You can’t help it.

At the beginning of the ancient empire this god was only one more of those who existed, but by 2400 BC he was going to become an official god for the pharaohs whom they considered his sons in addition to many said to be his reincarnation. You can’t help it.

In Dynasty V he rose as a national deity and was later linked to the god Amon by becoming Amon-Ra the principal deity of the Egyptian pantheon and a symbol of Book of Gold™. He is known to possess a man’s body but with a falcon’s head and a solar disk.

Features of Book of Gold™:


The scatter will be represented by the guest book. 3 or more scatter symbols will activate 10 free games. The scatter will replace all symbols except the special expandable symbol during free games. The free games will be triggered during the basic game and they will be 10.

And if you find 3 or more scatter symbols during free spin its can win another 10 free games. The special expandable symbol will be chosen in random mode before free spins begin. Except for the scatter, you can choose any symbol as an expansive special symbol.

The special expansive symbol of the game Book of Gold™ will fill the entire reel. The winnings of the special expansive symbol are paid independently at the betting lines. The maximum amount of free games will be limited to 50 spins.

Betting lines will pay by starting with the left-most roll to the most right-hand roll. Only the largest gain will be paid per payline. Scatter winnings will be paid independently of betting lines. The winnings of the special expansive symbol is paid independently at the winning lines. The active lines are fixed and there are 10 of them.

Opinion about Book of Gold™:

The provider Playson offers us under the theme of ancient Egypt with all the symbology that represents it. We are drawn into the palace of Horus where we will be led to the most incredible riches! It must be said that the mobile slot machine Book of Gold™ is very generous and offers us fairly followed wins and volatility is also high!

You don’t have to wait forever to enjoy the unique feature of the slot video without download Book of Gold™. And yes unfortunately, there is only one feature: it’s not brilliant! The theme is interesting but it lacks a lot of things so that this game of chance can make a hit!

The free games and the special symbol expand with it we don’t do much. The provider Playson is indeed in its lineage a feature and special symbols, but today it takes a little more to hook players. They look for strong emotions, participate in the game, do not wait too long for the features and above all win as much as possible.

In Book of Gold™, no jackpot, no interesting features, no bonuses. Only free spins and respins. No great effects except when you win a big prize and the money starts to flow but otherwise not much. The little music that accompanies it is not very sought after either. For some it will even have to stop it by entering the menu configuration, because it can annoy in the long run.

Bets range from 0.10 to €100 which is a good point for the provider Playson because the rungs are large enough to satisfy a good number of players. There are enough range of betting to please everyone and you still have to notice on this review. You have to say what is good and what is least good. Nevertheless, I must say that I do not give him the average. I hope the next Game of the provider Playson will be better.

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