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Bonus Roulette winning streaks with Mansion Casino!

Mansion Casino, a rare gem in the regulated gambling industry in the UK. A father figure for his presence, his rigor, his versatility and his strong taste to sharpen the insatiable desire of everyone to enjoy a wide range of services. Mansion is a casino that does not settle for the base by inviting any player to come and enjoy his games of chance.

Of course, he follows this strategy but doesn’t get distracted to give mouth water through a gallery of promotions as impressive as diverse! The best part is that you can enjoy daytime on any category of casino gambling while enjoying bonuses playing a real pillar in the chances of hitting the jackpot!

Today, to illustrate how far Mansion Casino is able to go in terms of generosity and passion to delight as many people as possible, we will dwell on its promotion in reference to online roulette. God knows how many games with cylinders curved with fetish numbers course and occupy the toy library of Mansion Casino.

There are all types, with table limits more or less high to attract and above all create a real comfort for each player and making themselves compatible with all wallets. The live casino particularly concentrated roulettes like on the other side with random roulette games (RNG) operate quickly without interruption and at this moment any player is able to participate and savor during each moment the magic of chance that operates on the online roulette games of Masion Casino. The atmosphere promises to be enriched by shivering tipping swings in the meanderings of a succession of victories!

Yes, Mansion Casino affirms it as a great with its recurring new promotion called a series of victories to roulette on the internet! And what a series because the latter will find its fulfillment in the creation of continuous series of the number 7! A chance, a hope to win the biggest prize by playing roulette with the operator Mansion.

Of course, to ensure more friendliness and authenticity, the various sessions to carry out the projects of this bonus so original will be sponsored and animated by the gestures of a gentle and welcoming dealer to try to win up to £100,000!

To go further…

Get the biggest series of the number 7 in roulette and win up to £100,000!

£100,000 is already a good bundle of money so why not try the experiment like many other players since to be eligible for this roulette bonus, only the sum of £1 must be committed! Small precision, if this is not already done, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus during the course of this roulette bonus.

No entry ticket to pay but simply this rule imposing to have a Mansion Casino account and obviously to play with real money on the gaming tables of roulette. After that, the goal will be to bet on the number 7 in order to collect Golden Chips from a succession of appearances.

Let me explain: By getting two digits 7, it’s 100 Golden Chips in the pocket, with 3 figure 7 obtained as a result it’s 1000 Golden Chips like this until its peak with a 7-times-a-sided figure 7 and there it’s jackpot with £100,000 in Golden Chips!

Golden Chips in the pocket?

Once Golden Chips are in their pocket, they will have a maximum validity set over a period of 7 days. After that, they will no longer be valid and therefore expelled from the account of the person concerned. By owning Golden Chips, you can use them as casino chips on the range of roulette games only to make them grow so as to convert them into your bankroll in the sterling currency. The major advantage is that you can subsequently make cash withdrawals relatively quickly as money from Golden Chips are exempt from withdrawal condition!

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