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Book of Dead™

Who says Book of Dead™ is obligated to direct our deepest thoughts towards this semi-desert country which is Egypt.

This region of Africa that attracts every year that scrolls and with ease millions of very excited visitors to contemplate for real these famous pyramids that have been part of the landscape for millennia.

Large and large buildings built by an assemblage of stone blocks which still retain so many secrets in relation to the methods of construction that were used at the time and which today are still not elucidated.

Many assumptions were born in the face of the development of these structures that range from More tangible to the most wacky as the assumption of the help of the space brothers. Green men from the confines of the universe who would have given a serious boost to the Egyptians through their own technology methods to build these edifices composed mainly of stone block in relation to their weights to several tons! This probability comes from the representation of humanoid beings (Reptilians) on parchments and hieroglyphs carefully carved in the Roche.

Are real fortresses that drown in this landscape drawn by sand dunes burning under the eye of the midday sun and where the underground galleries forming a real gruyere are count by hundreds. Sometimes narrow passages leading for some to immense secret rooms where treasures bloom on the surface of the ground. Fortunes surpassing the imagination of the most talented writers who are still held captive hundreds of meters from the surface of the bark land.

Places where death seems to have found its favorable territory because that lets think of riches measured by gold, gemstones of all kinds and statuettes cast in pure gold says that they are inevitably accompanied by traps very effective in their killing methods. A radical solution that prevents its treasures from the four corners of the planet Earth from leaving this unknown territory of the explorers of our time.

In all cases adrenaline-hungry adventurers who try to unravel the most buried mysteries of ancient Egyptian pyramids. Why not in this impulse of curiosity to open the sturdy door of a gigantic secret chamber filled with precious objects and materials that in a snap of a finger would make jealous Scrooge.

The online casino game Book of Dead™ plunges us into this kind of story with the key of a character who probably does not have the deep desire to drink a coffee in front of the pyramid of Book of Dead™. His goal is to travel his bowels without wasting time. Every second is counted for this adventurer overflowing of energy!

With him where rather in his left hands, he holds firmly and with a certain sense of pride the Book of Dead™. This can give some information about this book of a certain thickness that informs the craziest magic formulas to awaken the dead and place them under his own command. The Movies of the mummy seem to have a direct link with the game of Book of Dead™…

From the first moments of play, players will be at the helm of this courageous young man who seems to have worked his trust and therefore knows no areas of shadow in connection with fear. In the gameplay of the video slot Book of Dead™, users will not be confronted with horrifying scenes powered by decaying mummies that not only one purpose that is to kill everything in their perimeter of action.

The content of the Book of Dead™ game is rather relaxing with icons that relate to beautiful colorful sculptures, the famous Book of Dead™, the portrait of an Egyptian king and also that of the protagonist of the story.

In their progression, the players of Book of Dead™ will be able to evolve in a relatively busy atmosphere in suspense with a soundtrack that will only support this captivating atmosphere. The features are summed up in simple wilds and free spins full to crack from chips!

To encompass this duo of features, Book of Dead™ reserves every moment of a fixed jackpot worth £250 000! With a range of bets establishes between £0.01 and £100.00, the casino game video Book of Dead™ from Play’n Go allows to play with a configuration of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 lines of payment.

To be able to increase or decrease a bet value, players will be able to intervene on a denomination value (£0.01 up to £2.00), room values (1 to 5) and the opportunity to be able to make active between 1 and 10 lines !



The queen of the features of the video slot Book of Dead™ remains of course his jackpot which rises to an astronomical value of £250 000! The day that this sum falls, the winning player makes me sign!

Play’n Go knows how to surprise its audience with various game themes and this Swedish publisher allows its features in-house to the game to arrange for each of it a very special staging. An icon will play a great role that will give life to a first feature.

That of the Wild simple which in the configuration of the online casino game Book of Dead™ will be able to replace all the items of the game. No exception will be able to escape this rule for the least stringent. It is the Book of Dead™ that will give life to the simple wilds that will be operational on all areas of the slot machine Book of Dead™.

What will be most entertaining in any case for my part during my various tests, it is the episode of free games that will be on a basis of 10. A good skewer of free spins (free spins) where a basic symbol will be randomly selected just before the launch of the feature to act thereafter as a joker.

This icon will have the peculiarity to transform into wilds extendable which will have as first impact to create much more easily winning lines because this type of wild has an ultimate advantage which is to extend over the whole height of the reel where it is appeared.

A real carnage in the winnings will therefore be brought to light by taking into account that all positions on the 5 reels of the casino game Book of Dead™ will be opened to allow this special symbol designated a few seconds before the launch Free spins is able to do its job of compensation.

To return to the scatter icons also illustrated by the Book of Dead™, in addition to opening a 10 free spins access when 3 items of this kind will show up anywhere on the reels, the scatters will offer lots of coins. By getting 3, 4 or 5 times this famous grimoire that contains thousands of magic formulas to wake up the dead or give them more or less important orders, players will collect their respective 2, 20 or 200 chips!



Book of Dead™ is a pretty sketchy cash game in his way to introduce himself to his audience. Certainly the frame to play is very welcoming with colors that give the desire to spend some time with this slot machine but in my personal opinion I find that the story does not evolve where we expect it to orient.

I explain myself on this subject by referring to the books of Dead™. A grimoire that is supposed to give birth to black magic with a major mission to bring back the dead from beyond. However, in the context of the Book of Dead™ game, we have no manifestations of mummies or beetles taking advantage of their appearance to shock and scare away those who wish to get too close to these protected places and invaded by thick layers of dust.

The title of the video slot Book of Dead™ is not really adequate because the game is content to advance the players inside a perfectly well lit room using large torches and where the dark corners that could conceal a some form of nuisance.

Is the flat calm as well in the main game as in the heart of the free spins elsewhere. Book of Dead™ is lacking in tone and yet its theme is full of possibilities in plausible scenarios that it could have staged in order to credibility more the title handed to it by Play’n Go.

Despite this, Book of Dead™ remains a relatively profitable game of chance even though I find that the gameplay at the level of featuring is still pretty thin. However, free spins do a good job of paying and they offer fun and enjoyable content to visit.

Note that Book of Dead is a video slot Play’n Go which makes available to its public a fixed jackpot worth £250 000 which is far from negligible. Book of Dead™ is summed up therefore to be an online money game interesting enough to play in real game situation with a theoretical redistribution rate on the committed players valued at over 96%!

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